Instances are special locations where hordes of monsters roam free, under the rule of powerful leaders. It is nearly impossible to live through an Instance alone, and every warrior should make sure to have a host of faithful allies at his side. Complete Instances to receive rare trophies that can't be acquired anywhere else.




Skrag Caves

Skrag Caves can be accessed through a tunnel that leads from Fort Giard into the underground realm of the monsters. In order to use the tunnel, you must first achieve level 10 and gather the Map of the Skrag Caves Collection, element of which can be obtained by completing the "Secret Path ot the Skrag Caves" group quest, also received upon reaching level 10.

Whenever a warrior enters the Skrag Caves, a group is created. Player can either fight the Instance monsters himself (which might not be the best idea), or call other inhabitants of Adan to his side. Each venture into the tunnels uses an Intance attendance attempt. When you deplete all of the attempts, wait some time for them to be restored.

Instance Rules:

- Create a Group to enter an Instance. Find information on creating, joining and managing Groups here.

- If you decide to enter an Instance alone, a Group will be automatically created, with you as its only member. But please note that Instances are designed for teams of several players.

- You can invite players to join your Group while in an Instance.

- If all of your Group members leave the Instance, it will be cancelled.

- After leaving an Instance, you can still return to it if at least one of your Group members stays there.

- Enemies in the yard and on the Fort walls are shaped up according to the current number of Group participants and their level.

Skrags that dwell in the underground hideouts possess ancient relics containing special spirits. Skillful Blacksmiths know a way to make these spirits share some of their power. Encased in metal, the spirits allow to create Weapons and Armor of unseen strength and durability.


Find out more about using spirits for creating equipment here.

A lot of evil mighty greenskins inhabit the Skrag Caves. After defeating common Skrags, you will be able to get to their leaders, far more powerful and dangerous in combat. Defeat the leaders to obtain valuable trophies that will be divided according to the chosen Loot distribution mode.

Chieftain Zultargh

Leader Hurugh-Khar

Ghost of Shaman Marmarukh

Dragon Kshigurakh  

After dealing with all the monsters on one precipice, you can either leave the Caves or proceed to the next precipice where new enemies shall await you. The deeper into the caves you venture, the more powerful the encountered monsters.


Razed Fort

The Razed Fort Instance becomes available upon reaching level 30 and completing the Giard Vicar's Key Collection, elements of which can be obtained by defeating the four skrag leaders in the Skrag Caves Instance.

After entering the Fort, you will have to battle not only common monsters, but also the monster leaders, along with their bodyguards and minions. This is why Razed Fort is better visited as part of a group. Examine the locations carefully, since you might find valuable Consumables or receive Spells that will help you complete the Instance. You can acquire Weapons, Armor elements and Jewelry of "green" and "blue" quality for warriors of levels 31-50 as combat trophies.

Razed Fort Instance consists of three parts, the Inner Yard, Fort Tower and Fort Wall:

• Squads of Skrags will "greet" you in the Inner Yard. When you deal with them, there are Keepers of Scalps, Tormentors of Prisoners and Master of Robbery Khanuin to be found in the far corner of the Yard. Each of these enemies requires a different tactical approach, and to defeat Khanuin, one should better use the enchanted well that bestows players with a protective spell. Please note that fighting monsters in the far corner is optional and you are allowed to proceed further into the Fort even without doing so.

• Skrags who wield the "blasting fire" inhabit the Fort Tower. After dealing with the common fire-wielders, you will have to fight against Arkhshuul the Burner who is accompanied by two fairly powerful bodyguards. Each of them is able to summon three golems before dying. These stone creatures are highly resistant to physical damage as well as Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Chaos, Order and Destruction Magic, and their enchanted fists wield the powers of Death Magic. But golem Health points are very low, and savvy warriors will surely find a way to use this weakness.

• You will encounter a peaceful skrag Ganshar on the Fort Wall, who sells scrolls that will be a great help in the battle against Fort's commander, the Overlord Khan-Tar. But in order to challenge him to a fight, you will first have to cut your way through the ranks of his minions.

