Dear Sad Sack.

I wanted to let ypou kbnowq how much it meant to me to find out you were still obcessed with me this afternoon. It is the rare person who has to check my status each and every day that they are on so that they can be sure to show their appreciation for my presence. The many hexes and drillers you send my way are like chocolates and roses. Sadly though, you are not my type. I hate to break your heart this way, but I just don’t feel anything for you. I can not share your hate for others or life in general. It is just not there for me.

Perhaps you do not know me well enough…. When I score the thigs that matter in my life on a scale of 1 to 100, you score in vastly negative numbers. I have adopted 5 kids with emotional disabilities mucy worse than you. They were traumatized and you… well you are just you. They take up most of my time and energy. This game used to be for relazation. Oh wait, it still is as I do not let you get to me. They are my focus and not your pathetic antics.

So I do not get revenge and I will not resort to your level of bullying. Even if I get to level 9- before I finish going blind, which is not likely as I can’t see half the game already… I still won’t come after you. So you can stop being so afraid. Save your fear for Linda.

So I wish you well. You may yet achieve your goal of being the only player still in the game. So many came back wanting to see the new improvements only to find you still doing what you do… so they left and the game lost income. Think how much fun Dragon Eternity will be when you can play by yourself. Then again, you may have to move to the Rssian server where you will never be anything except a small fish.

Good Luck with your hate. I am just glad that I can still fill that need in you to bully someone. I do so love being needed.
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Please be kind. No need for name calling. This is a polite discussion of bad manners. Wink
Misery creates misery. He has a sad life cleaning toilets during the day so he brings that sad life to the game. He is unable to achieve anything in his life so he retreats to his sad role as DH in the game.
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22:42 Kodiatk » vedmak1984: somyou have your own clN what else is it you need ved? or ks hating leople and being a jerk all you know how to do?
22:43 vedmak1984 » Kodiatk: u stoled my clan! and 6 years my work
22:45 Kodiatk » vedmak1984: it wa not your clan and they did not want you S leader wake up to the real world
22:46 vedmak1984 » Kodiatk: lol u kicked all who can sign to me, i not be even online when u vote with yuors alts or not active members!
22:46 vedmak1984 » Kodiatk: u never been leader and never be.

Today I was gifted with another rogue driller to curse and damage equipment. I don
T mind, it makes him happy. Had an interesting talk afterwards. He promised me 6 more years of abuse. Guess he has no l,ace else to go. But I don’t mind, I will be totally blind by then. He did amuse me as he tried to ewrite history. Several years ago, Ninths leader quit the game and went inactive so we had to vote for a new leader. Many wee inactive at the time because the subject of my tribute was fighting. LersonL war with the whole server. The clan counsel decided to kick 6 players who had been inactive coir over 60 days. 27 in clan makes 21 others. My tribute got 2 votes with one abstain. But apparent,y that qualified as stealing his clan from him. Guess he owned us. He was given the option to stop his war or be booted. He said he would never stop. So he was kicked by clan.

This stealing of his clan is a much worse crime than kick g almost everyone out of 7th and loading it up with alts so he could lead that clan, yes, he let them back but only if they are good little soldiers.

My tribute is sad though. I don’t get mad. Don’t send him drillers. Refuse to hex him. He is not worth the hate or anger. So instead I tell his tale so all can see what a special flower he is. LoL
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o Randomer o, nobody stole anything from you miserable man. From what i have heard you're the kind of guy who uses a black spot on garugg, so i am guessing reasoning is not your strong suit. See half the times i am conflicted what to say to you since all you replies boil down to "u wat lol ?? ". Ummm maybe don't play the game while you're having a stroke? Lol.
Major Ursa,
Who cares really? None asked your life and none interested, sorry to dissapoint you.
Here you are simply a backstabbing worm. No respect for you.
Major UrsaThe clan counsel decided to kick 6 players who had been inactive coir over 60 days stupid shit. You kicked me first with 17 days inactivity and 2 years clan tax paid in advance.
Damn liar you kicked only those who would vote ved. Clan log shows everything, why you make efforts to proove any?
Major Ursa... yes, he let them back but only if they are good little soldiers.
Lmao what??? :D where you got this info from?

you know a lot about alt clans :D shut up really destroying a top clan is your way, he actually made 7th the most active clan in server.
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No No zone, none asked you
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No see reason speak here with mr. NOTHING, we all know true.
Wow Hi Sydeste. Wondered when you would show up to defend he who I am honoring. I know he is your mea, ticket to where you are now but even you used to criticize him behind his back. He has what he wants. He stole a clan and gets to be the boss. Time to let his hatred of everyone go. Too many return to see him still at it and leave the game again. And that is a fact
i join this clan with green ships, very soon its be orange...expect u(u stoled our sydian, gold, reals on many-pockets) i not took any i just grow clan like always, so gl with yuors 2 alts clans, but yuors place in IL with weaks alts.
I still remember the days when krug wiped the floors with 7th and 9th solo everyday 😂💀💀
Arseny, KRUG is very old school. I was just a wee lad when he was last active.
Trongster, my shadow

Any idea who whooped my ass when I was a bloody noob? Sus, Trong, RF
- Red Phoenix -,
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