18/03/2013 08:58

Chrome Browser Optimization Guide

1. Go to official webpage of Adobe and get newest flash version http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ 2. Update your flash. 3. Type chrome://plugins/ in the address bar. Restart your browser and ...
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25/10/2014 07:32

gallery bug again

this is 2nd time can not upload pics to de last time was for a month at this time trying to show few friends my costume for halloween fix this plz
21/10/2014 18:03

APP closing

I've been having Some issues lately with my app that closed automaticly when I open a clanpage on iPad. I figured that this isn't normal, yeah ik I'm smart!. I'm using an iPad mini with the latest iOS updates and my game is fully updated.
29/10/2014 19:36

Failed Reals Purchase

I purchased 5 reals using my cell phone. Replied to the text, recieved a confirmation text saying that the purchase had gone through, but they never showed up on my account. I refreshed, still not there. I attempted to contact the customer service number,...
28/10/2014 18:50

Disability to add tabs

Both on computer and iPad.
28/10/2014 18:55

please help

im using a phone and nowhere on my screen does it say group except in chat but I cant leave group through it. im really starting to get frustrated cause Icant make a group for skrag caves. please help
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28/10/2014 20:35

Authentication Error: 2003

Realy again
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25/10/2014 04:21

Clearing out old quests

I was clearing out old quests, one is for a lvl 27 search and find in the captains cabin for a casket off of a ship called the Black Moray off of the Caldiur Lighthouse dock. I can't back in since my pirate disguise has disappeared. It was supposed to be ...
26/10/2014 08:18


i cant seem to play the game today..i click on my player and it just says loading..... and stays like thar forever..no matter which character i use
23/10/2014 20:39

Vortex queue

The game is refusing to give me my money from vortexqueue back, any ideas? It doesn't show any option to get back my money, only that next vortex starts in 23h and ...mins.
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19/10/2014 22:19

Defiler Health Bug

I never start at maximum health when I'm a defiler. Always a couple hundred off. Yes I have food. Yes it's on auto. Yes it's being used. My health goes up normally in account for all my buffs that I might have on but it does not start at full. Yes this is...
20/10/2014 20:28

There is one person in second bracket who has got 366 confortation rank in one day!

I have never seen this anywhere like collesseum,,7b,winery e.t.c.And is it possible to get that much confortation rank in one day.
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22/10/2014 13:22

quest not appearing help

looking for this quest Mentor for the Guilty Short quest description: Level: 28 Start: Crown-Legate Crimm Reward: Exp: 191 Money: 231 Casket of Hermila\'s Mentor Quest ive done all the lv 27 quest chain and it still hasn't appeared need anymore i...
21/10/2014 14:37

Trial by fire

My medallion of permanese I disappeared after i logged off .... i did fight the person i was supose to and gave 40 green dust then logged off it disappeared when i logged back in it did not expire because i came back on before 3hrs and didn't even get the...
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19/10/2014 22:23

Vortex Bug

Had an issue with items being picked up. I picked up pots and they did not go to my belt, nor where they in my pack. I couldn't use them or see them but lost them after dying in a fight (that I could have won with them).
19/10/2014 02:59

Energy During Duel of Truth

were is our energy...we have next to nothing ....getting out of long combat and have zeron energy to get back to combat....HELLO....
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19/10/2014 01:23


Doesn't seem to be a character limit when pming on mobile. On laptop I can only send a sentence or 2. Just sent a person a small paragraph on mobile in one pm
18/10/2014 12:45

Chill of Blight Tome Quest

So i kill the first 6 groups of spawns of abyss or whatever they are, go to the 2 elites and kill them, try moving to the boss next to portal and says 'To enter the hall you need first to obliterate the Spawn of Abysss at the slope.' i already killed them...
16/10/2014 16:46

Crafting quest

Today, I get my regular crafting quest: jeweler. I open it and see that I have to make flasks that belong to the 1-3k quest instead of the 3-7k ones I should get, as reward I will still get 40mastery and the exp...
18/10/2014 12:51

Storm Brigadier Rand Missing from Academy

So I logged in today and almost immediately got my Trial of Combat quest... headed to Vaalor War Academy and it's empty. I checked all the other NPC's you fight on the map and all the others are there but not SBR. Bug?
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