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Stronger Charmed Monsters and Omnimach

16/04/2014 15:34

Monsters summoned with the use of Argar, Ield and Taur Idols have become more powerful and resilient!

You can purchase the Schemes for these Idols starting at level 52 in the Blacksmith menu. Please note that 37000 Hunter Reputation is required for you to make the purchase.


Warlock Omnimach, who can be summoned by completing the Omnimach Chronicles, has also become stronger.



Power of the Shadows for All!

16/04/2014 11:15

From now on, aspiring warriors who own "blue" equipment, which is available at levels 3-30, can for a limited time turn their items into their counterparts from "orange" Sets of Shadow Crusher, Shadow Defender, and Shadow Hunter!

Please note that each piece of equipment must be upgraded separately; to do so, Sparks of Abyss are required. Upgrading Weapons, Boots, Leggings, and Cuirasses does not have any additional requirements, but in order to improve your Gloves, Pauldrons, Necklaces, or Amulets, you'll need at least 1000 Defender of Adan Reputation. To upgrade an item, select "upgrade" in the item menu and then switch to the respective tab.


But bear in mind that the blessing of the Shadows doesn't last forever. After 14 days, upgraded items will lose their enchantment.

New Battle Form – Nephilim

15/04/2014 14:50

Brave warriors of Tartu!

Some of you have been dreaming of acquiring the ability to turn into a Nephilim for a long time now, and the moment to unleash the mighty battle form with a Dragon's strength and a Human's wit has finally come! Today, new Quests have appeared, on completing which you will be able to assume this unique battle form!

But the road to obtaining the Nephilim won't be easy. There are many Quests you will have to complete. First of all, you must finish all the Quests connected with acquiring a Dragon. Then, starting from the initiation at level 21, you will receive Quests that will step by step take you to the goal. Finally, when you complete the level 36 Quests and prove that your will and body are strong enough, you will be granted the honor of turning into the Nephilim. And woe to those who dare stand against you then!

Invasion of Shaab: Arkahshul Conqueror of the Worlds

14/04/2014 13:00

The converted Dragon Arkahshul has faithfully served Shaab for many centuries, annihilating entire armies and bending free worlds to the will of the Dark Gods. And now, Tartu's turn has come. Today, at 20:00 Server Time, Arkahshul Conqueror of the Worlds will arrive in the Knossos Canyon to punish the disobedient world and turn the blooming continent of Tartui into a lifeless barren. But warlock Omnimach begs to differ. To ensure victory, Omnimach has infiltrated the minds of the subdued Defilers and summoned them to fight the defenders of Tartu once again.


Guardians of Adan, the Elder Dragons, have created an intricate Spell that reflects damage dealt to warriors of our world back on Arkahshul. And though Imperial soldiers will have to endure severe wounds, the more damage they take, the more punishment will the undefeated Dragon sustain. You hold the fate of Adan in your hands, warriors, and your actions now determine whether Adan stays free or becomes yet another trophy in the collection of the invincible Arkahshul

Players of level 16 and higher can take part in the Invasion of Shaab

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