Planned technical works

Dear players!
May 29 during the period from 17:00 (server time) the server will be temporarily unavailable due to scheduled maintenance work. Please be understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Administration of the Dragon Eternity project

The Labyrinth of Eternity for the whole day

Regulars of the Labyrinth of Eternity rejoice!

From now on the maze is available to visit at any time day and night!

Additional keys can be used either another time, or already inside the Maze to extend the time spent inside.

The changes also affected fountains of cheerfulness. Now, after using them, you can either wait for their recovery or use them immediately by paying 1.

The Arcane arks will now always be visible on the location, but their reopening will be possible only after some time, which will be the more the fewer people were in the Maze at the time of the Ark's opening. With the rebuilding of the maze, the recovery time of the arks will reset.

The mechanics of rebuilding the maze and the time of the appearance of elite monsters remained unchanged.

Clash of the Empires

Warriors! The Emperors of Sadar and Vaalor have ordered a special competition to be held on May 9th at 20:00 Server Time. Characters of level 9+ are invited to take part in the Clash of the Empires. In this Event, Bonecrusher Spheres don't inflict Curses on the enemy but they still earn you the regular amount of Bonecrusher Reputation.

Players who have reached level 9 will be able to take part in the battle. The valiant representatives of the blue team will gather on the left slope of the Knos gorge, and the brave participants of the red team– on the right. The troops will converge on three bridges stretching over the fiery cleft. Taking part in the battle, all warriors will receive points valor, and representatives of the winning teams more and points heroism, also all participants of battles will be able to get Hero of the Empire Casket, according to his contribution to the confrontation.

Please note that the event lasts only 4 hours— from 20:00 to 24:00.

The sorcerer Omnimachus has arrived on Tarth!

Valiant warriors and beautiful warriors! The sorcerer Omnimachus arrived on Tarth to honor the tradition and give all the inhabitants of Adan the opportunity to purchase many rare goods and trinkets. As you know, the opportunity to buy something in his store falls only once a year, so hurry to the crossroads at the winery!

You can meet with the Omnimachus from 12:00 on April 24 to 12:00 on April 27 server time. Don't miss your chance! Among the treasures of the Omnimachus , you can find the following valuable items:



There is no time to lose! Only three days will pass, and the mighty Omnimachus will leave Tartus again, hiding in his mysterious abode for a whole year. Hurry up, and if the Dragons are especially kind to you, you can get magnificent magic necklaces or amulets purple quality!

Catch your luck by the tail!

Brave warriors and brave warriors! The celebration continues! For a long time, the Elder Dragons collected all their savings in a piggy bank, but today they want to share their savings with the residents of Tarth! All warriors who have entered the game, starting from 17 to on April 24 will receive a magic piggy bank from the Older Dragons. Do not hesitate, hurry up to break it within a week!

Also, along with the issuance of the piggy bank, at the intersection at the winery appeared Kyol Magdar. With his arrival, every Warrior and Warrior of Tarth will be endowed with a spell Master of the keys, which allows you to get magic keys in battles with other players, and then exchange them in the shop at Kyola, which will be open until on April 24. Exactly at 12:00 he will pack his belongings and go on a long journey.

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