Catch your luck by the tail!

Brave warriors and brave warriors! The celebration continues! For a long time, the Elder Dragons collected all their savings in a piggy bank, but today they want to share their savings with the residents of Tarth! All warriors who have entered the game, starting from 15 to on April 22 will receive a magic piggy bank from the Older Dragons. Do not hesitate, hurry up to break it within a week!

Also, along with the issuance of the piggy bank, at the intersection at the winery appeared Kyol Magdar. With his arrival, every Warrior and Warrior of Tarth will be endowed with a spell Master of the keys, which allows you to get magic keys in battles with other players, and then exchange them in the shop at Kyola, which will be open until on April 22. Exactly at 12:00 he will pack his belongings and go on a long journey.

Days of Generosity of the Great Dragons

To the attention of the inhabitants of the Dragon world!

During the period from 12:00 on April 8 to 12:00 on April 15, each player who has reached level 10, will be able to talk to a recently arrived merchant on at the crossroads at the winery, and buy chests filled with valuable items from him:


Hurry up, soon the merchant will leave our lands!

The Lottery of the Spring Revival

We continue celebrating the birthday of "Dragons of Eternity"! A new stage begins with the long-awaited lottery of Spring Revival! By taking part in it, you will be able to get a lot of great gifts, and the lucky ones will get amazing super prizes! Try your luck!

So, for three days, from 12:00 on April 4 to 20:00 on April 6 (by server time), on At the crossroads near the winery you can meet Tarlu Sirayen and purchase from her Spring Rebirth Balls.

Each day of the lottery has its own kind of balls:


From now on, opening each 200, 300, 400 and the 500th ball, you will be guaranteed to receive one of the following prizes:


The received inactive items do not have a lifetime, and will be located in the backpack, in the section Other, waiting in the wings.

As before, a pleasant surprise will be hidden inside each ball:


If you are lucky, you can get one of the valuable gifts:


Participate in the Dragon Lottery and may luck smile on you!

The thirteenth anniversary of the Dragons

Famous warriors and warriors of Empires!

Today, our world celebrates its thirteenth Birthday. For many years you have been fighting side by side with monsters that threaten the well-being of peaceful citizens of Empires, competing with each other in various battles, demonstrating the wonders of martial art, creating powerful clans and leading them to victory.

While this event is going on, up to on April 22, you will be able to collect festive collections of Great Dragons. Each collected collection will improve your combat skills for 7 days. Pay attention! Each collection can be assembled only once!

Also, the celebration continues with the event "Echo of Ancient Battles", which brought to life the ghosts of the Shadan militia, who began to appear on Ruins of the Ancient Capital and also on Arena of Honor. Once a day you will receive a task to collect 200 ghost essences. You can get them by fighting on Arena of Honor, Seven Bridges of Shadan, Ruins of the Ancient Capital and Sea Battles. The reward for completing the task will be Casket of Retribution.


This year we have a lot of pleasant surprises in store for you. Follow the news and let the festive mood fill your hearts!

Hoard of Grabbers

Rejoice, adventurers of Tarth!

Adan's birthday is a time of miracles, a time when even the most incredible dreams can come true. Today is proof of that! The Elder Dragons have heard your wishes! By their order, the planets were lined up in a row, and portals to the Hoarders' Treasury were reopened all over the world!

The treasury will remain open for three days, from 12:00 on March 29 to 12:00 on April 1. During this time, you will be able to visit the Treasury up to three times.

By participating in battles with other players or battles with monsters, you can get a task "Mysterious portal" that will lead you to to the portal in A treasure trove of Grabbers located in the vicinity of Aldorsky tract. The treasury is a special territory where the Grabbers keep stolen goods. Here you will meet a lot of Grabbers, and some will not be easy to cope with.

• After each fight with a Grabber, you will receive not only the usual loot, but also Shining Treasures, and with it a curse Limitless Greed, which will reduce your strength and survivability in battle by 4%. The more victories you win in the Treasury, the more jewels you will be able to collect, and the weaker you will become.

• You won't know in advance how strong your opponent will be. This can only be found out in battle by the color of the spell icon Venomous Greed, which reliably acts on any Grabber.

• Be careful: if you die, the Grabbers will throw you out of the Treasury. You will be able to get there again only in 24 hours.

• After the release, the mountains of sparkling jewels you have collected will turn into golden piastres, dedair guilders, unholy coins and random collection items.

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