Hero of the Empire Reputation is awarded for completing the Razed Fors Instance. You can develop this Reputation up to 3000 by killing Experienced Skrag Sentries, Master of Robbery Khanuin and Arkhshuul the Burner, and even to 7000 by defeating the Overlord Khan-Tar.

Skrags that dwell in the underground hideouts possess ancient relics containing special spirits. Skillful Blacksmiths know a way to make these spirits share some of their power. Encased in metal, this power allows to create Weapons and Armor of unseen strength and durability.


Find out more about using spirits for creating equipment here.

After defeating common Skrags (sentries and bodyguards), you will be able to get to their leaders, far more powerful and dangerous in combat. Defeat the leaders to obtain valuable trophies that will be divided according to the chosen Loot distribution mode.

Monster Location
  Possible Loot

Experienced Skrag Sentry
Inner Yard
Level 32-34 Dragon Armor:
Masks, Gauntlets
Level 32-34 Character Weapons:
Berserk, Paladin, Witcher
Level 31-33 Jewelry:
Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Charms

Tormentor of Prisoners
Keeper of Scalps
Inner Yard    Level 35 Jewelry:
Bracelets, Rings

 Master of Robbery Khanuin
Inner Yard    Level 36-40 Dragon Armor:
Charms, Weapons, Amulets
Level 36-40 Character Armor:
Berserk, Paladin, Witcher
Level 37-39 Jewelry:
Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Charms

Arkhshuul the Burner
Fort Tower        Level 42-46 Character Armor:  
Berserk, Paladin, Witcher
Level 43-45 Jewelry:
Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Charms

Overlord Khan-Tar
Fort Wall Level 47-49 Necklaces and Amulets
Level 47-49 Jewelry:
Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Charms



Black Bog

Level: 5

Elite Monster: Blood Pack Leader
Common Monster: Blood Pack Grohl

Accessible from: Outskirts of Sadar City

Over the past few days, several travelers have been ripped apart in the Outskirts of Sadar City. Customers of the Four Roads Inn complained about terrible howling that made even the most experienced mercenaries uneasy. Conducting his investigation, Vorg Khala has asked the hunter Gabrilas for assistance. Gabrilas carefully studied the area and the circumstances of the bloody murders and found barely visible trails that led him to the Dark Bog. There, a pack of cannibal Grohls resides, led by a Grohl of unseen size. The dreadful beast must be destroyed, for without it, the pack will break up.

Abandoned Camp

Level: 6

Elite Monster: Deserter Leader
Common Monster: Treacherous Deserter

Accessible from: Outskirts of Vaalor City

An unprecedented event has shocked the vaalorian military! Brigadier Harneya Val-Tiara, an officer with impeccable record, started a riot for no apparent reason, murdered the sentries and escaped with a squad of deserters. A pursuit led the Imperial forces to an abandoned slave camp. Its location has been classified, and the identity of the squad that has been tasked to deal with the traitors remains unknown.


Nest of Poisonous Shersher

Level: 7

Elite Monster: Poisonous Shersher
Common Monster: Young Shersher

Accessible from: Winery Crossroads

The Winery Crossroads – one of the busiest junctions in the entire Tartu – has suddenly become a dangerous place to visit. Tavern guests and caravan drivers have been attacked by a swarm of Shershers and their mighty leader, who, according to numerous reports, emitted a caustic, poisonous substance to cripple its enemies. The city guards that arrived to help were able to track the flying monsters to their nest, but dared not to go inside. Dealing with the Shershers requires a squad more experienced and better equipped than those guards.

Shady Forest

Level: 8

Elite Monster: Traitor Leader Thaudan
Common Monster: Thaudan's Warrior (elite Deydri warrior)
Accessible from: Outskirts of Sadar City

To solve the problem of the Half-Blood gangs, experimental squads that consist entirely of Sinra and Deydri have been formed. So far, this experiment's been nothing short of disaster. Sent to aid city guards who were attacked by Taurs, a squad led by a battle mage Thaudan Marglee disappeared on the way to the destination. Two weeks later, a series of daring robberies began in the Outskirts of Sadar City. Investigating the cases, one of the agents of the Ministerium of Secret Order stumbled upon a Deydri camp in the Shady Forest. The missing Half-Bloods turned out to be alive and more than happy to return to their low-life ways. Oath breakers will not be forgiven! Thaudan and his traitors must be destroyed!

