Halloween Great Event

The most terrible and mysterious day of the year in the world of Dragons is approaching. On Adan ominous shroud is looming darkness, chaos flooded the hearts and souls of the inhabitants. Insidious seductress succubuses, mummies with fluttering bandages, vampires with sharp fangs, thirsty for blood and fast, but such fragile skeletons seek to capture the Tart!

To ensure that horror and fear do not constrain anyone, we will turn this day into joy and fun. Let your mind be busy contesting.

Scary Story competition "Halloween in the World of Dragons" Story has to be your own story not something copied and be atleast 100 words long. Like a campfire story you would tell does not need to be about halloween just scary.

1st place - 50 reals ,ark Retribution 3 pieces

2nd place - 30 reals ,ark Retribution 2 pieces

3rd place - 20 reals ,ark Retribution 1 piece

deadline is October 31 th and winners will be annonced on November 2


by the way you can post more then one story too
OK let me do the first entry!!!

I am not going to tell you a story, i am just going to make you think about the following.

We all have heard story's about this or that, but all these story's start with just 2 sentences.

I will give you some examples and leave it up to your imagination and fantasy what it does to you.

1) The griining face of the man looked over to me from the darkness through the window of my bedroom, I live on the 14 th floor !!!
2) At morning I found a picture of me sleeping in my bed, i live on my own !!!
3) Nothing is as sweet as the laughter of a baby, just not when ot is 01.00 in the middle of the night and you live on your own !!!
4) She asked me why i was breathing so heavily in the middle of the night, it wasn't me !!!
5) It's been watching me now for hrs, sometimes is see it in the reflection on my computerscreen, i am to afraid to turn around !!!

have fun thinking about it
I was once on this server called Nova. We were a 2nd rate server compared to the other one. We got the worst of it all. While the other server was having fun and playing around we were here dyeing a slow and painful death. They had a raffle and Halloween event going on....we did not. Every day each of us got more and more disheartened by the lack of love.

It all started slowly....

The greatest warrior of all had her spirit leave her body.....Suspira
Dragons Warrior got mad and left us in a hurry.....
Shimora got into an accident and was never the same.
RF_17 did not show up to play the game
Darksidelady decided not to play anymore....
Qwery got beat down by Laker and couldn't handle the shame and hit the floor
Laker had enough....he had beat down Qwery! He retired in glory!
Kafftou and Piiiep stopped coming around!
Lucarius deiced it was best for him not to play and skipped town.
Greenie said the heck with this $hip and stopped playing.....
Queen_bee and Storm Kat were on an extended Holiday.....maybe the moon or out sleighing
Palasa, Novosge1 and Pearls had seen enough.
Hate Monger, -ZIA- and Novinha considered this life way too rough!

There are some who keep playing...well showing......they deserve honorable mention please see below!

-Red Phoenix-

One by one each of us would just stop showing up....unhappy, tired and defeated......the server dissappeared.....

