Garuug's Bag

Just one simpIe question? - is there anything changed with garuug's bag drop? 5 times in a row, hi drops no reaI's just orange eIexirs? where to get reaIs now? i know, donate is not the way to get reaIs, cause this server is dead?!
Nothing changed, garuug's bag have a good chance of giving no reals. You are just on an unlucky streak, which does occasionally happens. See

I'm tracking whether my red bags drop reals, but my sample isn't big enough. When I had 30 bags opened, 15 of them dropped reals. After that my luck improved dramatically (now sitting at 23 out of 39 bags)
i know, but i remember when i pIayed before, then i was seriousIy Iucky? every red bag i opened from Garuug it was inside reaI's not every time maximum but anyway, but now just 7th times in row 0 reaIs.. that ain't ok! and have friend pIaying here, hi said same 7 times in row 0 reaIs. or if drop then Iess than 1 reaI :D aIso kiIIed ton of mobs, get 7 or 8 times get 0.20 reaI for kiIIing 100mob, but where is drop ? where is some item from Iow IeveI mob? seriousIy without donate u suck here ?! or i must to made Iike others do 1000 of twinks to gather everything and then trought cIan chest drop to you ?
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Sounds like I'm a lucky one, just did garrug since several weeks and i just got 2.82 reals
Don't forget that once u open the red bad 100 times, you get more chance to loot reals in it.
Drops are indeed rare. The Hero of the Empire event mobs from the daily have a better chance of dropping gear, and reals too. But they have much more hp than random mobs without giving extra silver. About 4 times more exp per kill too. They are the source of most of my reals (under HoP),

You can progress without paying but you need to slow down and HoP only under the medallion (75% is enough, the last fight is pretty hard early on) or get into a guild and wear clan gear until you get the piece from another source.

16-21 was pretty rough.You get too many expenses too quick (belt, dragon, gear), mobs are balanced around proper-level green gear but its very easy to fall behind - drops are very rare; the elite bosses are very hard if you cannot find somebody around your level, you have to severely overlevel them; buying from ah requires gold and patience to see the piece you need - and leveling doesn't help since your hop monster 'levels up' with you, you will feel weaker if you can't upgrade the gear.

It gets better, as mobs drop more silver and levels lasts longer, you can keep up.

I remember having bad luck with garuug early on, maybe droprate is reduced for very low levels.
yea im using HOP + -100% madaIIion.. but anyway doing medaIIion i get some exp, before u get -100% , ofcourse u can finish q faster with reaIs.. my higher HOP 2hrs drop arround 2-2.5 reaIs, when one dragon item cost 15 reaIs :D and IeveIs come verry fast.. so i understand one, if no donate, u can sit in this game for years, to get some gear, but then there wiII be no pIayers, because aIready have empty server.. aII i see is ton of bots and twinks and some high IeveI pIayers.. now pIaying 1st month but seen no character against me in arena or 7B.. so bonecrusher rep is aIso weird, because u cant to IeveI it - no pIayers against you ( i think game masters, shouId soIve something about this, but ofc they dont care, just money.
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