Ty for usually stall and fun:) anyway

Even yors stall, make fun, ty admin for fix apsular in aoh, but need make same and with 7b.

1-1 no way lol:) even cant stall normal, okay u can use 7b only for now
Ved, I’m a little confused, you are the one who insists on crashing everyone’s hop who is not subservient to you on this server. You were just in stalling me a few days ago, but of course you only cry when it’s done back at you. I do understand that you can not afford to cash and that your are desperate for weekly confrontation reals so good luck, I hope you get all the reals that you need so that you can compete with cashing players.
alll you do is stall and bane you pig https://dragoneternity.com/game/fight.php?id=630787a5-9f5c-0102-1e51-18cdcc26d26 e
to bad admin dont give away all the free shit to everyone else that they have given you
because of you the game is dead it is ved etyernity not dragon all you have to do is whyne and admins say oh well here you go veedypoo
my point being how many eyes of abyss do youy have now since you cried to admins about how you never win one ? 20!!! never cash but yet i watch your bc rep glad rep grow 50 k in a month now glad rep doesnt grow after 81k without reals hmmmmmm but admins says its ok 10 real shackle , wow 50k bc rep for 10 reals thast nice
hero rep how many sea battles have you won form your maze skellies , how many undead rep have you earned from maze skellies and then some low life guard gives you the mount but you dont cash hmm no favorites here .. admins has let you kill the game and the reason is because the people like me that do cash get tired of the cheating pc of shit like you getting everything given to you and no consequences ever for the cheating that we have proven you are guilty of .. oh wait 10 real shackle WOW .i truly hope there are at least 50 people just like you on terra and you will be wiped out cause there hopefully admins wont cater to your crying
I remember all what u do suck cheaters!!! I will back all shit and all hexes, banes, etc what u did to ppls for close them play. I cant back them sadly, but i can fight for them with shit ppls, what destroy server. Even with gold and reals by rf what linda use on his account, she sucked, and pandor stoped cash her acc too, how sadly, but stop cry and fight 2 cheat pigs. Even what u sell yors not needed collections for yuors alts, what lvl lower than he can use lol, damn cheaters. I just one left, who want make order here without ppls like u both...

LOL....whiney little bitch.

I'm Vedmak1984.......Whoa is me everyone cheated but me....even though I got jailed for it multiple times.....

I’m just waiting for sydeste to come and start in with her nonsense. Ved, you are a server killer. You are a cheater and a bully. You care nothing about others. I would never have come back because there is no life here, it’s VedmakEternity. The only reason I’m back is because I truely love this game, put 10 years of my life building my character and a chance to have fun again on Terra, where the server does not revolve around you.
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