Happy New Year!

 Dear Warriors!

Happy New Year! We hope that this year brings you many victories and adventures with your loyal companions, new friends and discoveries, and an endless ocean of love and happiness. Great Dragons be with you!

May all your wishes come true in the coming year!

Dragon Eternity Administration

New Caskets from Melvin the Merchant!

The holiday fuss has already ended in the world of dragons. The Christmas Adventures are over too, but that doesn't mean it's too late for gifts! Good old Melvin the Merchant knows exactly what you need. We will be here soon with a plethora of amazing goods and Reputation Caskets. On December 28 at noon, server time, Melvin will visit the continent again and will stay with us until December 31.

As usual, the traveler will open his stand on the Winery Crossroads. Among Melvin’s goods, you can always find useful and valuable items! Before anything else, he is ready to offer you amazing Caskets.


• Refined Protector, Conqueror, Hero of Empire and Gladiator caskets.

• Brand new Undead Hunter Caskets: in these Caskets, you can find Infusions of Fury, Extracts of Antimagic, Shivari Rings and the extremely rare and valuable collection item, the Sorcerer's Bracelet.


In addition to these new and refined Caskets, Melvin has other goods on offer.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas to all warriors of Adan!

May your sword hand be firm, may your companions be loyal, and may your adventures always lead you home safe!

Share love and be loved, fill your heart with joy, not anger, and be happy!

Winter Bonanza

Hear us, brave warriors!

Christmas is fast approaching, and with it, merry get-togethers, dinners with friends and family and, of course, thrilling adventures. And that's not all! We have prepared a very special gift for you in honor of the upcoming holidays!

From December 23rd 12:00 Server Time through December 25th 12:00 Server Time, get 50% more on all your Real purchases until you reach the total of 500 Reals.

If you purchase more than 500 Reals in a single transaction, you will receive the full purchased amount and a one-time bonus of 250 Reals.

Don't miss out on this unbelievable opportunity! Stay tuned! More surprises are coming!

Holiday Wish Raffle!

Elder Dragons have a surprise in store for our warriors!

A big raffle will soon be held in Adan! Take part for a chance to win amazing prizes! For three days, from December 20th 12:00 Server Time through December 22nd 20:00 Server Time, you will be able to purchase Holiday Wish Baubles from Tarla Sirayen on the Winery Crossroads

There will be different Spheres available on each day of the raffle:


Inside each Sphere a pleasant surprise awaits:


If luck shines upon you, you will also get one of the valuable gifts:


And that's not all! At 21:00 Server Time of each day of the raffle, a Grand Prize Draw will be held for all owners of Holiday Wish Baubles! Also there are going to be two brand new prizes in raffle thsi time around!

● Sets of The Sea Wolf armor, giving the wielder ability to strike their enemies with Searing Curse dealing high damage to enemy over course of several turns.


Crystal Eye of Invincibility, giving the the owner regeneration ability while in Nephelim form.

That's not all there are two new and awesome Character Images!

And here's the list of Grand Prizes:


nd wait, there's more! Unique prizes await players who buy the most Spheres during the three days of the raffle! When the raffle ends, they will will be allowed to choose a Forbidden Tome and learn the Spell contained therein: Sphere of Darkness, Spikes of Torment or Death Envoy.


Take part in Dragon Eternity Raffle and may lady luck smile upon you!

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