Guardians are hiring!

We are looking to recruit new Guards that would like to join us for the long term! We're expecting new players joining us soon so we're looking for dedicated players that wish to help others! What's different from usual recruitment - you are able to ...

Additions to multiple character rules

Even though anyone can have up to 10 characters now there are some actions that are Prohibited:
- Entering same fight with two or more of your characters including sailing on same ship in Archipelago.
- Loaning/Renting/Giving in credit items or mon...

Alts - ships, curses and archipelago.

After several discussions and careful considerations from now on May 30 2016 it is no longer allowed to suicide your alts into monsters on Archipelago to heal the curses afterwards, also any similar behavior with dying to these monsters naked will be...

When drunk clan leaders play the game....

Most of these he initiated the attack....yes he did win a couple of times...but i will take these odds....

Please give cookies and hugs to Dragonblade

Sigh...I must be overtired and not thinking straight but....I have a soft spot in my heart for the little trouble making draggy.

So while I have leave of my senses...please go ahead and shower her with hugs and all kinds of sweets....UNTIL I get ...

Any1 know whos this alt?
tell me pls in pm, ty

I am looking for winning lottery numbers

Does anyone want to give me??

Plase stop fake sbs

Clan whom this is adressed will understand



I am looking for a player who has the same problem as me with confrontation points

As in the subject: I am looking for a player who has the same problem as me, with confrontation points, for some time, I have a problem that i do not receive confrontation points for the fight, then I have to send a report and everything runs smoothl...


Whoever tells me who is it, I give 50 reals

you are real beast phantom but sorry of valours who use alt dron ved

And imagine what ? We lost shootout too

Auto attack?

are there auto attack in this game? im getting tired at looking my my character and click attack it so boring are there a way to speed up the game? that would be better

Need suggestion on getting tin ore for prospector


I just recently made apprentice for the profession of a prospector. When I looked into getting tin ore for a recent quest, I found all the mines had been taken over by someone named Barbarian at level 70. Is there any other way to mine th...

I see on my eyes

Thornus install vedmak wby? No no no no i saw him in my eyes
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