Quests not working and other issues

Not able to get any protector quests
Not able to get any Arena of Honor quests
Can only get half of the Hero of the Empire quests for insignias. The day that the boss does not appear works, the day with the boss does not.
Did not get some of the ...

Clan news posts cannot be edited

I can no long edit my news posts on computer. All I get is "error" when I click edit. I can edit my comments. Anyone else?

Pier is glitching, a very anoying bugg only i seem to have

Hey ihit, you realy need to fix my bugg on the mobile because i realy want to do the elites and clan quest on pier, you said that some islands are sunk but you did not mention anything about pier being sunk, i see everybodey going to pier and don't h...

Setting Lighthouse for mobile....

So when you said mobile setting for lighthouses was coming soon.... that was when? Some of us play almost all the time on mobile.....

missing piaste

17:10 Heaven's Voice: You have completed the Plans of the Pirate Leaders Quest.
17:10 Heaven's Voice: Received: {HONOR2 249} and Golden Piastre (30 pcs). Removed: Messages of Pirate Leader (1 pcs).

the total of paiste I had before and after...

lvl 36 neph quest isnt recording my kills

i was absent for close to a year and just started playing again recently.... i have lost the "spirit of confrontation?" buff, that adds kills to my lvl 36 neph quest. it expired lol...365 days... ohh the shame. please help


It looks to me like something funky is going on with the confrontation ratings for this week, I just noticed that trongster is in the top 10 but hasn't logged in for several months. Also the person top of league 1 hasn't played for 3 years

Quest 'Military deeds"

Red quest 'Military deeds' level 9 is broken. I have it from last year. it says collect 200 spectral essences from playing in ROA.
Played ROA and no spectral essences dropped. Please fix thx !!

Nephlim Questline

As most know at level 21 you start the quest line to be come Nephlim I currently am level 27 and I haven't seen the next portion of the quest line. Did I do something wrong? Or is this just a bug please help

Achievement problem


Will there be islands with Elite Khaimans, Elite Nylph and Elite rachni ?
I need them for achievement, but only islands I found were with pirates, kariols or flosars.

Can you please help?
Thank you

Map of the leaders bugged

Hello Ihit,

Can you please fix Map of the leaders? It says it points to location Plain of oracles.
Can you change it to Pier so we can finish this hero of the arch quest?

Thank you

Wrong fish selling for reals in AH

Not sure if this is an error or not - but for Master and Artful - the "incorrect" fish are selling in AH for reals. Those are not the same fish that would be used for Temple Buffs.

Eg: Level 52 temple buffs: you can sacrifice Peppers and Hortenas...

wrong points

I was on lvl 2 bracket with 132 points and now i lvl up to lvl 3 bracket but only with 198 points if points double i would to have 264points right😕 anyone can fix it please?

Very Important

I have buy special book witch was ment to give me an option to instantly kill enemys lvl 19 and below. Now Not only I have to pay money to attack enemy's like that but it dose NOT kill them instantly. I'm on 15 lvl now, I hope you'll see how that syt...

Leggings Quest mistake

Leggings Quest, Level 12
Dzumkhar's Crypt level 12 - done
Merchant Street level 13 - done
Slayer Hideout level 14 - cannot enter - no instances off square of storms. No skull to push to open instances. Screen Shot.
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