18/03/2013 08:58

Chrome Browser Optimization Guide

1. Go to official webpage of Adobe and get newest flash version http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ 2. Update your flash. 3. Type chrome://plugins/ in the address bar. Restart your browser and ...
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29/07/2014 00:22

Authentication error

I use a Galaxy note 3 with 4G LTE. T mobile is my provider.. I try and log in but am unable.... I am left stuck on the. This is a android device... How do I fix this log in issue
28/07/2014 21:01

Dark Guard Mauler level 15 with abilities ?

Hi I was reading about monsters (mobs) having abilities but it states that these are for level 30+. Dark Guard Mauler level 15 (Port District) has lightening bolt attack. Should abilities be for a range of mob levels under level 30 as well , or is the a...
27/07/2014 20:23

Low level quests

Are the lower level quests given out as a selection or are you supposed to get them all? At level 3 I never got Baiting the deranged, Digging up the past or The Broken Casket amongst others. I don't think these are the same quest lines. Or is it that the...
27/07/2014 03:48

Authentication Error: -109

Can't log in from facebook.
26/07/2014 08:45

unable to get hours of prosperity

Since switching to vaalor side yesterday I have not been able to get the hours of prosperity quest from either square. I tried logging out and in again to see if it just hadn't recognised the switch but still nothing.
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25/07/2014 02:40


Everything is in Russian, I cannot move, I cannot port, I cannot open tavern room...... these are just what I have discovered so far. I have cleared cache and deleted cookies. Tried different browsers. Chrome, Firefox and IE. Nothing is helping.
24/07/2014 20:10

Stuck in lvl60 quest for the last 2 days

Stuck in lvl 60 quest at 'A truth revealed ' part where I have to move to square of storms....the problem is there is no square of storms location to move to. Pretty sure it is a bug from mobile version where i had to skip/complete the solve the puzzle pa...
25/07/2014 13:19

My response to plitsch is here since I can not respond to my post on my ipad......

I can only create a new one. I can attack the soul reaper but the necromancer is supposed to weaken it so I can kill it and she doesn't. So basically I'm fighting this thing with 6000 hp while I have 1100 hp and it kills me in 4 hits while I can only ge...
24/07/2014 17:28

Not getting Insignias

Its happened before. I'm doing thieves at large, get sent to sq of storms, kill the mob, get 2 hero rep but no insignia. When I log in, I am not getting the quest screen appear like I do normally for the daily incidents. Will someone please tell me why ...
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25/07/2014 01:26

Stuck in lvl 61 quest glitch on ipad PLEASE HELP I can not get out!

I can not kill the soul reaper from the level 61 quest to be able to leave this dungeon. Please help! It's a glitch on my ipad and now I can't complete the task from any device and I am stuck in this dungeon.
19/07/2014 15:22


In library it says u can get reinforced axe of burning fury at sword master of 1st blood.
10/07/2014 05:39

collection bug

I have my shield raiser collection completed enough for seven battles plus ten oath papers but the collection pass won't light up. When I click purchase instead of collect like it should,it states "Are you sure you want to purchase missing items needed to...
16/07/2014 18:04

"Scroll of lava Hornbow"

The l in lava should be L, capitalized....so "Scroll of Lava Hornbow"
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16/07/2014 01:03

Gabrilas Armor Quest

I wish to complete this quest for legionnaire armor but Gabrilas won't let me :(
15/07/2014 09:34

Game won't let me repair my Isildian's Sword. Can't complete quest.

My Isildian's Sword {Item 25562} is broken and the game won't let me repair it. I need it to complete my fionites quest. Thx
11/07/2014 17:47


"Three Corsairs" game on ship: the discription says "The players take turns rolling 3, then 2, then 1 die." I believe it must be dice :)
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13/07/2014 22:00

Item 62227 description typo

Item #62227 says "Faith of the Vigilant Guard Collection" instead of "Enlightenment of the Vigilant Guard Collection" dragoneternity.com/entity/item/62227.html#cP=1
 Storm Kat47 
10/07/2014 03:40

items with the same name

{ITEM 59755} & {ITEM 24007} have the same name Both are called Amulet of Celestial Guardian, Dragon Amulets. Level 60 & Level 40. Please correct this.
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