The end!
It was a fine, sunny day in Adan. Lady Neuromancer sipped her beer slowly in clan hall a little bored. In walked Nurse Ratched looking for a cup of coffee. "You drank the last cup yesterday," Lady informed her. Nurse began to cry, how could she go on a day without coffee?
They decided to ask Galtor the Winemaker at Winery Crossroads to see if he had any of the precious beans. But there was one problem, they had no gold to spare because they spent it all on the high repairs for their gear. Nurse said, "What can we do?" Lady then had a bright idea"Let's dress in halloween costumes and go "trick or treat'' there, for surely the Winemaker would give us a treat! I'll dress as the Seasoned Pirate and you can dress as the Assassin! They both donned their outfits and strolled merrily to Winery Crossroads.
Galtor answered the door to their knocks, "trick or treat" Nurse gave him her winning smile. "Could you give us coffee beans?" Galtor answered I don't have any, I"m only a winemaker.but I do have this...he rummaged around and found a bean that glowed. "This is a magic coffee bean, plant it and you will never be out of coffee!"
"What can we give to you for that magic bean?" said Lady
"100k sydian" said Galtor
Lady and Nurse looked at each other in dismay, that was a lot of sydian.
How about Hero of the Empire pieces instead? said Nurse
Galtor agreed and Nurse got her treat.
Suddenly, there were screams and people running in fear. "What's going on?" A man pointed and down the street there was a great dragon rampant, its fireballs burning the all buildings.
Nurse and Lady quickly jumped in to combat. "Oh no! It's an elite hope you got the right belt on!" said Lady.
"I recognize this dragon, its the one from fort, it must have escaped," said Nurse.
A fireball from the dragon was deftly blocked by Nurse while Lady swung her axe and hit it's tail. In pain, the dragon swung around and knocked Lady down. Nurse summoned her Order Magic hit the dragon square in it's snout. Lady got up and summoned Fire Magic on the dragon. Finally, with one pot left each, Nurse and Lady bested the dragon and it was magically whisked away like all fights in adan. (Where do all the mobs go after they are killed? I always wondered that..)
After the fight they hurried back to hall and planted the bean in a pot. Poof! the plant was full grown, Nurse picked the beans, ground them and brewed them and poured herself a cup
Uh oh, Lady said.
What? said Nurse
The beer keg is dry! said Lady, Doh!
It was the 22th of october 2017, I was strawling through the streets of adan, I had just left my ship at the harbor and didn't know what to do. I arrived at winery crossroads when it suddenly got cold and dark,
I looked around and saw the Tavern so i went in to get a ice cold bottle of rum. Inside everybody kept an eye on me , recognizing me as the stranger I was. When the bartender handed over the bottle i asked;
You have rooms to rent to ?
He told me NO, but if you need a place to stay , you will find it at outskirts of sadar.
I grabed the bottle, paid for it and went outside, looked at the signa and followed the arrow that pointed out outskirts of sadar.
I saw Nordaine Kungar my old friend, who right away told me, you are allways welcome at the four roads tavern. So we went in together , got us a drink and and a table and talk about old times.
Nordaine told me , OLD times where good, new times are dangerous. So i asked him what's going on. Didn't you feel the cold outside, wasn't it darker as you are used to remember? I agreed with him.

