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Christmas Adventures – Trug the Ice Breath

21/12/2014 12:00

Warriors of Tatu have done a great job of returning the gifts stolen by Laerycawns. As it turned out, there were actually more presents than people on Tartu, so from now on you, can keep any gifts that you find.

But don't be celebrating victory just yet. Infuriated by two upsets in a row, Trug the Ice Breath will arrive on the Winery Crossroads personally on December 21st at 20:00 Server Time to steal the main Christmas Tree and deprive inhabitants of Adan of their favorite holiday. 

Day of Battle Steel

19/12/2014 14:00

Emperors of Sadar and Vaalor have proclaimed Saturday, December 20th, the Day of Battle Steel in honor of all the great heroes of the past that found eternal peace in the Halls of Velet. Blessed Spells will guard warriors of Adan from December 20th 19:00 Server Time to December 21st 7:00 Server Time, protecting their Equipment from breaking in all PvP combats

May luck smile upon you in battle, warriors of Adan!

You can find out more about the Day of Battle Steel here.

Christmas Adventures – Residents Without Gifts

19/12/2014 12:00

It's time for the second stage of Christmas Adventures!

Laerycawns, charmed by the Spell of Irrepressible Greed cast on them by the evil Trug, ran away from their workshops and storages, taking all the Christmas gifts with them. The presents intended for inhabitants of Adan are gone and the celebration is under threat again! If the gifts are not returned in time, there's not going to be any Christmas at all!

Let us remind you again that that saving Christmas in no job for recruits and inexperienced newcomers. Only warriors of level 9 and higher will be allowed to participate!

Second stage of Christmas Adventures will begin December 19 at 12:00 Server Time and will end December 21.

Latest Game Update

17/12/2014 14:00

Latest update includes the following changes:
–  All monsters summoned with red and black Idols now imbibe the Cursed Balm. Each attack against such monster drains 15% of the attacker's Health.
–  Members of Level 3 Clans can now get the Clan Banner blessing from the Altar of Kairon in their Clan Hall. Clan Banner doubles Clan Reputation gain for all Clan members:
        •  for winning a Clan War if the winners' level is equal or lower to that of the defeated side;
•  for completing the Hero of the Archipelago and Protector of the Archipelago Recurring Quests;
•  for winning a battle against Torling ships;
        •  for defeating the other crew in a Boarding.
–  The amount of Sydian gained from the Chests of Undead
now depends on your Undead Hunter Reputation: the higher it is, the more Crystals you receive. Starting at Recognition (1000 Reputation) and for every consecutive Reputation Level, Sydian gain will increase by 5%.
–  Maze of Eternity now has a
different schedule. This mysterious place will from this day forward open its doors at 12:00, 18:00 and 0:00 Server Time. Maximum time allowed in the Maze is 2 hours for each journey.

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