Merge with Terra questions

Are there anymore details are the requirements for accounts to get merged on terra? Do you have to log into each player everyday or just sign in from the account for it to get merged? Does it have to be very day? That seems a little excessive to me

Ty for usually stall and fun:) anyway

Even yors stall, make fun, ty admin for fix apsular in aoh, but need make same and with 7b.

Cube drop statistic

In the rubble of the cube, you find: Great Elixir of Endurance (9 pcs), Wondrous Balm of Fury (3 pcs), Fionite of Midday Tarkhan Skeletar (3 pcs), Great Elixir of Life (39 pcs).
and i have only 37k glad rep and 37 skeletars

update for phone

Kind Beast
@everyone a new update 3.4.6 was released on August 13 for Android (after the review is completed, version 3.4.4 will be available for iOs devices), a list of main changes:
- fixed Paste button on iOs devices;
- fixed incorrect display ...

New Profession Quests have been added

Admin has changed and added new profession quests.

Best would be abandon old ones and take them new.

will keep you updated on new changes.

have a great day

NEW phone app out

Version 3.3.7

We have fixed small bugs and made improvements to the game again. Game performance has improved on some devices.


Dear Sad Sack.

I wanted to let ypou kbnowq how much it meant to me to find out you were still obcessed with me this afternoon. It is the rare person who has to check my status each and every day that they are on so that they can be sure to show ...

Garuug's Bag

Just one simpIe question? - is there anything changed with garuug's bag drop? 5 times in a row, hi drops no reaI's just orange eIexirs? where to get reaIs now? i know, donate is not the way to get reaIs, cause this server is dead?!

Quests for low levels!


Im here newcomer, was played this game years ago, when it was active with players and ect! Now i see, a lot of quests for Arena, 7B and ect, have additional quest, to kill 5 witchers for example, but as i said there is no more low level pla...

In Honor of themamma

I recently found out themamma passed away, wanted to commemorate her for the wonderful person she is and the many years she has been here

Much love and may you rest in peace

Hello Again

Hi I'm very excited to see that people still play tthis game! I started a new account but i dont see other players online. :( is anyone out there? :D -Zeddikkus (Nova server)

nova server disscord main chat

good morning do you have disscord ? admin has made a main chat just for our server in it внешняя ссылка

one can use chat to post problems,bugs, or ask questions about quests or just chat

DE rework

I will say this, I am a nova only, I have been playing for about a decade, and I have always enjoyed this game. Now with that being said, recently I have gotten back into the game after FINALLY finding an emulator. I have been playing since the adan ...

Please limit one eye of the abyss per player per Shaab

Ok admin, this is kinda ridiculous. One person is allowed to bully this server into submission or he forces them to quit. You run lottery’s where this one person gets every imaginable prize and every advantage. One player gets every eye for every ...


I found 18 of them at winery, right bank, outskirt sadar, scarlet square, harbor front, watermill, landor, ancient temple, apairy, cape wryven, steppe temple, east grave, west grave, mines of tagol, aidorian road and valdian forrest

other 2 places...
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