Rate for reals purchase

So I recently noticed the reals rate purchase increased with 100% for me. What is up with this? I am prepared to pay 15EUR for 30reals but not 30EUR for 30reals for a game that is as good as dead.
Admin, I think you should review this as russian server is paying half we are for reals and we are the ones getting half the fun russian server is having. Does not seem quite balanced to me.
oh ouchie, this is truly a very very bad exchange rate. When I stopped playing, it was around 10 euros for 30 reals, wasn't it? hmmmm. But 30 to 30 is definitely too much.

TheOnlyOne, oh aïe, c'est vraiment un très très mauvais taux de change. Quand j'ai arrêté de jouer, c'était environ 10 euros pour 30 reals, n'était-ce pas ? hmmmm. Mais 30 à 30, c'est définitivement trop.
Yeah I checked for russian server and at current exchange rate of Rubules to Eur, it is about 10EUR for them.
Hope we get a change on this, because I don't think many of us will buy reals at this inflated rate.

Oui certainement, c'est fou! 30 Euros pour 30 reals, c'est foutu! Mais on verra, j'espère qu'ils changeraient le prix.
ive always bought them at high prices....being aussie and all :P
Btw be careful buying reals at the moment, the exchange rate is seriously inflated, they charged me 120EUR for a payment they said would be 90 dollars.
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