Required resources for the magic: Tables and Counters,

1. Click on the round magic icons and under the table will appear the sum of resources, required to get the selected magic from scratch.
2. The draggable sheet will display overall sum from all mini-tables.
3. If you have a small screen... sorry!)...

Making Clan-News to look better (HTML - CSS tutorial for noobs)


Gold drop in PvP battles.

Hours of Prosperity allow you to get gold-drop from the battles with other players, where you can get from the 'battles' button. Clan-wars, Archipelago sea-battles don't count.
Gold-drop mechanism:
First of all, drop depends from the received valor...

Resource list for Covers

In the location «Ancient Temple», you can sacrifice some resources to the Altar of Amelsina and get power-ups: Covers.
Effect duration: one hour

Covers of Greatness and Reflection can be used together, only one color at the same time.
Also, re...

Maze of Eternity.

Only players of 50 level or higher can access the Maze of Eternity. In the Maze you can earn Undead Hunter reputation points. But level is not enough. Also, you have to complete the 50 lvl quests Dark Clouds in Khateram (+50 ) and Kaptor Khathu (+30...

Seems, we need a game-slang dictionary/guide)

Maybe... suggest the words and explanations in comments below? Аnd I will collect them here...

AOHArena of Honor
BotNon-player warrior in the Arena of Honor. Looks like a player.
BuffAny temporary effect that enhances your sta...

LINKS bubu



Invasion of Shaab

.bubu {width: 400px; display: inline-block; border-bottom: 3px solid rgb(30,90,140); font-family: 'Monotype Corsiva'; font-size: 30px; color: #cc0000;} .dateOF {display: inline-block; float: right; background-color: #fff1ba; width: 100px; color: rgb(...

How damage is calculated

Optimus Prime, this was greatly written and extremely helpful, I don't want to see it lost now that the post is locked. Please make this pretty colours if you don't mind. THANK YOU! again

"In the battle-statistics, everything, wich has blue-colo...


Thank You Optimus Prime, We've needed this a very long time and I am so happy to have you here helping make it.

Dust Calculator

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Armor (+Nephilim) Improvements: Table and auto-counter for resources (1 - 90 Lvl)

All armor improvements work by the standard rules: You can improve the quality (color), but keep it's level /// or improve it's level, but save the color.
If the cost of:
Grey Dust: Green Dust: Blue Dust: Vio Dust: Sydian:...

REBIRTH: How it will work? (Added exp-calculator)

.b-post__content {display: block;}As soon as you reach 90 Level, your character gets access to a new option: Rebirth, which allows to reset all your experience and start the game from the first lvl, with saving all your other game-progress,
except ...

Quick Guide for New Playerzz

This is from the way that i play the game. other people play differently then i do. theres alot of different ways to play the game and as long as your having fun playing there is no "wrong" way to play. but heres some tips and tricks that might help ...

Another Guide!! (the rest of it is in comments)

I remember getting this question asked many times throughout the span of time I have played this game: how can I make myself stronger? What do I do? I put together a small list below of some things you can do to develop your character a bit better.
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