Rate for reals purchase

So I recently noticed the reals rate purchase increased with 100% for me. What is up with this? I am prepared to pay 15EUR for 30reals but not 30EUR for 30reals for a game that is as good as dead.
Admin, I think you should review this as russian se...


the arena is way to much for a dead saver full buff bots that u do not have a chance with i been back in this game 2 weeks and payed over 60 usd this game is not for me if i am paying that much to try and make it just not worth it to me sorry but i g...

cant turn sound off

ive turned everything off in the sound settings tab and it still has sound......new cent brower

Hii all:)

Well... what can I say, Missed you all very much here. Its so nice to see everyone is still playing! Hope you all are okay, and going strong :P I am very sorry to see about the mamma :( She was a very caring soul, lovely lady but would whip your butt...


Ive missed you all, have alot of catching upto with you all.....hope everyone is well!!!

How dead is this server. Terra awaits.

It’s about time. I’m excited for the first time in years of DE.

Unite clans

Hi all,

I was just wondering how we could reignite interest in clanwars. I thought perhaps we could join forces and have all remaining active players join two clans distributed evenly, and then have a go at clanwars again? What do you think?

Merry Christmas everyone

And a blessed new year

Chistmas Shop will be closing at 12 noon on jan 3rd

dont forget to turn in your winter crystals before then.

Kyanite Panyar

So in yesterday's lottery, they had listed the super prize "Kyanite Panyar" on the sphere. It was listed on only the spheres that could be bought with reals but at the end of the day no mount was distributed. I bought the spheres for reals because of...

done getting bullied

Heaven's Voice: Turbocharged Driller has struck you with Power Drain Tormenting Curse. Click on the spell icon or contact the healers to remove it. -ings
Heaven's Voice: Shackles Tormenting Hex has been inflicted on you -ings

Heaven's Voice: Ex...

Ship equipment

I knew how to upgrade equipment on clan ships in the browser version. But no flash so I can’t use my pc. Anyone know how to do it on mobile especially iPad?


Playing via mobile

Nobody shows up in the near you tab no matter where you are ive walked all around attempting and you cant talk to anyone unless in the clan group or friends list basically killling half the game for mobile players

Flash player

i haven't played for almost a decade i think, i just found it again and my account still exists

but i can't play says needs flash player but flash is ended
so how do i play?

Facebook login for DE

Is it down, not being used anymore or what? Need some answers. I have accounts bound to that.
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