18/03/2013 08:58

Chrome Browser Optimization Guide

1. Go to official webpage of Adobe and get newest flash version http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ 2. Update your flash. 3. Type chrome://plugins/ in the address bar. Restart your browser and ...
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02/03/2015 01:00

Problem with Blacksmith Monsters Not Dropping Blacksmith Materials And Unable to Report Bugs

Azure Shershers aren't dropping Azure Shersher wings for me and i am unable to report bugs
 Storm Kat64 
27/02/2015 03:46

Server Connection Error when talking to Commander Raidon Korette

Finished both my Island Hero & Island Protector today. Both times I tried to cash them in at Harbor Front, I get booted. Took 3 tried with Hero quest. Another 3 times to get protector to work. If this happens again tomorrow, would the report a bug opti...
03/03/2015 03:05


I sold my armour for. Bid. 50. One item gold. And the other. For 60. Gold. And it said there was a minimum bid which I did not set. There was another item for 1 gold 50 silver. Same thing you can check my history thanks.
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03/03/2015 03:11

Trial of combat quest

i have recieved the quest last two days as usual. But it always starts at Vaalor academy...when I go there, there is no boss to fight, it doesn't even show. I really need this fixed if possible so I can continue to get halo III. I even tried switchng from...
 Storm Kat64 
02/03/2015 19:23

Protector Reputations Info page needs an update

Island Protector stuff is missing from the protector reputation page: dragoneternity.com/library/reputations/?part=blog3
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28/02/2015 00:59

' impossible to make puchase?? '

Cannot buy reals says is impossible to make purchase, is this a bug, i have bought reals before and no problem
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24/02/2015 06:31

Missing seahawk protector quest bug.

I tried the report a bug option, but again its unavailable. Seems to happen a lot. Anyway, I found the shipwreck at kariol island, and completed the first part of the quest. The second part of it is to free the 3 sailors at sacrificial bench. I am here, t...
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 Storm Kat64 
24/02/2015 17:08

Instances missing on mainland

I did use the report a bug for Skrag Cave/Razed Fort not being available at Fort Giard, but while walking back to clan hall, noticed that ALL instances seem to be missing. Refreshing did not fix this. I had the same problem last week, and was a day or t...
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11/02/2015 06:17

"Protector of the Archipelago"

Quest is not working, you can not reset it. I and others even waited for the timer... you can speak to the person and click you want it but it will not give you the quest.
11/02/2015 14:28

Tireless gladiator battle

ihit, you responses to my original post saying its a random quest. But the battles I am referring to are at the colosseum and are always available to fight mobs, usually for reps and drops of collection pieces. The one I am referring to is the highe...
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 Zalex Jr49 
22/02/2015 00:43

cant get to area map

I was just clearing my traps after a devastating 7b (got a curse, fight still going at the time) and this happened dragoneternity.com/gallery/#iT=o;uT=u;cP=1;pN=1115597;uN=Zalex+Jr which means I lots my traps drop of 1 shiny wing, 1 sharp stinger and 1 ...
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22/02/2015 10:13

No Log In Bar

Hey there having a little trouble trying to log in, there is no menu as to where I can do so. Any suggestions?
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18/02/2015 17:54

Thieves at Large

This daily level 9-15 quest must be broken because when you are in the location splash there is no such active event. Please advise or fix.
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18/02/2015 02:58

Experienced Protector Quest on the Archipelago

Mine was at Stone Wyvern to find the shipwreck and the cages to free the sailors on Raging Vortex. One of the cages sat right on top of the Sydian geyser and it made it really difficult to click on the cage. You might want to move it to a different locati...
16/02/2015 16:45

Order of the Great Protector Quests

When you reach 81k protector reputation you get a quest that direct you talk to Khormal (or something like that) at the watermill with the reward being 50 protector rep for doing so. However, when you do you only get 35 protector rep... Heaven's V...
17/02/2015 04:44

can't finish eternal heart collection

Please help the event is almost over is it a bug? 04:35 Lanik Mueller: can we still get the eternal collection pieces? 04:36 LunaVaalorianMom » Lanik Mueller: the love collection pieces can be obtained by using arkhams now 04:37 Lanik Mueller »...
16/02/2015 04:20


I dont understand why i get so many error reports ,, tonight cost me garuug and broke some of my gear ,, I not happy right now at all
 Storm Kat64 
16/02/2015 02:02

Demon Fury already has 500 confrontation points?

Reset was only a couple hours ago, yet Demon Fury has 500 confrontation points already. If this is correct, please share the secret
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16/02/2015 03:18

level 29 quest "lost artifacts" and 25 lvl quest "gone with the wind" i cant find any of the findable items

Im most likely being blind but can i have the locations please i cannot see any and ive been trying for a few days now could really use your help
more about event