Valterna Nests

Level: 9

Elite Monster: Bloody Valterna
Common Monster: Flesh-Eating Valterna

Accessible from: Watermill

Several lumberjacks and travelers have disappeared in the forests surrounding the Watermill lately. Rescue squads found only scattered belongings – but not a single sign of the missing people. Circumstances, especially the untouched things, made it obvious that Skrags or robbers were not involved. But that's as far as the Imperial investigators got. The reason for mysterious disappearances was discovered by accident when the hunter Gabrilas was driven inside an empty tree trunk by a herd of Valternas. As the monsters left, the brave Half-Blood followed them to discover a large nesting spot in the middle of a forest. Imperial warriors should hurry there and eradicate the Valterna threat before more innocent people fall prey to them.

Galtar's Cellar

Level: 10

Elite Monster: Beefur Leader
Common Monster: Chestnut Beefur

Accessible from: Winery Crossroads

A large pack of Beefurs has unexpectedly raided Galtar's winery – its cellar, to be exact. Smashing several dozen bottles and piercing a few holes in large barrels, the monsters found the wine much to their liking. While the grotesque banquet continues, and Galtar's loses rise, the winemaker is looking for brave warriors who will save him from going under in such a ridiculous way. Galtar noticed that, unlike their commonly individualist kin, these Beefurs strictly follow the lead of a huge black bear, whose countless scars indicate that this mess is not the first the beast got into.

Silver Mine

Level: 11

Elite Monster: Chieftain of Swallowers
Common Monster: Swallower

Accessible from: Watermill

A miner's trade is hard and full of perils, and sadly, avalanches and poisonous gases are not the worst of them. The Silver Mine near the Watermill is under attack by a Skrag clan called "The Swallowers". All resistance that the miners could put up slowed the greenskins down only for a moment. Losing many of their friends, the poor miners had to run for their lives and now thirst for revenge, calling upon warriors of Tartu to retake the underground passages and punish the Skrags. But those who answer this call should also heed the warnings of the survivors, who claim that the Swallowers are by far more powerful than common greenskins, and the only thing that they are really afraid of is their own chieftain.

Dzumkhar's Crypt

Level: 12

Elite Monster: Risen Dzumkhar
Common Monster: Raised Bodyguard

Accessible from: Watermill

The notion that most archaeological landmarks were more a product of chance rather than a result of dedicated research has once again been proven by Giehl Cardin's latest discovery, a crypt which turned out to be the tomb of Dzumkhar – a great ruler of the ancient times, whose vast empire stretched all across the eastern Tartu, with the exception of tiny Elven conclaves and the defiant Taurian Steppe. Considering the legend that anyone who disturbs the eternal rest of Dzumkhar will die an old wife's tale, Giehl ordered his workers to open the sarcophagus – and barely escaped with his life. The risen warlord summoned his bodyguards who were buried in the same crypt to attack the unwanted guests. But luck was smiling on Giehl and his men that day, and everyone managed to get out of there alive and mostly unharmed. Still, any further research is impossible so long as the dead walk the halls of the ancient tomb. Brave warriors from both Empires are recruited to deal with Dzumkhar and his animate guards, but beware: Dzumkhar was said to be one of the best swordsmen of his time, and frightened Giehl begs everyone not to do the same mistake that he did and to take this warning seriously.

Merchant Street

Level: 13

Elite Monster: Ield Sorcerer
Common Monster: Swishing Ield

Accessible from: Scarlet Square

Late last night, a group of Ields infiltrated the Imperial capital, to show up on the Merchant Street in the morning, scaring away merchants and searching through stalls with rare herbs and spices. Local guards engaged the enemy, but were doomed the moment they did it – an Ield Sorcerer who led the invaders charmed the brave warriors to fight and kill each other. Wizards speculate that what the Ields might be looking for are components for magical formulas that somehow fell into the Ield hands. Warriors of Tartu must stop them immediately, but the grim fate of the city guards shows that underestimating the flying midgets, especially their leader, is tantamount to death.