The last three years, every time from 20th october, temperaturegoes down deep and night becomes darker as dark, nobody knows why, but it is a fact that every night till 30th october something is lurking in the dark, awaiting for the unknown. Night after night people dissappear and nobody has ever again heard of them.
You remember "Zippy" , he was standing at the door of this tavern and dissappeared. You remember "Lunaria" she left from here to go home, she never arrived. More of these stories are being told, but there is 1 common thing all the stories have.
The people that discovered friends of them have dissappeared, ALL heard a scratching at night. Some heard scratching at the door, others at the window and then they discovered some friend(s) had dissappeared. I looked at my friend Nordaine and recognized his drinks with me where not his first drinks this night.
So i told him ok my friend, do not worry I wil not dissappear tonight.
After a few more drinks I went upstairs to my room and dropped down. I went to sleep. then suddenly in the middle of the night i woke up, i heard something. Then i recognized the sound, it was a scratching at the door, then a scratching at the window.
Somehow i did feel weird, but i went asleep again.
In the morning i woke up, glad i made it into a new day.
I went down the stairs and nobody was there, the tavern was empty. All the people that had been there last night had dissappeared. NO Nordaine, no bartender, no girls of pleasure.
I ran back upstairs grabbed my stuff and ran away to never return to Adan again. NOW 3 years later i stil hear the stories of Adan in October, they tell about an empty world. They have given it a name.
It's called the "Vedhole" and everybody dissappears because of it.
ok nice but i drink loads of rum so my story days ot good lol
I had woke up early one morning. The coffee done, I poured myself a big cup and walked towards the table when I heard a roar coming from outside. I looked out my window and saw a group of angry Madkhars. I quickly thought what I could have done to upset this crowd when those three terrifying words came from the group, "Trick or Treat"! Oh damn I thought to myself, how could I have forgotten Halloween?! I searched my small cottage and found no candy anywhere. I walked to my door, cup of coffee in hand and my axe sitting next to the door, being ready to fight if needed. As I swung the door open, the cries of Trick or Treat became more menacingly, I knew I was going to really get it. The kids, skrags and sinra's alike dressed as Madkhars made a terrifying sight. As soon as I opened the door, splat, an egg hit my face! I was upset now, and axe ready to grab, in case this turned ugly, Ani Dahlia came walking up the lane towards my home, carrying a big bowl of candy! She crowed Happy Halloween younglings, I have goodies for you, but you must not Trick kind Candol this day! As the egg slowly dripped from my beard I said loudly "too late m'lady Ani, they got me right between the eyes"! Laughing children ran to Ani and held there bags out and screamed in unison, "Trick or Treat"! As they got their candy they went on their way, except one small madkhar. He came up and said "I'm sorry Mr. Candol, I only meant to hit the door". I replied, "its ok, I can live with a little egg on my face, I did afterall forget about Halloween"! All the kids ran to another house, to torment the poor souls of Tartu. Ani walked up to me and nodded, and said "Here, take this bowl of goodies, and when you wake tomorrow, I have a quest for you". With a puff of smoke she disappeared, me with a bowl of candy in one hand, and a cup of coffee in the other. Happy Halloweeen all! And remember, they really mean Trick or Treat, so feed all your monsters well, or suffer the cost!
Every year, at Halloween, the forest of Valdian becomes haunted. Spirits assemble, ghosts are enraged, vampires awake hungrier than ever before, the dead rise. It is on this scary day a young stubborn lady decided to take a stroll through the forest, collecting mushrooms for a tasty stew. Her mother had warned her about the dangers of the woods, filled with unnaturally vile creatures. Her mother made her promise not to go further than ten feet into the forest. But she had not cared, she was not scared.
The weather quickly changed, soaking the forest in a dark hue, filling it with fog at a steady pace. Unbothered by the sudden change of mood in the forest, the lady kept walking further and further into the forest, searching for the tastiest mushrooms. Little did she know, soon she would be haunted and plagued. For the most feared creature of all had suddenly awoken, feeling more empowered with each passing minute. Further and further into the woods she went, seemingly unfazed by the spooky scenery engulfing her. Persistent to find more mushrooms, she began sweeping away the dry fallen leaves with her bare hands, when suddenly she encountered a dirty gray tombstone. It looked ancient, the words carved in faded. Hard to distinguish the words at first, she tried trailing the carved out scripture with her hands. Feeling a V, then an L, what came next was an A... This was all she could feel, as the other letters were too superficially carved, faded over the many years the tombstone had laid bare. Puzzled by the discovery, she jumped back, stumbling over a fallen branch. She landed face-down in the bushes, branches grabbing at her arms and face, she could feel the sting of thorns wounding her. Panicked, grasping to stumble upright, she finally managed to find steady footing. Taking bearings of her surroundings, she could feel a presence. She cursed herself for being this stupid, going into the forest on the day of Halloween. She should have listened to her mother. Suddenly, a voice as raspy as a crow started whispering. A shiver traveled through her spine, pinning her in place with fear. It was hard to make out what the voice said, but it seemed to be: 'Hungry, I am so hungry.' Scared out of her mind, she began to run. Followed by the voice, growing louder every second. She did not know where to run, for she had no idea what was left, and what was right. She just knew she had to get out of there! Branches grasping at her ankles, thorns pricking her... Her foot got caught by a tree root, slamming her hard into the ground. The voice surrounded her, engulfing her in a whirlwind of raspy hunger. A bony long-nailed hand grabbed hold of her ankle, yanking her back towards the tomb. Trying to grab a hold of anything, her fingers were too weak. She could not stop the hands from pulling her back. She screamed and kicked, but nothing helped to loosen the grip of the hand. Nothing worked. Arriving back at the tomb, the hand let go abruptly, leaving her in the dirt. The voice was now louder than ever. It was almost as if it was yelling into her ears. There was no sound but the voice. She turned around, creeping away backward, scared out of her mind. The tomb was open, the stone first barring entry, lay shattered by the side. A dark opening had formed, out of which fog was spreading all around it. She could not see a thing through the dark gaping hole of the tomb. Creeping up behind her, she felt teeth sharp as needles biting in her neck. Screaming, she tried punching behind her, but felt nothing except the teeth in her neck. Helpless she writhed relentlessly, trying to escape her assailant. But it was hopeless, her attacker too strong. Draining more and more blood every second, she felt herself getting weaker. Her eyes gradually became weary, her arms powerless, the world around her went black...
Waking up, head throbbing, neck stiff with crusts from the needle-sharp teeth, she tried opening her eyes. Flashes of pain tearing through her body. Anxiously looking from side to side, she had no idea where she was. A coffin lay open, empty except for dust and spiders. The tomb was dark, she could not make out all the shapes around her. She still felt the presence she noticed earlier in the woods. The raspy voice was now gone. Strangely, with every passing second, she felt safer. As if she no longer had anything to fear from her assailant. Stepping out of the dark, she finally saw the creature that trapped her in its tomb. It was a tall handsome man with long black hair of shoulder-length. He seemed normal, apart from the pale skin and bony fingers with sharp nails. He smiled at her, revealing his teeth, fangs protruding from the corners. The silence broke as he said: 'Hello my fair bride'. She felt enthralled by his beauty, enchanted in his presence. She knew she could not escape. But it was fine, as she had become his eternal bride. He would keep her safe from now on.
The horrific saga of Lady Neuromancer and Nurse continue….. (can you handle it?)

