Events link Error

Please refer to this prior Event link for information regarding the current Adan's Anniversary Event and the Treasury of Grabbers Event.

I hope this helps to give information and clarity i...


The guards/keepers have recently been getting a lot of requests to check others confrontation points.

Know this.. we check confrontation and trades every Sunday. When we catch foul play there is first a warning (unless its an old player who

Congratz Thorus Nice win this week

Lady lardiana

Just a heads up, lady lardiana is selling stuff at outskirts of sadar again :)

Information for players on PC

Just a heads up on the eventual change in format-

As some have already noticed, Google Chrome has begun showing pop up messages indicating Flash will no longer be used at the end of next year. I have read Mozilla and Internet Explorer are also lo...

how can you run a driller like that?

if this is allowed, how do I kill an elite mob?

i think the majority of us can agree....

i think the majority of us can agree that this game is outdated and has some outdated rules that a small amount of people can circumvent, I think it is quite necessary to discuss the rules and even potentially update them, the current rules heavily i...

Insulting Gifts

Just a quick note since people seem to really want to keep doing this instead of playing the game

Punishments are as follows:

1st insulting gift - 1 day
2nd insulting gift - 2 day
3rd insulting gift - 10 gold fine
4th insulting gift - 50 g...


Hello there.

Dear admin, i want to report plyer and peoples doing too many wrong things, first one is IIayk entering battle together with IIcy...

This game is dying and we all know it however i think i have a fun idea.

This game is dying and we all know it however i think i have a fun idea. When this game is offline, i would like to put togethee some bright minds to put together our own DE with a twist and with more active support staff, we would have different wee...

Mobile game

anyone want to update mobile game for play store ? it crashed before run :/

Returned to find it broken

I cant do my nephlim missions because I'm stuck on the duel of truth mission please make it skip for me as you havent done Dot in over a year!
Please give me my achievments for completing the 7bs eye of shadan, grey bc, ECT collections as it hasnt ...

is this normal?

Dear administration

I would really like to go to the terra server since the game on this server has long gone into decline I want an action game to combat sea battles and also be reborn like on terra how can I go to the terra server

that everyone is silent only I see arbitrariness in the game

for some reason, we interpret the rules the way they want, no one is tired of this? why do we have hellish ales interpret the rules the way they want, and they rule the rules thfor some reason, we interpret the rules the way they want, no one is tire...
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