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07/07/2015 19:54

Bug Buying First Mount at-Reputations=Protectors

hi.i`ve been trying since Saturday morning to buy my first mount at Reputations then Protectors,i click on mount & buy & says-OOPS bug we probably know about & will fix soon Dragon Eternity hmm its still not fix & i`ve been trying since Saturday Morning p...
11/06/2015 19:29

Mechanoid Quest Bug

Hello ihit i cant catch you online so i created a post here in forum, i did follow your advice to wait and i waited for a week now. I still dont get any recurring request to enter tournee to gain mech coins. This is cause that i spend my first 4 mech coin...
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05/07/2015 15:43

mistakenly sold quest item...

...just started, level 3, mistakenly sold the lesser glyph. how do i get it back.
04/07/2015 03:25

serious lack of HoP dropsreals

I've tried fighting mobs 2-3 levels higher than me, with no change. It's been quite a long time since I have had anything but occasional food drop, and if I'm lucky .20 in reals. Been this way for quite some time
 Storm Kat70 
29/06/2015 08:28

Problems with loading main page

Main page has been giving me a hard time all day. Have tried restarting computer (on a laptop, running Windows7) and clearing cache/cookies. The loads, but where the select character is, I get: Loading, bottom corner says "Resolving h...
27/06/2015 12:35


Could you please finally fix the app for iPad? A lot of requests have been made about fixing how unstable the app is, but you seem to ignore all the requests. The customer service is really destroying this game and it is such a stupid thing to ruin such a...
 Clara Korn70 
25/06/2015 11:41

Grabber appearing when teleporting into fights

Just got grabben when teleported to defend a mine which made it impossible to actually get it, as u are automatically in the fight when the quest appears.
 Storm Kat70 
25/06/2015 01:47

Please put under level 30 blue gear back in shop for over 30s

It's very difficult to help clannies compare prices and such when I can't even see the under 30 stuff in shop anymore. And why can't I buy a level 24 helm? What if I want to slowly start saving for rebirth already? I was surprised that I cannot see the...
 Storm Kat70 
18/06/2015 05:24

Can't see clan news comments

I can't see any of the comments that exist on clan news posts. 05:19 WaterHawke » Katnip Kingpin: You now have to post a comment to see comments 05:20 Katnip Kingpin » WaterHawke: i have to post comments on 7 pages of news? and can only post 1 p...
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22/10/2014 13:22

quest not appearing help

looking for this quest Mentor for the Guilty Short quest description: Level: 28 Start: Crown-Legate Crimm Reward: Exp: 191 Money: 231 Casket of Hermila\'s Mentor Quest ive done all the lv 27 quest chain and it still hasn't appeared need anymore i...
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10/06/2015 01:33

Clan table I needs editing---

Clan Table I reads: "---allows to increase its maximum number of members to 10" Should read "---allows to increase its maximum numbers of members *BY* 10."
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 Storm Kat70 
10/06/2015 21:43

Not showing offline after logging out

Rajabi has already posted about this recently, but the post is gone. I decided to watch how long it actually takes. 21:36 Storm Kat: logging off. 21:42 Kitty Kat » Storm Kat: finally offline That is at least 5 mins of people pm'ing me on Storm Kat...
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 Storm Kat58 
11/11/2014 19:46

Protector of the Archipelago Clan Message

19:40 Heaven's Voice: Storm Kat has completed the "Protector of the Archipelago" Quest and increased the {Clan's} prestige which is required to upgrade the Dockyard. Not sure if anyone has reported this, but it doesn't seem to matter who does the ques...
29/04/2015 21:54

Invisible trail quest

I have the speculum of pathfinder, but I've never received the quest to actually find Mildor. I've tried going back and talking to people and nothing's happened. I also no longer have the pirates disguise.
07/06/2015 04:16

Logging in from my tablet

I'm trying to log into my account through Facebook on my tablet it won't allow me to it comes back blank
11/06/2015 10:55

I do not get money for killing monsters

I do not get money for killing monsters What's going on
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12/06/2015 02:52


Every time i try to connect my facebook it cycles through the game and facebook repeatedly and wont sign in.
09/06/2015 07:00

Rune key kills not being counted---

I've had the "kill 5 players" forever on my rune key quest, I've been stuck at 3 for weeks now, even though I've killed quite a few at or over my level.
05/06/2015 04:54


Please fix the images of the witcher level 52+ gear. I know i've sent bug reports spoken with Ihit. Couldn't imagine it being hard to just put the images right. Even on the equipment page it is wrong! lol. The Sydian gear looks great ... too bad you need ...
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01/06/2015 16:27

Daily fishing quest

i was in the fishing profession then I switched to hunter, now I still have the daily fishing quest and no hunter quest. Ik I should be able to abandon the quest at bottom but when I go to the quest there is no option for abandon I can only hit continue a...
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