Slayer Hideout

Level: 14

Elite Monster: Bardul the Patricide
Common Monster: Bardul's Henchman

Accessible from: Square of Storms

For almost two years, Imperial investigators were unable to track down the violent gang of Bardul the Patricide. Ruthless bandits never left an alive witness, but it seems that they have played out their share of luck. A cooper they attacked managed to wound one of the villains before they took his life. Trail of blood led the investigators to the gang's lair. Since surrender means death penalty for them, the bandits barricaded themselves inside the hideout, preferring to take their chances in a combat to a certain death on a scaffold. Warriors of Tartu are preparing to assault the building, so Bardul and his men would finally pay for all the blood of the innocent they have spilled.

Pikeman Nest

Level: 15

Elite Monster: Pikeman Strekade
Common Monster: Guardian Strekade

Accessible from: Vaalor Harbor

Port workers in the Vaalor Harbor refuse to go to their workplaces as long as the Pikeman Strekade keeps attacking them. Three guards that tried to deal with the monster have received heavy injuries, and it will be many weeks before they can walk again. Experts say that the Pikeman Strekades, being the keepers and guardians of the nest, are incredibly strong and ferocious. A Strekade nest has indeed been discovered not far from the Vaalor Harbor, and squads of brave warriors are formed to slay the vicious beast.

Howling Mire

Level: 16

Elite Monster: Tkhiss Monarch
Common Monster: Spitting Tkhiss

Accessible from: Port District

Howling Mire has a bad reputation and many stories surrounding it, but most of these stories are based on rumors and superstitions rather than on facts. Scientists have long ago established that the frightening sounds the Mire emits have a natural origin and have nothing to do with some terrible monsters that no one has ever seen. Still, the hearsay was even advantageous for the peat gatherers, since it kept all competition away from the place. To this moment, at least. Ields have started an aggressive assault on the Mire in search of new territories. Common workers are helpless against the monsters whose acid blinds anyone it touches. But the most dangerous of the invaders is the Tkhiss Monarch. This very beast marks the territory for the lesser of his kin to take. If we deal with the monster, than perhaps the aggression will end.

 Ruins of Hamdal's Archive

Level: 17

Elite Monster: Ghost of Brigadier Diaton
Common Monster: Ghost of Deserter

Accessible from: Eastern Graveyard

For almost two dozen years, Hamdal was considered one of the noblest of Velet's Guards. Until a prisoner escaped from the cellars of his tower, bringing schocking stories about the experiments conducted there. The renegade Necromancer refused to surrender to the Guards Council, and his tower was besieged by Imperial forces. There was no dirty trick that Hamdal didn't employ that day to repel the attack. Among other, he used spores of poisonous mushrooms to turn the squad of brigadier Diaton into obedient slaves and ordered them to fight against their own allies. Wizards of Vaalor had no choice but to burn Diaton's men and their leader. Then came the turn of Hamdal. Ever since, the ruins of the tower have been abandoned, unti recently, a group of treasure hunters got inside, only to flee in terror from the ghosts that reside in the tower's former archive. The ghosts must be defeated, and first and utmost, that of Diaton.

Burul Common

Level: 18

Elite Monster: Khroom Thunderstomp
Common Monster: Angry Burul

Accessible from: Pond of Tribulation

In bad times, when making a living by robbery becomes much easier than by an honest day's work, even wild animals begin to adopt Human behavior. A Burul pack has appeared in the vicinity of the Pond of Tribulation which refuses to live in its natural way, searching for roots, berries, and sprigs. Why waste entire days looking for scarce nourishment when you can simply raid peasant wagons, filled with turnips and cabbages, and eat as much as you want? Bear spears and axes that common villagers use don't frighten the boars in the slightest, and their leader, called Khroom Thunderstomp for the heavy sounds he makes when walking, is so terrifying that simple folk won't even dare approach this focus of muscle, tusks, and animal ferocity.

