Professions are skills that players can develop regardless of their class and fraction. They are divided into two categories: the Gathering (Fisherman, Prospector, Hunter, Farmer) and Crafting (Blacksmith, Jeweler, Cook, Inscriptor, Alchemist) Professions.

Only one Gathering Profession can be active at a time, but players are able to change it any moment. If you decide to change your Profession during the gathering process, you won't receive any resources but will retain all your Masstery and resources already gathered. Each resource acquired with Gathering Professions can be further used as a component for one or several of the Crafting Professions.

All Crafting Professions are available from level 1, but each item has certain Mastery level prerequisites. Besides that, a Recipe, Formula, Scheme or a Warrant is required for its creation.

Players who have achieved heights in the Crafting Professions possess skills as valuable as martial prowess or magical powers. They can create Weapons, Armor, Elixirs, Orbs etc. Apart from making items for personal use, true masters can make a fortune by selling crafted items at the Auction.

The more you use a certain Gathering or Crafting Profession, the more proficient you become in it. This is reflected by the Mastery level, which grants you access to more valuable Resources and allows you to create more pvaluable items.

Mastery Growth for Gathering Professions (Farmer, Fisherman, Hunter, and Prospector) is based on:

1. difference between your current Mastery and minimum Mastery required to grow the chosen item. I.e., you decide to grow Wheat (which requires no Farmer Mastery). If your current Mastery is at 100, chance to earn more is higher than if you had 1000 Mastery, and significantly higher than if you had 7000 (in which case chance is extremely low). To ensure maximum Mastery growth, you should grow items that require the highest Mastery level available to you.

2. item price (the higher the price, the bigger the chance to earn Mastery).

Mastery Growth for Crafting Professions (Alchemist, Jeweler, Cook and Inscriptor) is based on:

1. difference between your current Mastery and minimum Mastery required to study the Scheme (Recipe, Formula) for the item you wish to craft. I.e., you' re an Inscriptor and you wish to craft Lesser Glyphs of Life (Scheme for which requires no Inscriptor Mastery to study). If you have 1000 Mastery, you will earn less Mastery than if you have 200. And if you have 7000, chance are, you will earn no Mastery at all.

2. item price (the higher the price, the bigger the amount of Mastery you will earn when you craft the item).

Professional Palars.

Palars can be purchased in the Shop. Use a Palar for a certain Profession and earn more Professional Mastery.

Daily Quests for gathering and crafting professions are available at their respective masters: Fisherman Khadon Tahl in the Port District, Farmer Gam-Ar-Gar in the Village of Landor, Cook Rugilda near the Watermill, Huntress Meeleeyuri in the Valdian Forest, Prospector Felmarimal near the Mines of Tagol, Jeweler Khaleem Ranheim in the Outskirts of Vaalor City, Inscriptor Ultchi Kree near the Ancient Temple, and Alchemist Leema Ortan in the Western Graveyard.