DE Admins are trying

I have actually been talking to live DE Admins over the last couple days. I wrote them when the Anniversary event did not launch. They are trying to get it all running for us. Everyone should have their gift chest now. The Anniversary banner is s...


There has been some hacked accounts on both servers. I f you havent changed your password in years doing so every once in a while will prevent ones for hacking your account. I know i just changed mine in the frist time in last 7 years so i take it i ...

Android client

I would like to ask you about android client and what troubles are you having with it?
If there are some major issues like app crashing then please name you device and android version.
Thank you in advance.

Restoring password

I have tried to restart my password and I send the code to my emAil and do not get it so I can’t change a password I forgot please fix this

33 rachnis on 900 sydian hauling

What’s up with that?
Glitch or new rules on rachnis?
Posted pic in my gallery

Hmmmm....awfully quiet here people

Decided to stop in and see how the DE family was doing. Soooo quiet unless I came on a slow night lol.

Hoping you all have been behaving the best of your abilities.

Hear there is a new admin (thank the DE lords) - so hoping for t...

Taking forever to teleport

Admin/technical team, please assist to solve my teleporting problem. Always have to reboot the program then i will be at the new destination. very frustrating and wasting time. Thank you for your help in advance.

Official retirement

Well folks, I have been retired for some time now, good luck if you didn't know me :-). I thought it apt to post a last forum post as I donate all my stuff to the chest etc, ask them, it is all there.

It was a fun few years, but ultimately I am b...

Events link Error

Please refer to this prior Event link for information regarding the current Adan's Anniversary Event and the Treasury of Grabbers Event.

I hope this helps to give information and clarity i...


The guards/keepers have recently been getting a lot of requests to check others confrontation points.

Know this.. we check confrontation and trades every Sunday. When we catch foul play there is first a warning (unless its an old player who

Congratz Thorus Nice win this week

Lady lardiana

Just a heads up, lady lardiana is selling stuff at outskirts of sadar again :)

Information for players on PC

Just a heads up on the eventual change in format-

As some have already noticed, Google Chrome has begun showing pop up messages indicating Flash will no longer be used at the end of next year. I have read Mozilla and Internet Explorer are also lo...

how can you run a driller like that?

if this is allowed, how do I kill an elite mob?

i think the majority of us can agree....

i think the majority of us can agree that this game is outdated and has some outdated rules that a small amount of people can circumvent, I think it is quite necessary to discuss the rules and even potentially update them, the current rules heavily i...
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