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24/06/2016 22:36


I'm not getting any reals from opening my red bag from Garuug. Did you reduce the chance of reals? this has never happened before for this length of time
 Ab Brightday18 
18/06/2016 09:32

Nice box of Christmas meat

When I trap and kill winged prey all I get is meat, no wings, no stingers, etc. I cannot do my hunter quest, please give trout stamp, deer tag etc. Asap ty pally ab.
21/06/2016 19:32

Accessing forums

When I click the forums icon ingame or just attempt to check my clan page for info, I am not logged in under my character or as a person. I click the create account button but that leads me to this which has no sign u...
 Storm Kat70 
26/12/2015 07:12

Left ship, but unable to leave group. Old bug back again

07:04 Heaven's Voice: Group has been disbanded. but stuck in the group, old bug back again. go to report it. Server time out cannot send request. Trying for a 2nd time. this is 6 minutes just trying to properly report a bug. Screen shot in photo ...
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 Storm Kat70 
13/06/2016 20:07

Descriptions on BC spheres - Curses are the wrong colour

{ITEM 17626} - Green BC - says "Tangible Curse" in blue. {ITEM 17627} - Blue BC - says "Painful Curse" in purple {ITEM 17629} - Orange BC - says "Harmful Curse" in purple {ITEM 17630} - Red BC - says "Lethal Curse" in purple. Can you please update the...
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11/06/2016 02:50

I am an idiot

I purchased the wrong cuirass. I have the Lord of Storms and need the Twilight Ruler. I have the 5 real penalty charge. Can you help me?
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05/06/2016 03:39

64 DOT

Came in in middle of boss fight, did the required 3500 dmg. Took eq damage dying and got no credit for the fight through the quest. Whats broke the quest icon didn't show up. I did get the exp. valor and hero for damage done, just not the quest completion...
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03/06/2016 03:20

Nephilim quest bug?

The quest "Colosseum Trainings" is required for nephilim form. It requires 3 turn ins of the "Caster of Arrows" collection. I was excited as it's the first time I've gotten the pieces for the collection, but upon finishing the fight after, I go back into ...
02/06/2016 16:22

Help whit profile pics...

Hi! Can u help me deleting duplicata pictures upload and rotate the one i keeped please?! I cant do anything! TY
 Ab Brightday17 
31/05/2016 20:31

Send me the money

This Toon gets no money drops for kills. I don't believe I have had a money drop for over a month. Even when I used the HOP, I still get no money.
27/05/2016 23:57

Transportation payment.

You're kidding me right? That's just way too much for any one person to pay. Especially when they might not be able to pay for the cost by actual cost just to jump from one place to another. . It's one thing to be greedy but it's another to leave a perso...
28/05/2016 14:45

Low income from mobs

I wonder is this a bug. i fight 2 lvl higher mobs and got earlier from them around 20-21 s with Garuugs red bag. now, with the bag, i get 16-17. And without bag, 9-10 s when earlier 12-14 s..and nothing has changed ?
28/05/2016 21:25

Your numbers system is crap

Please explain how if I am in "defense stance" and still take just as much if not more damage in "attack stance". Why even bother having them?
 Dragon Fire.56 
27/05/2016 13:32

or a defect of the game all the way it should be?

Here's the thing: All we know for reaching 16k Gladiator's reputation, we cease to give a reputation in the collection of collections (only for the last 2 give and give only made the fight after collection). Also, after 16 continues to drop us a very "nec...
 Thunder Kat13 
23/05/2016 19:37

Elite Bandit from Sea of Storms Achievement

{ACHIEV 88000} says Opportunists Peer. Should say Opportunist's Pier
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08/05/2016 22:54

wrong leggings

it seems I got the wrong purple leggings for my toon maimah can you please switch it to the right class want to switch leggings of lord of storms for leggings of twilight ruler will tell you when I got the reals
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20/05/2016 00:40

Error on facebook linking

I have sent a message about completing the facebook quest and receiving error messages.
12/05/2016 18:35

"Find the Key"

I'm having trouble with the Find the Key option. I've tried it multiple times both today and yesterday. It takes a long time to load and then to finish the action but at the end it just says there was an error. Has anyone else had this problem and/or k...
 Storm Kat70 
11/05/2016 21:56

Monster Ability in Fang Cave - description error

{ITEM 78816} says during combat: A monster has drained your abilities with a magical attack. are reduced by 25% for 4 rounds. should be: A monster has drained your abilities with a magical attack. Your Will, Intuition, and Stamina are reduced by 25% fo...
02/05/2016 13:50


I not got big ark confrontation rating for the last week
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