Clan Confrontation Rating not updating

Another 'in progress' change? It hasn't moved since before the update.

Clan News

I'm guessing it's all 'in progress' still. But here's what I have found already.

We lost 6 pages of news, will we get those back? (Thankfully, I have been through enough updates to have kept copies of my most important posts, but there are many p...

changes in hunter-kit drop rate?

I killed about 1 hour mobs under hop and was looking for hunter-reps and collection-pieces to finally reach 81k.

The kit popped only 1 x in the entire hour!!! I checked on same level and higher.

Did you change that?

Through the previous upgr...

Reduced loot

I get reduced loot from arena because I fight bots...so half the gold I normally get which is bullshit since bots are very strong. Fix it!

Can't select npc

I just started playing and am level 4, I'm suppose to talk to this guy to pick my class; I can see the icon over his head, but no matter how many times I click on him, nothing happens. Am I missing something?

Consumables not listed for elites

These Elites are missing the blue food drops from the list. Please confirm it's still possible to get blue food from them:

Elite Hammerer Steamdroid dragoneternity.com/entity/bot/60841.html#cP=1
Elite Cursed Shivari dragoneternity.com/entity/bo...

Sorcerer's Ark

Because novody ever checks german forum anymore I post this here.
No sorcerer's Ark in maze for long time. Is this a bug?

Bug in upgrade Sword of Golden Eagle and Short Sword of Golden Eagle ?

To upgrade Sword of Golden Eagle to Predator Sword L32, i need to be L34

To upgrade Short Sword of Golden Eagle to Predator Short Sword L34, i need to be L32

Strange... is this a bug? Confused...

Greetings Lady-Lunarsah

Garuug dropping Hunter Collection pieces that can't be used

17:44 Heaven's Voice: You untied Garuug's bag, and found inside: Bag of Large Spoils (1 pcs), Great Orb of Strength (200 pcs), Earplugs (1 pcs).

Red hunter piece. Can you please update this so we don't get more useless pieces? I highly recom...

Gift is incorrect

19:57 Heaven's Voice: An anonymous player has sent you a "Student's Archipelago Pass" says it grants admission to the islands. It's a lie. I still can't sail.

rune key quest

not receiving kills for cadaver quest , cant get both keys with that quest

Did not recieve arrow for lvl 54 quest Long Range Arrow

Get arrow by killing in battleground or BC sphere.


No arrow given.

BC Spheres Non-functional

I select player and attack. All BC spheres are faded out yet I have spheres in inventory.

iPad Bug Forced Purchase - Please Refund

Following a purchase selection within favourite on iPad you are automatically taken to Armor. The result being whilst trying to buy two eyes and accidentally purchased Pauldrons of Twilight Ruler for 59R . I PM'ed iHit straight away but dd not hear b...

Bought Wrong Item

Hi, I added reals to purchase Axe of Merciless Crusher and Axe of Merciless Crusher Pommel but I bought Mace of Merciless Crusher Pommel instead by accident please could the Mace of Merciless Crusher Pommel be changed for the Axe of Merciless Crusher...
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