07/04/2014 05:29

Server connection error

As much as you seem to avoid saying it or denying it I very much believe (and I'm sure others do too) that the problem is with your servers. I have been noticing a rise in this as I'm sure others have as well. For me it seems to happen most when I am on ...
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18/03/2013 08:58

Chrome Browser Optimization Guide

1. Go to official webpage of Adobe and get newest flash version 2. Update your flash. 3. Type chrome://plugins/ in the address bar. Restart your browser and ...
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16/04/2014 21:19

Damage in DoT

21:14 Heaven's Voice: Durability of your Items has been reduced: {ITEM 32237} -1 (18/70), {ITEM 32031} -1 (43/48), {ITEM 32027} -1 (10/45), {ITEM 67462} -1 (12/17), {ITEM 38460} -1 (28/40), {ITEM 32239} -1 (61/68), {ITEM 42810} -1 (28/29), {ITEM 32249}...
12/04/2014 17:06

Insignias (AGAIN)

Please guys ... I get no quest, no insignias when I kill the mobsbut I do get 1reputationpoint, it's the "thieves at large" one, bracket 9-15.
 Jose M42 
13/04/2014 12:52

Can't see clan page

When I go to my profile and go to clan, it says invalid address. Can anyone explain why?
13/04/2014 21:07


I have at the same time 2 necklaces {ITEM 34407} and {ITEM 57236} I refreshed the page, doesn't help
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11/04/2014 20:39

Mining This is a lonk to a fight for a mining slot of actinolite I used a green miner, now my problem is that I don't own the mine when I attacked it, is this my fault or...?
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13/04/2014 22:50

Defiler Health

Even though I have food and plenty of it on auto I am not starting with full health when a battle begins. Other people that are defilers told me they are having the same problem.
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10/04/2014 11:46

Trouble logging in

DE webpage comes up, but no login window / icon / button
12/04/2014 03:11

Max Health

Ok my max health is 1320 but when I join a fight its 1254-Thank you!
10/04/2014 16:57

ice trap bug or glitch does not work

Here that a few other people besides me are having this issue I've done everything correct the combination the window pops up I do the correct combo it turns blue then nothing the window just sits there please help!!
12/04/2014 14:58

Hunting on the Android (The Sequel)

Posted this a few months back it's STILL not fixed.... When using the Lucky Mining buff and getting two mobs in one trap; if your knife breaks after carving the first mob you can't repair it so you can carve on the second mob. You end up losing the ...
10/04/2014 20:59

Battleground Quest

I completed all 5 stars but the quest disappeared so I couldn't complete it.
08/04/2014 21:14


when I open my backpack my characters name is null?!?!?!?!?! also in combat its Tahoma Bold when the combat is loading?!!!?!?!?
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10/04/2014 23:48

Arrows not working on ipad

I can't use my arrows from my ipad.
09/04/2014 13:05


{ITEM 28706} increases the Mandrake, Bilberry , and pumpkin... Bilberry=Blueberry? :D
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08/04/2014 19:51

SB showing up in different language

19:50 Heaven's Voice: Битва Sea Battle начнется через {PERIOD 600}
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 Storm Kat32 
25/03/2014 18:50

Clan News Page from iPad - invalid address

My clan mate cannot see the Clan News from her iPad.... is this a known issue? She can see the regular forums just not our news page or anything part of the clan info when in my profile she click the Ancient Specters name and it just says invalid address ...
08/04/2014 06:16

bug with 7k blue mount gear

cant buy the 7k blue lvl 38 mount gear .....plz fix
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09/04/2014 12:23

Problem with shaab sparks

Warriors who complete the main objective of the "Breath of Abyss" Quest by acquiring 750 Essences of Shaab will receive 50 Sparks of Abyss and 250 Defender of Adan Reputation. No more than 750 Essences of Shaab can be gathered. After this number is reache...
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