Lag on iPad from event?

I can’t teleport chasing garuug in time.So much lag,seems to be only this character?

Can't enter galtars cellar

Trying to enter with my group, but it keeps saying "it's better with a group are you sure you want to enter alone?"


bought 180 reals, reward offer only needed 149.99 reals, NO REWARD GIVEN TWICE now

fault on Heavy Mark of Fury II, need it fixed

28.12.2017 19:24 -O D I N- used Clan Chest. Withdrawn: Heavy Mark of Fury II -> 1

had this made for me, and now i cant trade it
its non transferable,
please fix this

exclusive offer never got right amount of reals

bought 3 reals, to get 10 reals extra free

only recieved 0.6 reals and the 10 extra free

missing 2.4 reals

bought via paypal, please add extra to account, so i dont have to report it to paypal, ty

Reported torlings in russian only during fight

Торлинг Серого Варга is zerk
Торлинг Горного Ястреба is witcher
will update with pally when i find one.
bug report button used

jules y LOST-Soul theft

Jules got soul into dragonborn then gave soul access to chest then soul took all the gold and reals that was in clan chest and left

No christmas gifts to send

18:53 Heaven's Voice: You have received the Christmas Benevolence Quest.

I still have halloween gifts, not christmas ones. How to get it done without the gifts?

double faces - Theft

double faces is an alt for a lvl 70 player. He stole all our clan chest items and resources. Please do not buy these stolen items from the auction house and do NOT support his theft! Thanks!

I bought a gift with reals by error on my mobile :(((( 10 reals! Can you help me please?

I already post in Gardians but someone told me to post here that maybe would be better...

I was looking at gift because i received and didnt know what was a « Student of Archipelago pass » so i only pass by a friend name to acces to list and i sen...

Hunter kit crashes

Game crashes when i try to view my hunter kit collections on tablet:(


Here's a real suggestion why don't you make the maze Skellies available to,all to,purchase.. Or make them only last so long cause this one individual has won way to many battles by using them .. It is total bullshit

Real Purchase

I play on my iPhone, one of the options listed was 450 deals for 89.99. I assumed this was like a first time purchase benefit or whatever but I only received 90 reals. I didn’t purchase the 90 for 89.99 I purchased the 450. If I can’t get the 450 I’d...

Unable to stay logged in on Kindle fire

Game loads, then freezes & closes game. Cleared cache, reinstalled app, suggestions on how to fix greatly appreciated. App works fine on android phone.

Garuug pop up message on iPad not showing up

When Garuug shows up on iPad (mobile), the pop up message no longer displays, so quite often Garuug is missed because it just shows up on the side quest icons. Please fix this.
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