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21/07/2016 15:05

Reals I bought went to wrong toon

During the summer bonanza I bought 2 packs of 30 reals (45 reals each with bonus). The second purchase did not seem to go through correctly. Only the first package of 45 showed in my bank account. I logged off and sent email to de support. When I came...
17/07/2016 06:38


The 2nd time I neph in battle I have to refresh before I can use any commands. They are all faded out and I can't strike or use any magic.
 Lady Raya.47 
20/07/2016 10:54

Wrong level 30 nephilm quest

Now I've finally got one level 30 nephilm quest, but it's the wrong one! Not the one listed in the library: instead of getting the one in the vortex of trapped souls, I got one about defender of adan reputation. I wans't prepared for this, and lost many e...
20/07/2016 14:18

bank unavailable

Why is it so its been three days ever since
21/07/2016 00:44

nep conversion is bugged. works once then fails

see title, fix apple device site link, too. otherwise you'd get more info and screenshots, too
12/07/2016 16:41

Military Belt

Please help...accidently sold military belt ...meant to repair it Anyway I can get it back? HUGE mistake on my part Thank you SO much for any help you can give !
14/07/2016 19:10

tavern room storage

Can not place spark of abyss in tavern room. I took one out of room but it doesn't show in backpack to put it back in room. It's still in backpack though when I leave tavern.
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 Lady Raya.47 
17/07/2016 15:01

No level 30 nephilm quest

I've just completed the level 29 nephilm quest but din't get the level 30! I've always recived the next quest after having completed one, is it a bug? Please Ihit help me!
14/07/2016 07:16


Hi medallion says it works stoping xp from Q but it dosent work whit mine , I get the full 100% Xperia from them trayed third and second amulets , works fine on ,on thou thanks
17/07/2016 07:43

Castor of arrow collection

I completed a castor of arrows collection for the 1st stage of the Belgium quest. I received thr points but it does not list my completion in quest. Is there any possibility of getting credit for completing the collection.
10/04/2015 21:14

When trying to claim Archipelago Hero quest get refreshed

Try and claim Hero quest and in web version get refreshed each time. Had to logoff web version and claim via app which worked fine. Tried via web several times and each time game hung then came up with Refresh dialogue box.
12/07/2016 04:56

No credit for achievement

{ACHIEV 88097} Does not show as completed, can't buy the tome again (nor would I want to, as a matter of fact, would sell it back at a discount to any who could buy it from me) Anyway, should at least get credit for the achievement
07/07/2016 01:12

Unable to Exchange Private Messages

Hi, For some reason my friend Luna Falconkeep and I are unable to send or receive PM messages from each other. This started today after Duel of Truth Neither of us has the other on ignore as we can see messages sent to each other on main chat, and we are...
03/07/2016 19:07

login bug

i cant seem to log in on my pc but o phone goes pretty well on pc i keep getting a signedbased64 error
 God 911237 
10/07/2016 22:58

Used ultimate gladiator star, didnt work

Hi, i turned in a gladiator collection to recive 250gladiator rep, i had my gladiator star used and plenty of time left on it but it didnt double my rep nor was it consumed, i then tested it on a lower gladiator collection it still didnt double or consume...
04/07/2016 23:15

Dragon, consort of chaos

last lvl of consort of chaos abilities seems to be for air dragon, not chaos dragon
24/06/2016 22:36


I'm not getting any reals from opening my red bag from Garuug. Did you reduce the chance of reals? this has never happened before for this length of time
30/06/2016 21:53


Bought 30 spheres of summer right now and did not even get a message, all sphere are gone without getting anything in return. I want this fraud addressed now.
21/06/2016 19:32

Accessing forums

When I click the forums icon ingame or just attempt to check my clan page for info, I am not logged in under my character or as a person. I click the create account button but that leads me to this which has no sign u...
 Ab Brightday18 
18/06/2016 09:32

Nice box of Christmas meat

When I trap and kill winged prey all I get is meat, no wings, no stingers, etc. I cannot do my hunter quest, please give trout stamp, deer tag etc. Asap ty pally ab.
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