Loot is awarded for defeating monsters and may include Money, Equipment and Consumables, each with their own drop chance.

Rules for loot drops are as follows:

• Loot is calculated independently for each each slain monster;

• money received as Loot is proportional to the amount of damage dealt to the monster;

• Loot drop from a monster is awarded to the player who deals the most damage to that monster;

• when fighting a monster of a lower level than yours, Loot is reduced depending on your level difference;

• quest item drops are not affected by level difference between your character and the enemy;

• level of dropped green is always lower than the level of the slain monster. E.g., when fighting a monster of level 16, you have a chance of receiving a green item of levels 1-15;

• you can view Loot information (Equipment and Consumables) in the combat stats screen by clicking on the bag icon near a player's nickname. The combat stats screen can be opened by clicking the system message that appears after a finished combat.

The chance of receiving a green item is twice higher when battling Incident monsters.

Hours of Prosperity

Warriors of level 16+ can get the Hours of Prosperity once per day from the Elder Priest of their Empire in exchange for a sacrifice of Resources. While this effect is active, money drops from monster are doubled, and there is a chance of receiving an additional bonus of 0,1 to 0,2!

Warriors of Sadar can get this Spell from Gal-Karion on the Scarlet Square, while warriors of Vaalor will have to visit Lar-Dian on the Square of Storms.

The Hours of Prosperity blessing can be received simultaneously with the Spell of Spoils and the Spell of Immunity, but you won't be able to activate it while under the effect of the Spell of Protection or the Sphere of Peacefulness. You will have to remove these effects first.