Christmas sale!

This year, after the end of the New Year celebration and the tedious struggle with the Trag, Grandfather Khladomir, as usual, went to rest on the warm shores of the Archipelago in the Mari Sea, leaving Lericons in his workshop for his main assistants. Everything would be fine, but something went wrong this year. The winter turned out to be so severe that Trag had the strength to enchant the Lericons again, and now they are again stealing gifts from the warehouses of the good Grandfather, and as you know, the Cold World always prepares gifts with a large margin so that no one is left without a pleasant surprise on New Year's Eve.

While the messenger of the New Year's holiday, joy and fun, is resting after hard working days on the distribution of gifts, the Lericons empty all the shelves, clean, and with happy, burning eyes, they are ready to give them to everyone, of course not for free. They accept as a gift both reals and gold, but they especially crave New Year's sweets, which literally drive them crazy.

Meet one of the Lericonov is available at the intersection at the winery with 12:00 on January 3 until 12:00 on January 13 server time. He can exchange goods for gold, reals and candy, in the latter case, he immediately eats too much of them and can no longer look at them until the next day. Candy can be obtained in battles with other players, until the end of the event. Don't miss your chance, catch your luck by the tail! The most persistent lericons, who did not break down before the magic of Trag, have already gone in search of the Cold World. The most powerful spells of the old man will free his assistants from evil spells in a moment!

All the details can be found in the full version of the news.

Happy New Year!

Dear Warriors!

Happy New Year! We hope that this year brings you many victories and adventures with your loyal companions, new friends and discoveries, and an endless ocean of love and happiness. Great Dragons be with you!

May all your wishes come true in the coming year!

Days of Combat Steel!

According to a long-forgotten tradition, the emperors of Sadar and Valor decided to announce from 12:00 on December 25 to 12:00 on January 3, days of festive Combat Steel.

Thanks to the protective spells that the Great Dragons will use to protect the inhabitants of Adana, in all battles between players equipment will not break in case of death. However, you should remember: spells only work when you are killed by a blow from a warrior like yourself! If you are defeated in battle by a warrior born of Dragon magic, skeletar, dragon or other monster, the spell will be powerless: your equipment will be damaged in the same way as in a normal battle. Remember this and do not rush into battle headlong: even the most courageous and valiant defenders of Tarth will not be prevented by prudence.

All the details can be found in the full version of the news.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas to all warriors of Adan!

May your sword hand be firm, may your companions be loyal, and may your adventures always lead you home safe!

Share love and be loved, fill your heart with joy, not anger, and be happy!

Christmas Adventures: Coming of the Ice Giant

After yet another defeat of his minions, infuriated giant decided to take matters into his own hands. Trug has left his abode in the Chasm of Eternal Cold and is advancing on Tartu. Fight the evil monster to protect Christmas! Besides Trug, you will also have to deal with his army that consists of Ice Nylphs, Stone Golems, Durgs and Ice Specters.

If you deal 5000 damage in battle with Trug and his minions, you will receive a Large Gift from Snowflake. Reach 50000 damage and get many Gifts from Snowflake and a reward of your choice: Frostmir's Chest or the Ice Rod. Also, warriors who answer the call to protect Christmas have a chance of receiving limited-lifetime red weapons for their level.

The fifth stage of Christmas Adventures begins with Coming of the Ice Giant Quest, available to warriors of level 9 and higher.

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