DE rework

I will say this, I am a nova only, I have been playing for about a decade, and I have always enjoyed this game. Now with that being said, recently I have gotten back into the game after FINALLY finding an emulator. I have been playing since the adan event and have noticed a few things and have a few opinions on things.

First off, I enjoy the game, but several hours of grinding a day get boring real fast. (especially when you stack 4 hops on Sunday rachni hunting.) I miss all the events that originally drew me into the game week after week. But in nova, there are no sea battles, no ancient capital, no ToH or IW (unless they are in a different tier than my LVL 60s main.) Week after week all I do is grind eye/hops in another world (or rachni) and wonder if SB will trigger during their days (the best I have seen is 9 queued at 3 pm est on Tuesday) I do not battleground (valor capped). I do not do quests (all PVP locked or elites I can not solo) and I've been trying to do monster den achievements but I keep forgetting which ones I have and have not done.

So, with THAT being said, I have some suggestions I would like to voice. I acknowledge I have no knowledge of the games development plans or anything else, but perhaps if even one of my suggestions gets looked at. I will count that as a win.

First: the Library is a mess. It still has information from when the game first came out. Not to mention the headache that is the handbook. In general, it is full of broken links, irrelevant or out-of-date information, and sometimes is even not in English.

Second: Battlegrounds, I will say this. I remember when battlegrounds were a true money sink. No gold drops at all. No chests. Rarely dropping collection items. Now people are complaining that I don't earn enough from my aoh hop fights. I run 2g an hour for balm/mount + the 50s~ a fight in aoh in belt, food, and orbs. If I win, I might get 1g, if I lose I normally get about 30s. Personally, I can live with these numbers. But a slight increase to them would be nice.

Also, I would like to think I have an average non-casher non-multi account super grinder, loadout. A mix of blue and purple gear with up to level average blue jewelry/accessories.

In general, I think the bots are a little hard. If I would do anything to them, maybe remove the temple buffs.

For 7b, I think it is fine. Same with AC. (mainly because I have not gotten into the latter in over 3 years)

Now to Toh and IW. These are battlegrounds that are supposed to be done regularly. I have not seen an IW done since the week it came out and ToH are never done anymore, mainly because of the large money sink they are. Since you have bots in AoH, there is no real reason there could not be bots in these as well. It is not like AC where they would have to use strategy and teamwork. It would be just them doing the same thing as AoH, just with larger numbers.

Then there is Sea Battle. Here is a headache and a half for those trying to get honor.

My suggestion for the 10+ ques is to change nothing.

For the 9 and fewer ones, I think there should be an alternative (and less lucrative) option.

All the players will be considered ‘Mercenaries’ instead of running their own boat.

Part 1 with the sea wolves would be the same.

Part 2 will be rng based on 2 ship crews.

Part 3 will be boarding except instead of PVP, it would be PvE. (should be easy with a crew with decent gear, a mount, and a balm. Other buffs would be overkill. Also, random replicants are to be summoned if less than 9 people) Again the reward would be about the same as losing the PVP version of SB. But at least there will be a reward to be had.

And I am not even going to go into things like King of the Hill and vortex

Part 3: events, I will begin this part with my favorite missing event DoT...

I do not know what happened to it, but I no longer see it on the map calendar. This makes me sad.

If a lack of PvP is the cause of this, then an easy solution would make bot fights occur every 5 minutes. (and stop occurring 15 minutes before the boss fight) that have reduced bomb drop rates (unless someone from the other side joins)

Days of Ruthless Fury was another one I wish to come back to.

As well as Clash of Empires.

Part 4: Achievements

One of the things I started doing after I got back was achievement hunting.

On one hand, I found them enjoyable and something to do other than eye/hop grind.
On the other, some achievements are near impossible, or outright broken.

The whole DoT category is impossible because no Dot.
The whole outfit category is impossible because of lack of battlegrounds.
Getting the Instance ones is a pain because I can not remember which instance I have already done or not. And figuring out which ones I have and have not done is a pain. (a little marker on the map ‘instance’ category signaling completed would be an easy fix to this)
Then there are ones like the maze solo boss fight which I understand is all but impossible unless you constantly grind for 5 years or drop like $10,000 to do it.

Part six: quests. I actually quit a few years ago because the necromancer a key quest-bearing NPC was trapped behind a PVP wall. Which locked out half a dozen other main story quests as well as the ENTIRE Halloween event. So, for any main story quest I got to ask there be a realz buyout option for. Seriously, because the necromancer was gone, I literally quit. I understand trying to promote PVP, but 1: everyone I have seen for PVP can kill me, and 2: the quest to kill 5 people at the hall of masters is impossible, one because of the before mentioned weakness, and two, THERE IS NOONE THERE!!!

An alternative to this would be to have non-timed quests be completable by killing bots.

Oh, and something else came to mind as well. Quests for arrows. They need a refresh option or bot kills should count for them as well. Seriously, I have had the same ‘get 5 kills’ mission for ages. And again, I am not strong enough to kill the people who actually PVP.
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