Clan News

I'm guessing it's all 'in progress' still. But here's what I have found already.

We lost 6 pages of news, will we get those back? (Thankfully, I have been through enough updates to have kept copies of my most important posts, but there are many p...


ratings have been stuck like this for three weeks now. Please ihit respond because people have been winning unfairly.

Dragon Quest

Somehow, when I completed the air dragon and chaos dragon's quest and I accepted the water dragon's quest. But when I was trying to work on it, the quest somehow disappeared. When I tried to go back to port of sadar to try to re-accept to quest, the ...

Outfit achievement

I won in aoh while having merciless crusher set on but didn't get achievement in return. Please give me this achievement, I spent a damned dekador on it along with other summons so I demand this achievement to get awarded to me.


Valor Rank Simbol Not Showing

Hello! Recently i attained Recruit of First Blood Valor Rank, but its not showing its simbol beside my name in the areas lists like everyone else, Why?

Healer casket

12:21 Heaven's Voice: You opened the Casket and discovered inside: Sphere of Attack Stance (1 pcs), Rosalia Oil (1 pcs), Sphere of Resistance (2 pcs).
I got a gray collection piece while I can already heal orange... Casket says one quality highe...

Galaxy s5 upload pic not working

Issue stated already link not working

Maze Elite message

I'll try to remember a copy/paste next time, but every 00:20 and 01:20 elite says "Elite Shivari" in the Heaven's Voice announcement, but today was the Vervelak at 00:20 and Cadaver at the 01:20 time. Can you look into correcting this? Each elite r...

Following the invisible trail quest

Above quest is not working, I am supposed to find pirates at some random location and kill them. Problem is, there are never any pirates.

Spelling Error

There is a spelling error on the "ITEM UPGRADE" menu. It states "ITEM UPDRAGE" instead.

Reduced loot

I get reduced loot from arena because I fight bots...so half the gold I normally get which is bullshit since bots are very strong. Fix it!

Clan Confrontation Rating not updating

Another 'in progress' change? It hasn't moved since before the update.

changes in hunter-kit drop rate?

I killed about 1 hour mobs under hop and was looking for hunter-reps and collection-pieces to finally reach 81k.

The kit popped only 1 x in the entire hour!!! I checked on same level and higher.

Did you change that?

Through the previous upgr...

Can't select npc

I just started playing and am level 4, I'm suppose to talk to this guy to pick my class; I can see the icon over his head, but no matter how many times I click on him, nothing happens. Am I missing something?

Consumables not listed for elites

These Elites are missing the blue food drops from the list. Please confirm it's still possible to get blue food from them:

Elite Hammerer Steamdroid dragoneternity.com/entity/bot/60841.html#cP=1
Elite Cursed Shivari dragoneternity.com/entity/bo...
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