Lady & Nurse looked into the beer barrel….it was as dry as the decrepit, crumbling bones strewn across the Ancient Temple lands. Nurse then slowly looked at her magical coffee bean plant and started wailing . Her farming palar just expired and the plant withered right before her eyes. *GASP*

The horror of Lady without her frothy beer and Nurse without her mind-soothing coffee was too much for the both of them. The cracking of their hearts was felt all across the world of Adan. The dragons could feel that energy vibration and cried out for them, while the Shivari’s cackles about their plight of misery, resounded from the depths of their dark, dank Maze.

They looked at each other in despair on what to do next. They had just spent 2 hours earlier doing the tedious and soul-crushing act of HoP - a horror within itself. Their HP was depleted, their brains numb and their spirits crushed - especially after traipsing around trick or treating at the winery.

Lady steeled herself, grabbed her axe and shouted out their Def Leppard anthem “Let’s Get Rocked”. That was all the motivation Nurse needed….that song started resonating within the folds of her mind and she grabbed her Mace of Conquered Fear (because a Pally should always be feared ) and was ready to go.

Nurse then turned to Lady and said “ummmm….now what”? “We need to see Huntress Meeleeyuri about an epic quest to restore our most valued libations and obtain the power of buffs from new outfits” roared Lady. Lady donned the sinister Vampire outfit and Nurse picked another….the Omnimach. “Ahhhhhhhhh” Nurse howled in absolute terror. Lady jumped back in bewilderment, asking what new plight had befallen the courageous adventurers. “Don’t look at me - it is another horror that should not be seen!!!” cried Nurse. But slowly she turned with tears streaming down her face…..and screamed “Why in all of Hades do I look like a dude now???”

