Night of the Great Dragons: Maritar the Black Heart

Warriors of Tartu are doing great so far, slaying undead, lighting lanterns, and intimidating opponents in combat; for that, Ani-Dahlia generously rewards them with Gift Pumpkins. Meanwhile, Velet's Guards are preparing to perform the Rite of the Great Dragon Awakening – but it's still too early to celebrate victory.

Infuriated by yet another embarassing defeat, Maritar the Black Heart decided to take matters into his own hands. He left his abode in the Halls of Peace, hell-bent on foiling the ritual of Great Dragon Awakening.

Maritar has left his abode in the Halls of Peace and, on November 1st at 20:00 Server Time, he will arrive in the Western Graveyard with a horde of Vampires, Succubi, Mummies, and Skeletars to summon a great army of undead and destroy the Archlantern.


If you do not want this world to be left without the protection of the Great Dragons, you must help them rise from their sleep. Battle against Maritar the Black Heart will be epic!

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Night of the Great Dragons

Once a year, a chaotic and dangerous time comes to Adan. On the Night of the Great Dragons, Eldior the Ruler of Life, Aeona Mother of Eternity and Velet the Lord of Death submerge into a deep sleep. As soon as their master's eyes close, spirits of the dead revolt, escaping the Halls of Peace to a world full of desire, pleasure, and suffering. Swarms of runaway undead flood Adan, rejoicing in their new-found freedom and impunity. 

While common folk follow the tradition by dressing in scary costumes, warriors work hard slaying undead monsters to acquire the main ritual lamp Archlantern of Awakening which is required to awaken the Great Dragons from their slumber.


Complete Quests of the charming Ani-Dahlia to receive Gift Pumpkins that contain characteristic-increasing holiday candy as well as grant you a chance to obtain a special weapon – the Broom. Players who obtain the Archlantern of Awakening will additionally receive a unique Pumpkin Helm as well as special festive achievements!

To celebrate the coming Night of the Great Dragons, we offer you our traditional spooky Smileys for the game Chat as well as Gifts.


Changes in the Miner profession!

1. Barbarians hungry for more resources now will more often occupy farm points after successfully recapturing them from workers.

2. The barbarians have an effect Primitive instincts, thanks to which, during a long battle with Dragons and Skeletons, they will fly into a rage and receive an effect Furious Fury, significantly increasing their combat potential.

3. For fights with barbarians now will not be awarded points of the rating of the confrontation . In battles with players at farm points, the rating will be awarded in the same amount.

4. The more resources you mine, the more often the Barbarians will attack your mining points. At 04:00 in the morning the next day your mining progress will be reset to zero, and you will start mining resources again in the same mode.

5. In battles with Barbarians, when the owner of the farm point enters the battle, the employee will immediately leave the battle.

6. On Sun Clan Camp several new deposits have been found Coal and Quartz.

Changes in professions and recipes!

The time of change has come in the world of Dragons, and we are all with we are waiting with bated breath for the next news. What are we waiting for?..

From today on, all residents of Tarth who own manufacturing professions and are eager to learn from new recipes and schemes red and black qualities, will be able to get them not only by fighting monsters, but also by participating in a number of other activities.

Fortunately for the brave Hunters forever fighting with their prey, the hunting time was increased from 40 min. to 2h. with the corresponding price adjustments for bait and tools (except knife), when cutting monsters caught using traps, a tripled amount will be issued, respectively resources. When hunting with only a knife, the amount of meat will not triple .

Patient Anglers who have been watching their nets and fishing rods for an infinitely long time will now be able to lure fish, thereby increasing the amount of fish caught in the tackle.


All the details can be found in the full version of the news.

Game updates and balance edits!

Today we want to introduce you to the new balance edits:

1. The conditions for obtaining tasks for the extraction of immutability medallions have been changed. From now on, experienced players who have performed the rite first rebirth, will be able to receive these tasks only when reaching 22 level, those who have already managed reborn twice - with 36 level, but those persistent warriors and warriors who reborn for the third time once, they will be able to receive the task only when they reach 51 level.

2. Changed heroic task Captains sea battles, from now on it is not enough to kill the enemy leader, in order to pick up a valuable reward, you need to win also in the battle itself .

3. Phase I of the Naval Battle has been shortened from 15 to 10 minutes.

4. Also, the balance changes have not spared the profession Prospector. The combat effectiveness of the miners of ore, minerals and wood, has been completely redesigned, now they have become much stronger, but with significantly less health. Also now they are armed with bonecrusher balls according to their skill level:


5. Lovers of a hearty and delicious meal - rejoice. Skill development Cooks are now available up to 170000!

Don't forget to follow the news, and may the grace of the Great Dragons be with you

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