Please limit one eye of the abyss per player per Shaab

Ok admin, this is kinda ridiculous. One person is allowed to bully this server into submission or he forces them to quit. You run lottery’s where this one person gets every imaginable prize and every advantage. One player gets every eye for every shabb fight.

One person has a monopoly on aoh, if those who don’t submit to his will won’t obey him, he stalls our hops.


Keep top damage wins eye but if one person has already won it then don’t allow them to get it again. That should not be too hard to add to the eye drop program.

I really don’t care if I get one, let others have the chance to have fun with the adan weapon.

Players, please don’t compare this to when elitists won the eye with a group. At least that eye went to other players and not one. I made top damage many times and I rotated it between the group so I got one eye for every 5 wins. This is different with ved, it’s one person getting 3 eyes per shaab. I basically got one eye every 2-3 shaab events for the first 2 boss fights.

One player should not be given so many advantages including convincing admin to change the rules of Shaab boss fights so that they can continually win with his maze skellies and other crazy summs he earned in lottery.

Also please remove the magnet from vedmak butt so the shaab boss is not attracted to him 100 times.

Just give others a chance to win, this game should be about all the players, not one.
There could be a way to balance things to make the boss fights a bit more competitive for low lvl:
There will never be someone under lvl 70 looting an eye, not every summons are balanced, cursed legionnaire and tracker are weak for low lvl players in this kind of fight so they wont do anything usefull to get dmg.
Even if we have a low player base, I'd recommend making a loot of 2 eyes, still questionnable but could be 22-50/70 to 50/70-90.
Now I don't know for other people but like Linda said, it would be nice for low lvl player to have fun with the big hammer, other than just thinking ''oh man once i'll get to lvl 90 and will be maxed out, it will be fun with the hammer... when I'll have already finished discovering the game''...
I am for eye droping random.

This way all would have a chance.
support No No zone, good idea
Stay cool and have a very hoppy easter

I never minded who got the eye, but I think Autum's suggestion is fair.
If it were to be random, there should be 2 eyes tho otherwise I think it will piss of people who tryhard to do big dmg but only has 1 chance to get it, but yeah random would be interesting
No No zone,

We are not enough people on this server to have 2 eyes fall in the 2 adan boss fights.

The monday fight with the 2 eyes falling both to on bothsides, ok should be by top damage, but the other 2 bosses would

be nice to see others get chance to have one eye as random drop, in my opinion.
Yeah you're right maybe 2 is too much per boss
If you don’t remember, the eye of the TOO won the last two times, and for some reason no one complained that the Ved did not win at least one...
And 5 years i just saw how elitist win eyes each time always in group, when we coudnt win it even once!

And this time I feel like I was close to winning another eye again! But alas dude you got so many summons . I do feel like we could use some more balance in this game so one eye per player per shaab should be better? Random I don’t really like because it should remain a competition and otherwise people’s alts might join wraithed and ruin every serious player’s chances at the eye.
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