Playing via mobile

Mobile doesnt show anyone in game at all unless they are in your friends group or clan you cant see anyone walking around at all and chat doesnt even show unless its a private dm

Biggest bug in game

I I applaud all the the wonderful updates and fixes that you have made. It’s been some outstanding work. But your biggest problem is not with the software. It is with the rules. You allow bullying on the server. You allow one person to decide w...

Android 8.0

I have a bug on apk for android

I can't move to another location (froze dragon eternity apk and close it when i press to another location);
I can't fight at all(froze dragon eternity apk and close it when i press to another location);

If i at...

Player is sending a driller against himself to circumvent the rules of drillers.....

This player is taking his gear off and then targeting himself with a driller.....seems like a bug we need to fix.

The driller says no more than one mechanoid can be sent after a player at a time or something to that effect.


Day of grand heroism

The day of grand heroism quests need the heroism prize fixed.
The amount for completing is way to low.
It needs to be back where it was before.

Missing Elites

All of the elite rachni are missing from islands

Weird farming bug

Hi! Just started farming wheat and strawberries and there's a weird bug that prevents me from planting new seeds:
If i click on the farming spot and only plant the seeds, everything is fine.
But when i click on fertilizer, and the game tells me fe...

missing reals

I bought 30 reals with 10% bonus but never received any reals. email sent to support with transaction info, but no reply yet.

hiding hat

can you please give me back the hat with the eyes.

Please fix

I cant do my nephlim missions because I'm stuck on the duel of truth mission please make it skip for me as you havent done Dot in over a year!
Please give me my achievments for completing the 7bs eye of shadan, grey bc, ECT collections as it hasnt g...

No Confrontation gain for me today....

I did HOP from 21:00 until 23:00. I was behind a guard and should have overtaken that guard and finished 2nd place.

I did not.....Confrontation froze for me......I didn't gain anything during that time period. I didn't even gain after that per...

DEAD MINE needs a fix

DEAD MINE needs a fix

just did my dead mine quest got reward for it :
13:36 Heaven's Voice: You received: Sydian (40 pcs), Lesser Orb of Strength (5 pcs)

item 60812 is 40 sydian !!!!
but to my surprise it is impossible to take it from the is...

Leaving fights and teleporting

I am having trouble leaving fights have to hit the show dead/hide dead button every time
Also it is taking up to one minute to teleport from locations
Now having trouble when captain of ship can not sail to different location

Missing Reals

Hi, I bought 10 reals, it took my money but I have not recieved the reals. Can you fix it?

Bot in 29-35 Bracket

Hug Me a bot you have in 29-35 Bracket is a Witcher set Armor with Paladin Magic not sure if this is meant to be , but where can I get that set?
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