Voluntary Imprisonment (Blocking the Character)

If you would like to put your character under the curse "Shackles of Prisoner", which is restricting particular character of all gaming activities with a possibility of withdrawal for 100 reals, please apply in current topic.

Please indicate:


If your character was put into prison, you can find out the exact reason of your punishment in this topic and terms for liberation. In order to do this, please complete the following application form:
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Complaints regarding Curses and other Guardian actions

If you think that a Curse was applied to your character without any particular reason, or Guardian was rude to you, left your inquiry unattended or was acting inappropriately, you can leave a complaint in this topic.

Complaint form

1.Your nickn...

Guardian Application Form (Forum Moderator)

If you would like to become one of the Forum Moderators, please complete the application form below:

1. Your real name
2. Age
3. Place of residence / occupancy
4. Contact details (e-mail, messengers)
5. How many hours can you dedicate to ...

Guardians Application Form

If you would like to become one of the Guardians, please complete the application form below:

1. Your real name
2. Age
3. Place of residence / occupancy
4. Contact details (e-mail, messengers)
5. How many hours can you dedicate to Guard Duties...

Bad Nicknames

In this topic, you can report any nicknames that you consider as inappropriate, offensive or violating the third point of our General Game Rules:

3. It is forbidden to use and distribute words and statements that are sexually explicit, as well as ...

guardian hours of work per day/week

Just more of a wondering question, what does the average guardian "work" per week? Who tracks this effort? After all, they are given weekly rewards for this work, so am just wanting to get an idea.

IICux and IIayk fighting together.....

Not sure how to add a screen shot. Check 17:40 server time.

Again, the keepers do not see the violation

on a watch in the arena threw me a driller of harley, isn't that a burden of a bug?
on the terra if you go there you read for this they give the prisoner the shackle...

Contracted fights in the arena of honor

Насколько я понимаю, для избранных людей возможно все https://dragoneternity.com/game/fight.php?id=5e4ec7f5-f536-0401-80e0-9661320fd6bf

Harley 71 lvl сливает конкретно сражения со своим кланом, насколько я понимаю, для него нет правил?
Harley 71 ...

leane- are you a guardian?

you wrote to me that you are the guardian and the technical assistance says that you are just the keeper of the forum, who are you?
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Game Insight
February 17, 2020, 18:26 +0500
Мы проверили пост, который вы ...

where did the forum go?

in the top there was a question: since when did the guardians of wisdom become guardians? and why they interpret the rules as they want, although there were no changes in them

You are not only creating multiple topics, all of the same topic, but e...


why did you close, I didn’t ask to close the forum, I think everyone will be interested to know the rule for all whether or not they exist, we know that you are friends with Harley


I’m wondering what kind of chicken you’ve got for the essence, you can throw it from under the tezha and when it comes to battles you come to the bushes with our Russian people call them cowards, how the witcher starts to chase you, you hide or swim ...

LOL, can admins clear it?

U cant calculate good looks, i help them in first lvls with gold with clan price (leagal exchanger in clan---NOT HE NOT ME NOT TAKE ANY FREE), then when he was need reals, i add him back with clan price again, i not need nothing and never cheated, wt...
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