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Melvin the Merchant is Back!

27/07/2014 12:00

We haven't seen Melvin for a while, and he's finally coming back on July 28th at 12:00 Server Time!

As usually, Melvin brings along a plethora of unique items which he will be selling from his stand on the Winery Crossroads. This time, Melving has some novelties to offer, along with your good old favorites.


There's still plenty of time left to make the purchases, but don't put it off till the last moment! July 31st at 12:00 Server Time, Melvin will load his faithful Rambah with unsold goods and leave Tartu – and who knows when we shall see him again?

Amazing Discovery: Monsters Can Acquire Abilities, Too!

25/07/2014 16:15

Everyone knows that the more a warrior trains and fights in battles, the better they become at their trade. But who would have thought that the same applies to monsters? As it turns out, they too have the capacity to learn and acquire new combat skills that make them deadlier adversaries!

Warriors of Tartu of level 30+ have been discovered to possess the following abilities:

Has a chance of falling into rage after being attacked, which raises the damage dealt by its blows by 40%.

Can shatter the enemy's morale with a terrible cry, reducing the target's Will, Intuition and Stamina by 40%.

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Day of Grand Heroism

25/07/2014 13:00

Experienced warriors know that Sea Battles and Clan Wars are the most dangerous and demanding of all Adan's challenges. The best of the best fight for pirate treasures and Aspect Crystals, earning wealth and a place among Tartu's finest. Winners receive Heroism that grants access to Regalia – special items which balance your Character's stats, making him more powerful than ever. 

The Elder Dragons offer everyone а chance to become living legends of Adan. July 26th 19:00 Server Time through July 27th 19:00 Server Time, the Day of Grand Heroism is proclaimed. During this Event, participants of Sea Battles and Clan Wars receive 30% more Heroism than usual!

Warriors who have reached level 16 can earn additional Heroism in Clan Wars. Sea Battles become available at level 22.

Day of Battle Steel

18/07/2014 13:00

Emperors of Sadar and Vaalor have proclaimed Saturday, July 19th, the Day of Battle Steel in honor of all the great heroes of the past that found eternal peace in the Halls of Velet. Blessed Spells will guard warriors of Adan from July 19th 19:00 Server Time to July 21st 7:00 Server Time, protecting their Equipment from breaking in all PvP combats

May luck smile upon you in battle, warriors of Adan!

You can find out more about the Day of Battle Steel here.

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