protector quests

I not have protector quests to do can anyone fix it please?

New Daily Quests

I don't understand why you present me with daily quests I am unable to complete due to level restrictions. Are the admins completely lost? You code like you are and you don't fix known problems well. Gitty-up!

Fight-Bug with tomes!?


Quest 'Military deeds"

Red quest 'Military deeds' level 9 is broken. I have it from last year. it says collect 200 spectral essences from playing in ROA.
Played ROA and no spectral essences dropped. Please fix thx !!

Nephlim Questline

As most know at level 21 you start the quest line to be come Nephlim I currently am level 27 and I haven't seen the next portion of the quest line. Did I do something wrong? Or is this just a bug please help

pot lag after using blaze

I employ a strategy that you would build lots of mana, about 400, and attack in attack stance. Before the enemy attacks I enact blaze making one action pass making potion timer 3. depending on my mana and opponent I would then usually follow up with ...

Pay for help in instances and get server error

All 3 instances that I did today I 20:09 Heaven's Voice: Removed: 30. to get the game help. All 3 times I got Server Connection Error after paying. Refresh fixed it. Reported bug and noted on forum.

1st bracket confrontation

Some players winning confrontation are inactive? I am trying for a spot, and hope to get above them, but can you please look into this and fix it?
Alez last online 2013
TurkDrago last online Oct 2016
A name that i cannot type last online 2014

No hero mobs quest

Reported as a bug.
23:03 Heaven's Voice: Battle Duchess Bonfamille vs Deydri Avenger is complete.
23:03 Heaven's Voice: You received 63 Experience.
23:03 Heaven's Voice: You received 251.
23:03 Heaven's Voice: You received: Hero of ...

Missing Quest: Skillful Gladiator

I am missing the aforementioned quest, as far as I can tell I have completed (or not received) the level 4 prerequisite quest. Would it be possible to have a look into this?

Class selection quest is in russian

This is a very important bug to fix. Getting to level 4 and being unable to understand a very important quest is extremely discouraging and would cause many people to give up. Screen shot in gallery. Unable to send a bug as you cannot click any o...

Minor Issue: bug on first nephelim quest

I have completed the caster of arrows gladiator collection 3 times, I bought the.l blueprint for 4 gold to help with this, I noticed this morning that none of them have registered with the quest. Did I do something wrong or is this a bug, anyone else...

Still no protector quests!

I haven't had any protector quests and am unable to acquire them from the normal places. I'm level 22 now and the lack of protector reputation is become a big issue and will be a big disadvantage when it does finally get fixed? Any progress in fixing...

Missing Nephlim Quest

I no longer have a quest for this under important quests, nor any other tab that I can find. I was on the DoT step and I guess it poofed.

New group feature or a bug?

Can you please confirm that low levels are supposed to be allowed to invite higher levels to groups? As much as I appreciate the ability to group with some low level friends, I am NOT interested in getting invites from trolling little alts with not...
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