No Protector Quests To Claim

Suppose to start at level 6. I still can't claim them till now, can anything be done here?

Garuug bug

I could not fight Garuug. He would not show up on map just the attack icon and I could not pull up the quest because it would not load. When I was able to start the battle it would not load either and I had to log out.

login registry error

for some reason when I refresh the game the game keeps acting as if I was still in the game even after an hour of the game being closed... I get the outer frame but that is it. such as like this. I have tried to get back on with several different pla...

Moon City hunter traps

Map and location says I can plant a trap there. 0-1k rep. 15:53 Heaven's Voice: You have purchased: Simple Beast Trap (1 pcs). Spent: 138. But get an error "There are no monsters in this location that can be caught with a Trap of this quality"...

Protector Quest awards announcing in Russian

01:28 Heaven's Voice: You have completed the Experienced Protector Quest Quest.
01:28 Heaven's Voice: Получено: 916 опыта, Protectors +25, Statuette of Winged Horse (1 pcs), Simple Orb of Strength (50 pcs).

Nephlim Questline

As most know at level 21 you start the quest line to be come Nephlim I currently am level 27 and I haven't seen the next portion of the quest line. Did I do something wrong? Or is this just a bug please help

Enraged Shershers not giving Carved Ham

00:38 Heaven's Voice: Gathering Profession has been changed, you are now a Hunter
00:38 Heaven's Voice: You have received the First Game Quest.
00:38 Heaven's Voice: You have purchased: Hunting Knife (1 pcs). Spent: 138.
00:40 Heaven's...

Map and Teleportation Glitch

Logged in today and got Garuug,
Defeated him once and used map to teleport to next location he was in.
After defeating him again I tried using map to teleport again.. but it just shows -
Moving to Location
"Fort Giard"
over the map and I can't ...

Quest: Ruins of ancient capital - lv 9?

Hi, at level 9, I received a quest from Val-Tar to participate in battle at ruins of ancient capital. However when I open battlegrounds it says minimum lv 22. I don't see anything online explaining what to do - could you pls advise? Thanks!

Trial of combat

This quest has come up several times. When I get to Storm Brigandier Rand the speech sign is flashing over his head but when I try to talk to him, the sign just keeps flashing

Missing Quests

The quest "Skillful gladiator" for the level 17 purple ring, I am missing as well as the level 17 quest for the Alien Helmet. Please look into this.

No protector quest's

I'm level 6 and not got my protector quest's can some one plz fix it
I'm lvl 7 now and still no protector's quest plz fix it soon as possible

neph quest completed but didn't get a new quest

OK I completed my skellies collection quest so I was able to use lvl 23 skellies n then I did the new quests that popped up afterwards to buy items from fort gaird Shop n defeated 7warriors in ruin of ancient capital I completed that neph quest as we...

Maze Elite message

I'll try to remember a copy/paste next time, but every 00:20 and 01:20 elite says "Elite Shivari" in the Heaven's Voice announcement, but today was the Vervelak at 00:20 and Cadaver at the 01:20 time. Can you look into correcting this? Each elite r...

help i completed neph quest please help THANKS

Hello I completed my nepheline quest and I need help please thanksi have not got a new quest for nepheline THANKS
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