Lady and Nurse proceeded to trudge through the eerie forest of Valdian in search of the infamous Huntress. The trees felt alive and seemed to be closing in on them. Their spines tingled as they listened to the sounds of screeching Ields echoing throughout the woods. The thunderous booms of the Golems could be heard in the distance. Worn, weary, scrapped and scarred...they finally came across a small isolated cabin.

Slowly they opened the door...the wood creaking as if it was crying out in pain. There laid Meeleeyuri bound and unconscious. Standing over her was The Mentor (*gasp*) ! With his sinister demeanor he turned to them and bellowed “No quests for you ladies today to allow relief from your plight….I will take you into my chambers of doom and give you a quest that can never be completed because I live off of your game glitches and mishaps”.

They tried to fight but to no avail - the Mentor was just too strong with his rigid grasp. Our heroes were thrown away into the dark abyss of broken quests, long ago dead monsters and players that have been gone from the world of DE. The true horror to be learned here, is having a world without the beer sipping Lady, an over-caffeinated Nurse and all the other long-time fun loving players to keep the joys alive. May none have to experience such dismay and torment in the days to come.
Once upon a time ...
The story of a nameless knight ...

It came to a planet called Earth a long, long time ago. The days were dark, rainy and cold. It was autumn. People tried to find the last remaining warmth, as a feeling of summer was still in their bones. They went on a search and some chosen ones found it. It was a mysterious journey, to be honest, but one that few people embarked on. It was a journey into a new world which, as it soon turned out, was in another planetary system. The way there was a magical tunnel and someone who found this tunnel would later become a nameless knight.

It was late in the evening when he happened upon this tunnel and ... entered it. As if by magic he found himself in a new magical world full of strange creatures and soon he found out that he was not alone. He hesitantly tried to explore his new surroundings. There seemed to be two sides, but he couldn't tell the difference between the two. Just one, the color. One side was red, like the bloody heat of battle that could burn everything, the other blue, like the calm water of the sea, which no one could harm. Unable to decide which of the two sides to choose, he devised a plan and began exploring the blue side. He wanted to take it easy. Therefore, this calm water seemed to be the right start for him. Then, with more experience, he wanted to get to know the red side and let himself drift away in the magic of the new place.
After that, he thought, his choice of which side to put his roots on in this wonderful new world will be easier. He should then certainly feel that he belongs to one side.

He found out very quickly what this magical world was actually called.
It was the world of Adan and the planet he was on was called Nova.

The magic of this place was amazing! Everyone could explore whatever he liked here. Was able to carry out a job that secured a small income, as the goods could be sold in an auction house, which was very busy. You could also just live into the day and fight battles, on water or on land, compete with others in the arena, this path also secured gold, which was always necessary for a living in the world of Adan. He grew, gained experience and honor, and slowly felt at home. How beautiful was the world of Adan!
There were even creatures as magical as dragons! After gaining some experience, you could win such a wonderful comrade as a friend through various quests. This would never leave you again. It was a bond for life in the world of Adan. Like you, the dragon would evolve with you in many quests. Even had the chance to become a shapeshifter and transform into a nephelim. This state connected the power of the dragon with the spirit of the knight and you became one, yes, one!

Life was good in Adan.
You found friends, comrades-in-arms, you fought the battles together, you laughed and cried together and like many other residents of Adan, the nameless knight felt more and more tempted to enter the magical tunnel and get into the fantastic other world. Leaving your own world behind for a few minutes, a few hours, just switch off and tune out everything burdensome to explore this indescribable brave new world.
He got bigger, learned his magic, got to know his powers and yes, he also won a comrade and entered into the covenant with his dragon. He appreciated this world so much, was grateful for what it gave him. He honored her and treated everyone and everyone with respect and honor. He found more and more friends and was taken into a clan, a family. In this community he continued to grow, learned more and soon found that although there are these two sides (the red, the bloody heat of the battle that could burn everything up and the blue of the calm invulnerable water of the sea) it is only one big one Family that can only exist together. As mentioned in detail, and like many others before him, he also explores both sides of Adan. Incognito, nobody knew that he was represented on the red and the blue side. Actually, he only thought of being a small, insignificant red fighter of the fiery, heated blood side (the blue side had accompanied him for a long time). Now and then he wanted to see what it looks like from the other side.

