Quests for low levels!


Im here newcomer, was played this game years ago, when it was active with players and ect! Now i see, a lot of quests for Arena, 7B and ect, have additional quest, to kill 5 witchers for example, but as i said there is no more low level players?! Maybe it's time to change additional quest for example, u have to collect something possible or something that make interes about game..actually in pvp u just fighting with bots, thats killing interes and no motivation to play game, also item drop ? where is it ? killed a tons of mob, not even green item, so this game stay like if u want something better then just donate? Donate where? where u dont see any spirit near u ?! Waiting for respond, and have a nice day.

P.S. Hope u will sort this out..
game wont be fixed, games dead until merger and the game only cares for money
Iooks Iike here, no one care about new pIayers, just pump out more money from pIayers who wont forget this game...
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