Quest not working

Leveled and the game announced that I received the hero quests, just followed the quest to the mobs, got the +2 hero rep for the kill, but no insignias, is there something I have to do to get the quests after reaching level 12?

Unable to stay logged in on Kindle fire

Game loads, then freezes & closes game. Cleared cache, reinstalled app, suggestions on how to fix greatly appreciated. App works fine on android phone.

chat issue on mobile

so, i reported this before, but i will again. on mobile, when chatting, if someone replies, it overwrites what you are typing and puts in "You have received new messages!" this is very annoying when trying to reply to a pm, and anyone says anything...

Setting Lighthouse for mobile....

So when you said mobile setting for lighthouses was coming soon.... that was when? Some of us play almost all the time on mobile.....

Nephlim Questline

As most know at level 21 you start the quest line to be come Nephlim I currently am level 27 and I haven't seen the next portion of the quest line. Did I do something wrong? Or is this just a bug please help


I bought 30 reals and got charged for two sets and only received on. Yesterday thanks

Heavy Suppression Mark II has the wrong inactive mark in its recipe

The recipe for the above mark has Large Inactive Elemental Mark as the inactive mark not a Six Schools of Adan Large Inactive Magical Mark which it should be as the finished mark goes in that slot, Please look into and fix.

Twin Blades- Level 6 quest with Nordaine Kungar

I've completed the first part of the quest twice. My level is higher than lvl 6 now, yes. However, the first part of the quest does not check off as completed while the second part (fill a flask with poison) is complete. I even paid the hunter to hel...

Gabrilas dose not give me the option for seal of searching

i can not get the seal of searching to finish my gear set and can not go any further in game due to low stats. He dose not give me the option of bestowing the seal of searching.

swift kamikaze

I just killed blacklady and myself at the same time in aoh and did not get this achievement I did not manage to get the link and neither did they.

battle around 19:54

missing piaste

17:10 Heaven's Voice: You have completed the Plans of the Pirate Leaders Quest.
17:10 Heaven's Voice: Received: {HONOR2 249} and Golden Piastre (30 pcs). Removed: Messages of Pirate Leader (1 pcs).

the total of paiste I had before and after...

Clan news posts cannot be edited

I can no long edit my news posts on computer. All I get is "error" when I click edit. I can edit my comments. Anyone else?

Parcels being sold for 20s instead of 8g20s

I put up my parcels of strength II in Ah for 8g 20s but it sold for only 20s can u pls give my money back by cancelling the trasection because I spent lots of g on making those parcels and I don't want to get banned.

Nephilim strengt parcels


So i tested somthing, i have my neph gear fully parceld but why does it not change any stats in my nephilem streng, it stays 129 , i tested it, took of my own gear and left on the neph checked bout tendo's and neph stats and they dropped on...

Map of the leaders bugged

Hello Ihit,

Can you please fix Map of the leaders? It says it points to location Plain of oracles.
Can you change it to Pier so we can finish this hero of the arch quest?

Thank you
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