His character was of course the same on both sides, nothing changed, it was fun to help others, to work in a team, to form a community, to compare his skills in the arena, with others in great battles on water and on land to beat. So, he also found friends on the fire side and confirmed what he always thought that red and blue were not so enemies and it didn't matter which side you fought battles on - because it's a community that together are the same Fights battles and dreams the same dreams, just spending a wonderful day together in Adan. The knights were the same in heart on both sides and there were strong friendships that connected across both sides.
All of Adan's inhabitants on the planet Nova were one. However, there was someone above you who held the strings - put it all together - or could destroy everything that made up this world. That power ruled Terra too. The nameless knight found out that Terra was the most powerful planet still in existence and that Nova was only a faint copy of it. Previously, so the stories that have been passed down, there were other planets, but these had supposedly already fallen victim to the universe. Some heroes were able to save themselves on the planets Nova or Terra. Most of the ancient heroes of these once mighty planets, however, are now nothing but stardust. This fate will soon overtake the planet Nova, which today only hopes for the crumbs of Terra to keep itself and its inhabitants alive. The all-encompassing power would have the ability to save everything, but it does not seem to be aware of these abilities. Despite all this, Nova did not give up, as it was worth fighting for a place that is so full of magic and nowhere in the universe you will find a comparable place - many have already started looking for it, but most of them came back or have Completely forgot magic in your life and gave up the search.

Once there were many who shared this joy and this fun it was a big family, a big circle of friends. Now there are lesser and lesser. Yes, as in every family there were and are enmities, real enmities, but often enough peace was also made. He who held on time, which was sometimes longer or shorter and contrary to all of his own plans, the red hero became more popular, helped build a clan, loved to achieve something together, to fulfill goals, to deny tasks and to help. What a joy it was when the clan reached level 2. The joy was even greater when you saw your own self-created clan coat of arms on your banner, which adorned the clan hall, it was really beautiful. It didn't take long before the nameless knight was asked if he would like to join one of the two largest clans of Adan. He was confused, but saw an opportunity and also knew that he could always return to the clan he had co-founded. With a heavy heart he left his clan family and tried to grow bigger than he already was. In fact, he thought it would only be a matter of days because he could never meet the expectations of this great clan. From his point of view, only heroes were the heroes of one side in this clan and he himself didn't feel like a hero. A little newbie should be part of this big clan? No, that couldn't last, but he tried and, contrary to his guess, he fulfilled the expectations placed on him, continued to grow and time passed. Part of this large clan, he found to his regret that the wars between individual heroes in Adan were more serious than he could ever imagine. There were personal battles that were fought between enemies, not the question of the side, the color. It was a war between people that other people got involved in and that also got other clans involved. All of this was then portrayed as the war between the color pages and unfortunately the wars became more violent, not only on the battlefields but also verbally, in the writings of the story of Nova, which in turn widened the gap between these war opponents.

The nameless knight wonders if the other warriors wouldn't see that this is about a magical world that was so unique and precious.
You couldn't destroy this magical world through personal quarrels!
Didn't the warriors know that there was and is nothing like it in the entire universe?
Time passed, he couldn't change anything ...

He was always happy to get through the magical tunnel into the world of Adan but his real world, which was getting more and more stressful and the excursions into the world of Adan, which became more and more exhausting due to all these verbal wars, arguments and discussions - as exhausting as real life, from which he now and then tries to escape with his trips to Adan but suddenly were there in this magical world, all of this took its course.

