Guardians are hiring!

We are looking to recruit new Guards that would like to join us for the long term! We're expecting new players joining us soon so we're looking for dedicated players that wish to help others! What's different from usual recruitment - you are able to ...

Additions to multiple character rules

Even though anyone can have up to 10 characters now there are some actions that are Prohibited:
- Entering same fight with two or more of your characters including sailing on same ship in Archipelago.
- Loaning/Renting/Giving in credit items or mon...

Alts - ships, curses and archipelago.

After several discussions and careful considerations from now on May 30 2016 it is no longer allowed to suicide your alts into monsters on Archipelago to heal the curses afterwards, also any similar behavior with dying to these monsters naked will be...

Player -_joker_- stole clan chest
and the list goes on

To those bugs animals pearls novosge brisket

Brisket is shoes like them those dirty steal brisket clan and those are only dirty i see in ninth legion fuck them

Just because we all need a good laugh... It has come to my attention...

This is just tooo funny... Ihit will even get a kick out of it (when he has um time to read up on some of these posts)

It has come to my attention there is a rumor going around that I am Leann...

Let us look at a few facts..

One: she i...

Its only something important that need to be taken into consideration !! Please

Nowadays ,, we dont seems to have clan wars which is the way for the clanned people to earn heroism to keep heroism rank matching your level to stay tough as possible.

So this way , the low levels and the big levels will go and fill the sea battle...

To novosge, pearls and brisket only

I dont respect them forever because they are whores from whores they didnt invite me and they didnt help people and their behavior is dirty with people . When those fucker leave this clan enter ninth legion and valor can play.

For ninth legion

I hate novosge and pearls and brisket forever i cant forgive they are rubbish but vedmak i dont know what he is still doing i can forgive him. Ninth legion its a game ninth legion stop doing problems stop doing problems vedmak i dont know why do you ...

Stop this alt makers!
this alt feed 1 person, and its hapen many times, looks many ppls do same....but i cant see all of them(((

This Game

This game makes me feel old. Too many people and even clans for that matter come and gone.

Here is a page for remembrance.

Who do you remember?

How can all clans be safe? And how can we retrieve back our stuff? player -_Joker_- took all this from our Clan Chest

09.03.2018 11:52 -_Joker_- Removing money from Clan Chest : 31 R
09.03.2018 11:52 -_Joker_- Removing money from Clan Chest : 85 G
09.03.2018 11:52 -_Joker_- used Clan Chest. Withdrawn: Smoked Ham -> 48
09.03.2018 11:52 -_Joker_- used Clan Chest. Withdrawn: Cured Ham ->...

In game event link is broken.

Here's the information from the first event. Of course, I cannot guarantee anything has or has not changed.

Connection Issue

anyone else having connection issues, i havent been able to do shit all day and its only this site

Connection Issue

anyone else having connection issues, i havent been able to do shit all day and its only this site
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