Things need to be fixed in the new DE app design!

First thing to say thanks! For trying to work in improving the game and bring the fun, joy and the excitement to play and discover the new things.

In this new update i have noticed somethings that changed to worser than the old app design used to...

Purchased reals

Admins, I purchased 2 of the $89 reals on my iOS device. It accepted both transactions but only one was accepted. Can you please check the payment records as to whether both chargers was processed? Thank you. And if it was, can you please add the oth...


With this update the game freezes eveytime im fighting against mobs or on arena please try to fix this

arena mistakely

Hey . today at event day i was farming with my alt liv 17 and mistakely i clicked join arena but then i logg of and minutes later i opened my main account alt on same device same bracket and then i joined aoh and saw my alt in the same battle ho...

hero event and dragon quests

On hero event i can kill the mobs but not get the quest someone can fix this please? And now with dragon quests i done till earth dragon but not have any quest tothe others dragon quests ... please solve the problem

Bug of aoh

Having a big huge bug atm! I was having half of my hop with bag of spoiled and also fully buffs and aoh just been readjust to start each hour?!?!? What happenning?!?! It cost to much to been prepared to it and just be screwed like this

Shaab quest as defiler

I collected what was needed for the quest and the fight I did the collected stuff along with the quest vanished.
No message of completion in chat either.

I am not sure whether I got rep for it.. but the missing message in chat and the fact that ...

elites instances bug

hey i have a bug with instances for elites always i enter an instane for elites it shows me no soldiers no npc or boss elites i payed 3r and cant do nothing my reals gone wasted. please fix or let me know explain me why i cant do elites cant see elit...

If you hit an island mob and are turned into a wraith

This is a "known issue". If it happens to you and you want to report the bug, please include my report # 7982923 to make it easier on Pavel to see it's happening to multiple people.
It is happening again today for me, the only issue I have found...


So the level 24 quest loyalty to the empire to be able to unlock the nephilim I must win duel of truth battles.. With have been removed so I am COMPLETELY unable to complete it.. Please fix this!

Can't buy reals

I bought reals before, today I tried and it just says error it won't allow me buy reals...I know I have money for them but the game is glitches or something please fix?

Shop 8

Why cant i find shop 8? I go to where the map shows it but its not there?

new clan and i didnt get clan quest

hello im the clan leader of the clan cherubims and im at lvl 24 and still have not gotten the great quest for my clan pls give me some advice thanks

chat issue on mobile

so, i reported this before, but i will again. on mobile, when chatting, if someone replies, it overwrites what you are typing and puts in "You have received new messages!" this is very annoying when trying to reply to a pm, and anyone says anything...

Sydian during the island protector cave quest

So, something that came up and i'd like to know if there will be a fix to it.
Did the island quest, got 10 sydian, Already had sydian on me from mobs.

There is no chest in the hideout.

The only option is to sell to game :( :( :( cuz ship i...
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