One day the moment came when the nameless knight suddenly couldn't find this magical tunnel into the world of Adan. He was unable to find the world for a long time, no matter how much he missed it. Yes, he missed her in spite of everything. He had left all his friends behind and he only knew them in this magical world! There was no contact with them in his real world - no way to explain where he was, why he wasn't there anymore. Everyone was more or less catapulted into the world of Adan through their own magical tunnel, but in the real world you just didn't know each other.

It took a long, very long time to find his magical tunnel again. He came back and was shocked how many of his friends were no longer there. The covers that had filled them still existed, but the person behind them, the souls of the covers, had disappeared. Perhaps they too had lost their own magical tunnel, just as it had happened to him. His heart became very heavy to see so many losses, and then the hatred between the individual people, not between the sides, but really between the people, which seemed to have grown deeper and deeper than ever before. This weight crushed the joy that one could actually experience in this magical world. Suddenly the focus was no longer on the battles, the friends, the community, the common challenges.

The verbal battle, yes, the slaughter of words, which cut deeper into the flesh than a sword would ever be able to, the verbal war raged more than ever before in Adan. And every day this carnage becomes more hurtful.

The population of Adan, more precisely of the planet Nova, is only a fraction of the previous high culture. Just a shadow of the previous heyday. The nameless knight became even more sad, became even quieter, did not speak much and withdrew. He switched his outside and inside. He really faded to a nameless knight. Only a select few still knows who he truly was before, but for most he is a nameless knight, a shadow figure of whom no one can guess what knowledge he has and what he has experienced. What battles he had fought, what friends he had made and what friends he had lost. He tries as best he can to spend the time he has left in the world of Adan in peace, to meet the few people he loves in friendship and to close his eyes to the pain around them. His heart bleeds as red as the fiery red side and his tears flow like the calm, yet flowing blue of the blue side when he sees the world of Nova, the world of Adan, slowly perish. The bottom line is the hateful war of words that shouldn't really exist here. Nobody thinks anymore of the great high culture of Adan, the family that had grown over the years and which knew no sides, only the community that fought the common battles, on water and on land, together with dragons and magic that produced heroes, friendships that you won't want to miss for a lifetime. Actually, it was never about the battles, but always about the community. Very few have recognized that! Many will lose the world of Adan, more and more every day, and there will come a day when no one can find the magic tunnel. What will then remain is only the shadow of memory and the rare true friendship that has been found!

We become as stardust, like so many before us, who distribute memories in infinity ...

I'll miss you all when the time comes!
Thank you all!
The Saga of dealing with Ved

It was another mundane day in Dragon Eternity. People were arguing over the chat channel and getting silenced as usual. The admins were missing in action, and the mods were distracted as usual. Ved and Othie were up to their usual games of seeing who can insult and assault whom the most. As I stated, it was just another day in Dragon Eternity.

There I was taking my usual roams around the realm without a care in the world. I decided not to wraith because of the lack of return on investment and just took my chances. I planned to go quickly to the taverns, get a drink, and hurry off to the safety of the clan hall. I was only there for a second, and then out of the darkness came an assassin. He struck with rage, and I did not stand a chance in my green gear versus his purple gear and major buffs. All I could do is shake in my boots and almost pee my pants in anxiety and rage. Anxiety because I knew I did not stand a chance and rage because I knew I did not stand a chance.

As the assassin struck me over and over my life essence quickly followed away. Darkness swiftly came as my last breath released with a gasp. The ancient ones could not save me now. My time had come as I saw my existence flash before me. The moment would not be lost as my ghost landed in the square of storms in a mangled mess. Atlas, the ancient ones shined on me and breath new life into my soul so I could venture out and face another day in the unforgiving land of dragons.
#12 - what an absolutely beautiful story. Thank you for the insight and reminder
Shadows in the Dark

The old wizard’s name didn’t matter any more because he had had many over the years. He had tracked the death eater to this small cottage outside Hogsmeade. It had been nearly an hour since he had started the delicate weave of the magical net that would prevent his quarry from apparating away this time. Finally, it was complete, he stitched the opening close behind him and approached the cottage quietly. He sent a knowing into the building to locate the death eater. It didn’t matter now if the person knew he was here, the trap was set. He sensed the fear rise when the knowing touch his opponent. It was delicious.

