update for phone

Kind Beast
@everyone a new update 3.4.6 was released on August 13 for Android (after the review is completed, version 3.4.4 will be available for iOs devices), a list of main changes:
- fixed Paste button on iOs devices;
- fixed incorrect display of throws available for a cerapt (did not correspond to a group of cerapts);
- removed the Talents and Training buttons when viewing the Dragon in another player's profile;
- fixed display of the Naval Battle skirmish scoreboard when the chat is fully open;
- added clan icon when viewing another player's profile;
- added chat mode setting (fullscreen and classic);
- added support for changing the background in battle (for example, when changing locations in the League of Eternity);
- fixed a bug with the keyboard not hiding when closing the gifts window;
- Added support for safe zones on iOs devices (full screen mode);
- Added error text in the spellbook for unavailable spells by level;
- fixed the Close button in the dragon sets (previously, when clicked, it did not return to the backpack);
- Adjusted the location of the Dragon's armor and the character's interface;
- added buttons to equalize the price by bid/purchase in the window for creating an auction lot;
- Fixed a bug in the collections interface (duplicate when opening from reputations or a backpack);
- improved active event dice (now always in line, added horizontal scroll, compact mode as in the browser version).
Thank you for the update!
Tbh this update sucks on any iPhone with a notch. I have an iPhone 11 Pro and the buttons on the edge are all impossible to access. Please disable the full-screen update as it’s impossible to play properly now.
TheOnlyOne, same it sucks i have 11 also
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