Guardian's Hammer

Required level 3
Item class Paladin
Item type Right Hand

Item characteristics

Damage 6 .. 9
Vitality 71
Stamina 20
Wisdom 4

Item condition



Can be obtained by slaying monsters of level 4 and higher, defeating Ataman Zultragh in the Skrag Caves, or purchased at the Auction.

Why are so many people making weird faces. Aren't these posts supposto be something worthy of chatting about? To be honest The items are nice but the problem is there are not enough weapons that are slightly better the next items are either unobtainable or for level 35+
how do i get this ? its not @ the shop @ all nor in the forging , so how do i get it ? i mean i seen others with also special shields , and cant figure where do they get such items :(
i will give u a mace and 37 coind because thats all i got ps i just started i relly want it!!!!!
i will buy them 400 is that enghf or do i give u 6000 but 6000 is half of my monry but i will buy the hammer!!!!!! so plzz get in touch with me!!!!!!!!!!
will pay 9
Ever since i got the Hammer my charcter is doing a lot g=better so i recomend it to ALL OF THE "> find me in the game for offers
wtf, ive seen it in the auction for 5g, y r people saying theyd pay 9 and 400 and 6000 and shit like that, iz messed up
is selling this
Have 1 Guardian's Hammer for sale or trade for witcher. for .
it rocks
got this off a level 11 shreiking tkhiss at elidrens farmstead lol try it takes awhile
I got this yesterday
god I wish I had this I would SOOO much better but cost like 10 20 30 gold and I don't have that kind of money
Interesting that everybody complains about this
WextonInteresting that everybody complains about this

The problem is the game it's self. Poor mechanics.