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31/08/2015 00:27

Bomber man 1 bug

I went into boss fight with 203 bombs, we won and i finished quest, but didnt get credit for this achievement.
23/08/2015 03:41

No DOT quest to deliver

Hi, We've just finished DOT where valor side have won (52-61 bracket) however i don't seem to have the actual quest which i can turn in for the addiotional xp, valor and most important rep and the dragon phial. Can you please check this? Thx
27/08/2015 13:10

BUG Great Protector Quest

did instance , steamshop with greenie got 10 bream(food) and 2 x partizan of rachni scout, gave 1 to greenie and 1 to me , then 1/2 the food each, exited instance then exited group, my items not in bp, refreshed , still not there
 Storm Kat70 
05/08/2015 21:20

Boss fights, can't see HP totals anymore on computer

We used to be able to mouse over the HP bars on the bosses (Today was in DoT), and see the total amount of damage left to do. This was not available on mobile, but most computer users would tell others in combat chat what the totals were. Today, we cou...
24/08/2015 08:40

New Cuirass Quest Bug

Hi, I need to talk to Gabrillas to get a Seal of Wing Searching, he no longer does this. In a previous bug report you said you would look at the whole of the quest chain, but it has been quite a few days now and I would like to get on with this chain. T...
 Storm Kat70 
17/08/2015 01:21

Excellent Hunter's Arrow...... Where to use them?

{ITEM 89246} the achievement award, blue arrows called Excellent Hunter's Arrows. I cannot use them anywhere. Hero Boss, DoT boss, Torlings, Barbs, Rachnis, Tracked mobs, Elites. Nothing. Anyone been able to use them?
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 fresh jvc57 
23/08/2015 20:43

Quest at Sea

That's twice I got my hero quest at sea I got my reps but Yet to see so called collection pieces 20:30 Heaven's Voice: Received: {EXP 500} Experience, {HONOR 1982}, and {REPICON 31257} 100 Hero of the Empire Reputation. 20:30 Heaven's Voice: You ear...
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23/08/2015 12:06

Help i have a bug

I can see the map and teleport but cannot move normally the locations next to me do not appear. I was on board a ship and couldn't get off so i had a clan mate boot me but i cannot move normally help please
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17/08/2015 13:55

Elite Kariol Shaman - No Achievement Credit for Killing (twice)

No credit given for killing the elite at Abandoned Camp. Bug report sent, response received that Support was closing the ticket. Still no credit received. What gives?
05/08/2015 07:01

Quest Bug

I know I'm a bit slow, but I still have Durable Leggings Quest. I have to speak to Gabrillas about Peppercorns but as you no longer need to speak to him for the equivalent quest chain I don't see how I can complete.
06/08/2015 15:02

Achievement not giving credit

Using Pally gear, I got order of hammer stacked 3 times in a row but didn't get credit.
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18/08/2015 16:37

Elite lvl 64 fire nylph

it said in quest the location was on steppe temple but the real position was on camp of sun clan, plz fix the position on quest. Thank you
17/08/2015 04:01

deydri raider outfit

used deydri raider outfit, didnt get credit for achievement.
17/08/2015 11:50


I have a number of achievements that have previously been completed but are not being recognised - How is this corrected?
 Storm Kat70 
25/07/2015 18:02

Another bug report during a war

War has started and my energy level is wrong. I cannot move. My pack is not full. It only costs 1s to teleport each location, but my movement bar is taking 6 mins to fill. Please correct this! reported bug, rebooted, twice, and 4 mins later, it's ...
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 Storm Kat70 
15/08/2015 18:56

character in near and war tab, but not able to attack with clan standard

Reported bug Getting error "Character is in another location" when trying to use a clan standard. Character is in my near and war tab. After Reboot Get "A bug we know about......" clicked report a bug problem again. Please understand, it is hard en...
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14/08/2015 16:05

Authentication Error.

cant log in except with 1 alt, rest keep getting authentication error
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14/08/2015 16:19

Buttons.....3 gold bars

cant press anything in there keeep getting error message
05/08/2015 20:57

achievements update bug

Vast majority of achievements not credited. Please, fix it
10/08/2015 14:34

Name description incorrect in Achievements

Under Reputations, Fervent Protector, the Diligent Protector quest is listed as Diligent Prospector.
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