Garuug the Grabber

Every now and then, an oddly-looking vagabond with a bag over his shoulder appears on Tartu. Locals have dubbed him Garuug the Grabber. Warriors of level 9+ who wish to track down Garuug must first purchase Garuug's Compass in the Shop's Artifacts section. The Compass is a magical item tuned to the aura of this unusual creature.


After you purchase the Compass, pay attention to it. When it comes to life, showing you Garuug's location, hurry there before the elusive outlander escapes. If you defeat Garuug, you will receive his Bag as a reward.

You can then open Garuug's Bag to receive its contents or try your luck again and continue the chase. You may fight Garuug up to six times during a single chase.


After each successful fight with Garuug, trophy Bag of higher quality with more valuable contents will be rewarded to you. But beware: Garuug becomes stronger and angrier with each lost combat.

Garrug's Bags may contain Flawless Elixirs, Orbs and Glyphs. Additionally, Bags of violet and orange quality may contain:

- a Canvas Belt;
- Marks of Spoils and Income that increase the money drops from slain monsters;
- 0,5 to 3.

After opening any Garuug's Bag the Spell of Spoils will be bestowed upon your character. The higher the quality of the bag, the more powerful the Spell.


Trial By Fire

Even the most experienced warriors must keep in mind that the only way to really measure one's strength is in combat. Of course, a true knight doesn't need to be reminded of that. Fortunately, looking for a formidable opponent isn't a problem: your former mentors are more than happy to help you evaluate your skills.

Each day, you have a chance of receiving the Trial by Fire Quest while you travel around Tartu or fight against monsters.

This Quest has three stages, each pits you against one of the mentors. Beating the first opponent will earn you the Medallion of Permanence I. Second victory grants the Medallion of Permanence II. Come out on top in all three fights to receive the Medallion of Permanence III. In order to complete each of the Quests, you will also have to acquire a certain amount of Magical Dust: 40 to complete Trial by Fire I, 80 to complete Trial by Fire II and 120 to complete Trial by Fire III. Please note that these magical Medallions expire after 3 hours, so don't forget to upgrade and use them before the timer runs out!

Using one of the Medallions bestows the Halo of Permanence of respective level on your character. While the Halo of Permanence is active, all Experience gain is nulled.


The higher the level of the blessing, the longer it lasts:

Halo of Permanence I30 minutes;
Halo of Permanence II45 minutes;
Halo of Permanence III90 minutes.

If you lose in one of the duels, don't despair. You will have a chance to try again. Just rest a little, plan a new combat strategy - and prove that your defeat was just an accident!