Recent updates and news

Greetings, valiant dragon knights!

We had prepared a whole lot of of news and updates to tell you about. Read the full article and find out what had been done and what to expect in near future.

Dragon Eternity Anniversary

Greetings, valiant dragon knights!

Today we’re celebrating another birthday: our world is eight years old now!

Throughout this long time, you’ve been protecting your homeland from threats within and without, you’ve defeated countless demon hordes, beaten malicious wizards and cultists, destroyed ravenous monsters who tried to devour peaceful citizens or relieve them of their livelihood. You’ve been exploring ancient ruins and dungeons, finding mysterious artifacts and exploring their potential. You stood together through many ordeals that endangered the very core of the universe, and challenged each other to participate in various contents in the times of peace to stay in the perfect shape.

We offer you our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering loyalty and support, and hope to new feats of strength in the future!

Today we’re starting our Anniversary Marathon - a chain of special events that were prepared just for this occasion. You are already familiar with some of them, while others were never seen before.

So, let us start the first part of the celebration!

The festive event starts at 18:00 Server Time and will continue for a week until April 15 18:00 Server Time.

● During this period, equipment won't break after losing a battle.

● Also, all defenders of Tartu of level 15+ who log into the game during the festive week will receive a Casket of Plenty.

Furhermore, our annual event, Echoes of Ancient Battles, starts today! It will last for 3 days - until April 11.

That is just the beginning! We have got something else in store for you. Enjoy the celebration!

Battleground changes

Greetings and salutations, valiant Dragon knights!

Today we're going to talk about the two big improvements we've made in the past month.

• First one is merging player groups for the Ruins of the Lost Capital battleground. From now on, you will fight in group 22-90, which means that you will always be able to assemble enough players for that battle!

We also encourage you to play as a team, and for that we've changed all optional objectives for Ruins quests: now you should only worry about getting a victory!

• Second one is about much-awaited change to Sea Battles: we have finally completed our work and made your beloved battleground mixed! You no longer have to waste time waiting for a member of opposing Empire!

Of course, the rewards for completing a Sea Battle have been changed, too: they are no longer halved!

Stay tuned, heroes of Adan! We're working on some other changes and will talk about them soon! 

May your blades never dull!

Holiday of Dragon Love

The Holiday of Dragon Love is coming to Tartu! This romantic celebration will last for three days, from February 14th to February 16th.

On February 14th at 12:00 Server Time, Valentine Cards will be added to the Festive section of the Gift Shop. Using the Gift interface to send Valentine Cards to other players will not only make them smile but will also get you a special something from Lady Lardiana. And that's not all! Holiday Sets will fill your backpacks with valuable Consumables while the Loving Heart Arkam will restore Health to your team members.


And, as usually, the Gift Shop will offer unique Romantic Gifts that will help you win the heart of your beloved one and express your warm feelings towards warriors or warrioresses of Adan.


May love shine upon you forever!

Conquerors of Abyss: Citadel of Inquisitors

Heroes of Adan, your time has come!

The High Magi have opened a portal in the Knossos Canyon which leads straight into Shaab's Citadel of Inquisitors. Strike now, before the enemy becomes too strong. Its only way to save our world from the impending doom! Be wary, though! Inquisitors are formidable enemies, so don't forget to call your friends to join you on this dangerous mission. Whenever an Inquisitor is killed, heroes of Adan will have to extract the Amplifar from the creature's body, a powerful artifact that grants its owner untold power. Please note that only those members of the Group who receive the Amplifar will get the kill for the Inquisitor.


When fighting monsters during this Even, you have a chance of obtaining Amphoreas of Oblivion or elements of the Star Ciklotor Collection. Also you might get the Key to Shaab's Treasury when killing servants of the dark gods. Use them to open one of the Treasuries in the Citadel of Inquisitors. You will be rewarded with Defender of Adan reputation and a chance of receiving Sparks of Abyss and Amphoras of Oblivion.

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