In Honor of themamma

I recently found out themamma passed away, wanted to commemorate her for the wonderful person she is and the many years she has been here

Much love and may you rest in peace

Sad and somber moment, the world was a better place with her in it.
Rest in peace.
Too many are leaving ...
This is very sad news. All the best, Theo
Truly Sad News. May the ones who survive her find peace in their lives.
So sad! She will be missed!
Such a caring person she will be missed, she was a friend.
This is so sad, our thoughts are with you.
She’s amazing. Truly a blessing. This has been hard. She left her mark. Such a beautiful soul she had.
Very sad news. Thank you for letting us know. She will be missed.
Thanks for letting us know... I haven't talked too her much but everytime was a condolences to friends and family.
I just will miss you, but we sure will meet again
Damn came back to this :/ r.i.p
just happened by accident to open this browser and this game popped up in a default tab. i saw this post and made me sad. have missed this game but really sad to hear theMamma has past. Funny, i just checked my phone and found a few text messages we exchanged in 2018. Cheers to you mamma
i love you mamma thank you for being there for me (flowers)
Sad to see such a fun person to leave us. Rest peacefully.
rest in peace to one of the best person i knew....we will miss you!!!
RIP mamma you were a good mamma
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