Changes in the game

The progression of the rebirth effects has been changed and is now 2%, 4%, 6%, 8% and 10% instead of 5%, 8% and 10% earlier. That is, to get the maximum gain, you need to be reborn 5 times.


The fourth rebirth will now apply the same name eternal effect Rebirth IV.

Players who decide to be reborn 5 or more times will receive the effect Rebirth with each rebirth (all previous effects of past rebirths will be removed at the moment of rebirth).

The required amount of resources for 4 and above rebirth has also been changed:

•2500 units. Sparks of the Abyss;
• 2500 units. Dedair gulden.

Previously, 7,500 units were required. Sparks of the Abyss and 5000 units. Dedair gulden. All other conditions for rebirth remained unchanged.

2 new elements of the character's appearance during rebirth were also added (rings around the character's avatar), and 2 achievements for 4 and 5+ rebirths.

Game updates!

Greetings, valiant defenders of Tarth!

Today's change brings several news at once:

Three times reborn players who have reached 90 level, received the title Knight Commander of the Third Blood, earned the title Despot and have a total of 1700000 reputation points are now available cycle of endless rebirths.

All Arena bots, starting from level 30, received the effect Phoenix Phial. The effect will be active as long as the bot has at least 1 elixir of life in the belt. With the last elixir drunk, the power of the spell will be completely dissipated. At the moment of the bot's death, the effect will be replicated, but no more than 3 times per battle. Thus, imperial warriors will be able to use all their elixirs of life and survive accidental critical damage, previously resulting in the death of a bot with unspent elixirs from the belt.

The full list of changes can be found in the full version of the news.

The world of Dragons is open to everyone!

Dear players!

Starting today, you can log in to the game in any modern browser. From now on, Flash Player technology is no longer required to play in the browser. Also, now you can log into the game directly through the browser of your mobile phone (even iOS-based) or tablet (by pre-enabling the PC version).

To start the game, you just need to log in and click the "Log in" button on the main page of the game, after that the updated Web client will automatically download. If you log into the game in an outdated Flash player-based browser, you will automatically be redirected to the classic version of the game. So whichever browser you use, modern or outdated with a Flash plugin, you will automatically be redirected to the version of the game you need.

Welcome, future heroes and heroines!

The sorcerer Omnimachus has arrived on Tarth!

Valiant warriors and beautiful warriors! The sorcerer Omnimachus arrived on Tarth to honor the tradition and give all the inhabitants of Adan the opportunity to purchase many rare goods and trinkets. As you know, the opportunity to buy something in his store falls only once a year, so hurry to the crossroads at the winery!

You can meet with the Omnimachus from 12:00 on April 22 to 12:00 on April 25 server time. Don't miss your chance! Among the treasures of the Omnimachus , you can find the following valuable items:



There is no time to lose! Only three days will pass, and the mighty Omnimachus will leave Tartus again, hiding in his mysterious abode for a whole year. Hurry up, and if the Dragons are especially kind to you, you can get magnificent magic necklaces or amulets purple quality!

Catch your luck by the tail!

Brave warriors and brave warriors! The celebration continues! For a long time, the Elder Dragons collected all their savings in a piggy bank, but today they want to share their savings with the residents of Tarth! All warriors who have entered the game, starting from 15 to on April 22 will receive a magic piggy bank from the Older Dragons. Do not hesitate, hurry up to break it within a week!

Also, along with the issuance of the piggy bank, at the intersection at the winery appeared Kyol Magdar. With his arrival, every Warrior and Warrior of Tarth will be endowed with a spell Master of the keys, which allows you to get magic keys in battles with other players, and then exchange them in the shop at Kyola, which will be open until on April 22. Exactly at 12:00 he will pack his belongings and go on a long journey.

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