Cave of Shining Crystals

Level: 19

Elite Monster: Vicious Tarkahn
Common Monster: Tarkhan Raider

Accessible from: Village of Landor

When the inhabitants of Landor saw the shepherd boy Rigo run into the village, shaking like a leaf, they immediately realized something bad had happened. But they could get nothing out of the boy, who fell into deep sleep after drinking one of Meldina's potions. Expecting the worst, villagers armed themselves with axes and pitchforks and went to the pasture, only to discover blood-stained hooves and pieces of wool – all that was left from an entire flock of sheep. The mysterious predators needed incredibly little time to rip apart almost a hundred animals. Following the trail of the mighty monsters, the villagers came to the Cave of the Shining Crystals, a place well known in the area for its special type of crystalline formations. But just a few moments later after the bravest of the men ventured inside, enraged and craving for the predator's blood, they came running back terror-stricken, for the Vicious Tarkhan that hid inside was too much for them. Is it too much for you too?

Armory of Southern Barracks

Level: 20

Elite Monster: Darkguard Captain Carmylah
Common monster: Dakguard Sentry

Accessible from: Left Bank of Shadan

Bridge guards who watch over the ruins of Shadan city reported seeing a Darkguard squad, armed with shovels and picks, that tried to dig its way through the debris, into the cellar of a collapsed building. Warriors of Tartu are ordered to immediately move to the designated area to stop the deserters from getting whatever it is they are searching for.  The Darkguards are wanted dead or alive. The same goes for their leader, Captain Carmylah. Don't take any risks: if she resists, kill her.

Wolf Hollow

Level: 21

Elite Monster: Gwar the Howl of Death
Common Monster: Hunting Warg

Accessible from: Village of Landor

Wolf Hollow got its name for a reason: locals have been using it as a hunting area for many years now. Until recently. When Wargs came to replace the wolves, hunting here quickly became a very dangerous trade. Lethal. Out of the dozen hunters who were unlucky enough to encounter the Wargs, only two survived. Notes of fear ring in the trembling voices of the villagers as they tell stories of terrible monsters with hides so thick that no spear can peg them. And then, lowering their voices to a whisper and hesitating, landorians speak of the leader of Wargs, a dreadful beast whose howl can drain a man's courage and turn him into a shivering carcass in a matter of seconds.

Skinner Camp

Level: 22

Elite Monster: Burning Dreval
Common Monster: Crushing Dreval

Accessible from: Pond of Tribulation

A wandering family of skinners has set up a camp not far from the Pond of Tribulation. These new neighbors proved to be rather strange with all their rituals that involve a lot of fire and chanting. Still, they showed respect to Hephaeor and even asked him to make five skinning knives, paying for the work in advance. When no one came to claim the order, the blacksmith asked his young friend Aldir to visit the skinners and remind them about the knives. Aldir came back shaking. Drevals destroyed the camp, he said, and leading them was a horrendous monster that was literally on fire, although the fire didn't seem to do any damage to it.

Luidan's Crypt

Level: 23

Elite MonsterMummy of Duke Luidan
Common Monster: Guardsman's Mummy

Accessible from: Necromancer's Residence

Vaalorian duke Luidan was not known for his polite manners or ceremonial behavior, but one thing he wasn't was a coward. When a war against Sadar raged, so did Luidan: his unexpected and somewhat suicidal attacks on superior enemy forces time and time again made sadarians look like fools, and made the duke a hero of his nation. But one day, his luck ran out. Surrounded and vastly outnumbered, Luidan and his men refused to surrender and all fell on the field of battle. Sadarians payed their respects to the courage of the fallen duke and handed his body to his family. Luidan's relatives were surprised that in his will he asked to embalm his body and the bodies of his most faithful guardsmen, but carried out the wish of the duke. For many years, the bodies were undisturbed in the Luidan family crypt, until a Necromancer sneaked inside and raised them. For the resurrected warrior, the war isn't over yet, and there is a very dangerous possibility that they will get out of the crypt and break the truce between the two Empires. Luidan and his men must be put to rest once again. This time, forever.

