Information for players on PC

Just a heads up on the eventual change in format-

As some have already noticed, Google Chrome has begun showing pop up messages indicating Flash will no longer be used at the end of next year. I have read Mozilla and Internet Explorer are also lo...

how can you run a driller like that?

if this is allowed, how do I kill an elite mob?

i think the majority of us can agree....

i think the majority of us can agree that this game is outdated and has some outdated rules that a small amount of people can circumvent, I think it is quite necessary to discuss the rules and even potentially update them, the current rules heavily i...


Hello there.

Dear admin, i want to report plyer and peoples doing too many wrong things, first one is IIayk entering battle together with IIcy...

This game is dying and we all know it however i think i have a fun idea.

This game is dying and we all know it however i think i have a fun idea. When this game is offline, i would like to put togethee some bright minds to put together our own DE with a twist and with more active support staff, we would have different wee...

Mobile game

anyone want to update mobile game for play store ? it crashed before run :/

Returned to find it broken

I cant do my nephlim missions because I'm stuck on the duel of truth mission please make it skip for me as you havent done Dot in over a year!
Please give me my achievments for completing the 7bs eye of shadan, grey bc, ECT collections as it hasnt ...

is this normal?

Rigged Fights

Anyone one who gets caught rigging fights will be jailed and fined. If an alt is caught the main toon will also be fined.

Rigged Fights are:

1/ Using alts in the rounds against there other account to make sure they get a win or bc reps
2/ Wear...

New here

Hello,i am a old returning player and was wondering if it worth my time to come back to the game and play it. I've read that it seems the game is dying and or might be shut down within the next few months. I ask this because DE is a game unlike any o...

Dear Admins , guardians , developers , master , god ))

do a server merge, or tell me how to help it, people leave every day, 3 weeks there wasn’t more than one naval battle, no one wants to play with themselves ..... if for this someone has to use an interpreter so as not to break the rules games, make a...


A question is there any discord of the game?

I started yesterday and because of how I see it, the chat is from each area and as if there is no one at low level

and since I have several questions there is no one around so I thought if there is a...


I have heard alot from Players lately, About not being able to find or drop certain Things or recipes.

I am Opening up a froum thread, for ones to post what Things would be wanted or Needed in such a Shop,

Maybe if we are lucky surrport might m...

Happy New Year

May 2020 be great for all.

Hi everybody

Just dropping in to say hello.
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