how do i become a guardian???????????

no weapon !!!

twice i bought a weapon for 21 silver and it didn't show up either time ! but yet my silver is gone !


what about being able to cook dragon foods. for example: 5 neck of burul for 58 sirloin


how do i equip the pommel

Food making (cook profession)

Hey there i dont suppose you could add an option to make dragon food, for a level 1 hunter would make things run alot smoother :)

how do we switch classes

I know that my sword and my amulet make me a Witcher. Where will I get an amulet or weapon for Paladin or Berserker? Thank you for your help.




Is there a client or something like that in this game?

Friends List Glitch??

Hey I was told to report this as a possible glitch..I was away from my computer and when I came back to it my entire friends list was gone. Thanks.

Shaman of the Greenskins

Quest says I have everything I need. Go to watermill and make the fire. I am in the right location, but don't see any options to continue and finish this quest? Any Ideas?

Looking for a guild...

I'm a gamer, through and through, this game is rather fun. To keep my attentions, I need a little interaction between guild mates and myself. I'm only level 6 (Zerk), but I've gotten here in a day.

I'm a quick learner, I'm not afraid to ask ques...


Im a level 6 beserker got here in a day really enjoy this game interaction with team mates would be great if interested please message thanks.


Is Ther a clan i can join for 67s or maybe 1g

Dragon Name

Hey when I got my dragon had the wonderful little flash crash, when she came back the name her option was gone and all i have access to it the pay for it one..Any way this could be reset??ThaNKS

question's around clan's

still new here, but have a few questions about clan's:

-does it matter what side (Vaalor or Sadar) we fight for to enter a clan or is each clan specific to a side?
-if we do enter a clan, will we be able to change a clan later on or is the decisi...
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