The invasion of succubi!

The Holiday of the Dragons in Love is in danger! Succubi came to Tarth from the darkest corners of the world, who now roam freely around Tarth.

The most important event will happen in the evening: today at 20:00 at The succubus queen will appear in the wedding gardenBeatrice! Her goal is to destroy this beautiful corner of peace and populate it with monsters. Warriors and warriors who decide to engage her in battle should prepare well: Beatrice is very powerful, and has three powerful abilities.

For winning this battle, you will receive a lot of festive items, strengthen the spell Harmony I, as well as its duration will be extended for another for 3 days.

Days of Dragons in Love

The long-awaited ones have finally arrived Dragon Lovers Days! This romantic celebration will last for three days, from 14 to February 17th.

The Holiday of Dragons in Love is the best opportunity to please your loved ones with attention and care or to make a new acquaintance. Our store will help you with this, because there you will find a lot of gifts created by the best masters of Tartare!

• Romantic postcards will appear on the "Unique" tab. valentines.

• Among the gifts on the "Unique" tab will appear two special holiday sets.

• On the "Orbs" tab, you can find Loving Heart Arkam.


• Collect a collection, and you will receive a gift in memory of participating in the holiday of Loving Dragons and a spell Cupid's Care.

• By giving a valentine or one of the holiday sets, you will also receive a spell Harmony I, which will increase the healing effect of your elixirs and symbols of life. This spell can be strengthened by participating in Battles or giving holiday gifts.

Happy New Year!

Dear Warriors!

Happy New Year! We hope that this year brings you many victories and adventures with your loyal companions, new friends and discoveries, and an endless ocean of love and happiness. Great Dragons be with you!

May all your wishes come true in the coming year!

Days of Combat Steel!

According to a long-forgotten tradition, the emperors of Sadar and Valor decided to announce from 12:00 on December 25 to 12:00 on January 3, days of festive Combat Steel.

Thanks to the protective spells that the Great Dragons will use to protect the inhabitants of Adana, in all battles between players equipment will not break in case of death. However, you should remember: spells only work when you are killed by a blow from a warrior like yourself! If you are defeated in battle by a warrior born of Dragon magic, skeletar, dragon or other monster, the spell will be powerless: your equipment will be damaged in the same way as in a normal battle. Remember this and do not rush into battle headlong: even the most courageous and valiant defenders of Tarth will not be prevented by prudence.

All the details can be found in the full version of the news.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas to all warriors of Adan!

May your sword hand be firm, may your companions be loyal, and may your adventures always lead you home safe!

Share love and be loved, fill your heart with joy, not anger, and be happy!

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