Den of Cannibal Madkhars

Level: 24

Elite MonsterChieftain Turgh Bonegnawer
Common Monster: Cannibal Madkhar

Accessible from: Right Bank of Shadan

Part of Shaab's invading forces, Madkhars scattered around Tartu after the armies of the Dark Gods were defeated. Incredibly strong and resilient, they could have ascended to be one of Adan's most powerful races, but Madkhars' inborn antagonism and isolated life style stood in the way. Furthermore, Madkhar clans fight not only other people of Adan, but their own kin as well, proving that there is no unity in their society. What's even worse, there are reports that inner beligerencis sometimes end in the victors eating the defeated. There is a nation-wide hunt for the chieftain of such a cannibal clan, Turgh Bonegnawer, who is rumored to possess a unique weapon made from aldenium.

Bear Creek

Level: 25

Elite Monster: Shining Argar
Common Monster: Clattering Argar

Accessible from: Helgar's Brewery

Over the last week, several trading wagons have been attacked by Argars in the vicinity of Helgar's Brewery. Sightings of these animals are usually very rare, and only happen when Humans trespass in Argar territory. Possible reason for this aggressive behavior of the beasts are baelita mushrooms that grow near the Bear Creek. Baelita is known to cause fits of rage both in Humans and in animals. But whatever the cause, the Argars pose a serious threat to the locals and must be destroyed.

Kyanite Cave

Level: 26

Elite Monster: Lava Golem
Common Monster: Thundering Golem

Accessible from: Village of Landor

Miners who ventured into the Kyanite Cave the other day came back running, terrified by a "strange creature that emits light and a sulfurous smell". Though descriptions the miners gave were vague and sometimes even contradictory, it still was pretty clear that the monster they saw was none other than a Lava Golem. Created by wizards for military purposes, Lava Golems are very unpredictable and extremely dangerous, so this new threat must be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Deserter Camp

Level: 27

Elite Monster: Brigadier Khardell
Common Monster: Darkguard Snoop

Accesible from: Western Graveyard

An Ikarim scout who was investigating the area around the Western Graveyard smelled food and stumbled upon a deserter camp, hidden in the woods. The scout identified one of the Darkguards as Brigadier Khardell, wanted for murder of two city guards that he committed two weeks ago on the Square of Storms. Commanding officers of the Empire decided not to risk it – you are not asked to take Khardell alive.

Bottomless Pit

Level: 28

Elite Monster: Chief Mmgaru-Mmgaru
Common Monster: Kariol Invader

Accessible from: Strekade Nests

Bottomless Pit, formed around a forest glade not far from the Strekade Nests, has become home to the warlike Kariol tribe. This is not the first time that these insular indigenes left their homeland in search of new territories, pushing farther and farther west. The word "peace" doesn't seem to be part of Kariol culture or lexicon. Human bones and  ornaments are found in the ashes of their campsites, and many suggest that Kariols are cannibals. Be it is it may, the invaders must be destroyed, and foremost of all, their chieftain Mmgaru-Mmgaru. Perhaps his death will make the Kariols reconsider their expansion. 

Captured Camp

Level: 29

Elite MonsterWarboss Khantur
Common Monster: Taur Invader

Accessible from: Helgar's Brewery

A squad of Taurs, led by Warboss Khantur, has raided a slave camp to the east of Helgar's Brewery. All guards and part of the slaves were killed in the fight, the rest escaped. Due to this incident, all operations in the mines have been put on hold, while forest gangs enjoy an inflow of fresh blood. Taurs must pay for what they've done. This raid will be the last for Warboss Khantur!

Drone Nest

Level: 30

Elite Monster: Harpoon Strekade
Common Monster: Drone Strekade

Accessible from: Faltanar's Apiary

Faltanar can't get rid of Drone Strekades that come regularly to steal the honey from his apiary. Many days of hard work get ruined by a single raid of the beasts, sighs the desperate beekeeper. What's even worse, their nest is too close to the apiary, so Faltanar can't use any fumigators without fear of killing his own bees.  The only way to deal with the monsters is to enter their lair and kill them all. But beware: rumor has it that a mighty Harpoon Strekade lives in the underground nest, whose sting can match a whaler's weapon both in size and lethality.