Is there a client or something like that in this game?

Friends List Glitch??

Hey I was told to report this as a possible glitch..I was away from my computer and when I came back to it my entire friends list was gone. Thanks.

Shaman of the Greenskins

Quest says I have everything I need. Go to watermill and make the fire. I am in the right location, but don't see any options to continue and finish this quest? Any Ideas?

Looking for a guild...

I'm a gamer, through and through, this game is rather fun. To keep my attentions, I need a little interaction between guild mates and myself. I'm only level 6 (Zerk), but I've gotten here in a day.

I'm a quick learner, I'm not afraid to ask ques...


Im a level 6 beserker got here in a day really enjoy this game interaction with team mates would be great if interested please message thanks.


Is Ther a clan i can join for 67s or maybe 1g

Dragon Name

Hey when I got my dragon had the wonderful little flash crash, when she came back the name her option was gone and all i have access to it the pay for it one..Any way this could be reset??ThaNKS

question's around clan's

still new here, but have a few questions about clan's:

-does it matter what side (Vaalor or Sadar) we fight for to enter a clan or is each clan specific to a side?
-if we do enter a clan, will we be able to change a clan later on or is the decisi...

new idea

i thought that since u have 2 different different types (vaalor and Sador) that you can do competitions every so often between the two to see which type can earn more valor of something and every player that has contributed to the sides valor all rec...

It has come to my attention

ok here we go:
I have found since the new update that a lot of things have changed and not all for the good of the players.
#1 The farming for boots:To buy the Substance of Revival it cost 30 silver.
#2 The price on the boots states 60 silver.

Hunt for Half Blood Idols

I am running around and can't find the Sinra Robber's to fetch the idols. If anyone has the locations for the different enemies we have to fight to gather the needed items that would be a great help. Thanks Dragon community

Glitch going on with using Trial Combat to figure out which Dragon you like best

Not sure if this was mentioned as of yet. Once the battle is over and i'm dead, i'm stuck laying on the ground unable to get out of battle mode. And this small panel appears saying 'Battle Finished: Awaiting results'. Like you're supposed to get som...

Chrome is messing up

I have played on chrome before, on the same account, but when I try to now, it lets em log in, then goes to a black screen that says "loading..." and stays like that as long as I leave it up. I've loaded it up on other browsers, and it works fine, bu...

the smuggler

where is skinflint bron i am supposed to talk too. supposed to be at the cross roads???


I summoned my dragon to get 2 beasts to come but when I killed them I could only carve up one of them. It showed I got one meat but not 2.

I figured out what happened. my knife broke.
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