He entered the door as this loathsome excuse for a human being tried to apparate. A vicious smile spread across the old mans face. He could taste the fear growing as his quarry tried to flee. This would be a feast as he drained him of his life force. He had killed two muggles and a witch in service to the dark lord and now he would pay. The death eater rushed out, “Expelliarmus,” he shouted.

The former auror gave a small flick of his wand and brushed the disarming spell aside. He watched the man across the room as his eyes widened from the building fright. “Avada Kedavra,” screamed his victim. The old wizard watched the spell speed toward him and then casually raised his wand and watched it disappear like a mist vanishes during the heat of the day. His opponent screamed, “NO!!” and dropped to his knees in total submission and all-consuming fear. The old wizard had him now. He walked up and raised his hand, “Anima vis vire.” The fear made the process easier and was a delectable spice that flavored the feeding. It was over in moments and he let the wasted shell of the body flop on the floor. The old wizard turned and walked out of the cottage and dissolved the web he had woven around the build with a flick of his wand. He moved down the path toward Hogsmeade.

The old wizard sat quietly in the corner of the tavern in Hogsmeade musing at his luck. He spent many years cultivating his nondescript appearance. He had the appearance of age but how old he might be was difficult to say. His dress was simple but not too simple. People who notice him and might be asked what he looked like would say he’s average and sort of old but couldn’t think of much more to say. That was exactly what he had tried to achieve. It was what someone as old as he wanted, to remain obscure.

He stood and reached into his pocket and withdrew a fist full of coins. He started to drop a sickle on the table and then stopped. In this place that would be extravagant and would draw attention, which was some thing he was proud to say he never did. He dropped three Knuts and departed. The night was clear, and the sky heavily pockmarked with stars. The moon in quarter phase would provide enough light for those who had trained their vision to use it.

It was a night so very much like this many, many years ago that his life had begun its new path. He was one of the first of new group of wizards, the aurors. A group of wizards and witches had united to try and take control of the magical world and turn the muggles of the world into their slave. It was their job to capture these renegades and deliver them to the justice of ruling wizard high guard. Most had been imprisoned only to escape later and had to be captured again. While pursuing one escapee he was the first to encounter the dementors. He returned to live with them for several years and then used his position to help them gain the position of guards at the wizard prison, Azkaban.

As a reward they had been willing to teach him many of the special magical talents that only they knew. As the years pasted, he began to disagree with the treatment of these dark wizards and witches. The punishment was always the same regardless of the crime they committed. Imprisoning them even with the dementors as guards was in his mind to lenient. He had to kill one dark lord in self-defense, but he had been censored for his actions. He resigned, bitter at this miscarriage of justice and started traveling the world.

He found himself in Eastern Europe where he had been attacked by a very rare vampire. He had fended off the attack and had actually become friends with the creature. The vampire lived not off the blood of humans but from their life force. He remained with this being for several years and had learned that it drew the life force with its special magic. He learned how to use that special magic and by combining it with special techniques he had learned from the dementors he had a new form of magic. He was now able to punish the dark lords and ladies in a manner they deserved. He would now deal with them his way and the wizard high guard be damned.

Now he was going to get a list of the most likely candidates of dark wizards and witches. Since Slytherin had produced so many dark wizards having a list of graduates from that house would provide him with some likely candidates that he could deal with. He hurried down the street and when he was sure no one was watching he slipped down an alley and went straight to the tunnel entrance. He slipped into the tunnel that emerged beneath the whomping willow. He sent a knowing charm through the tunnel to see if there were any annoyances he might have to deal with. The tunnel was clear. When he reached the other end, he combined the know charm with a sight charm to ensure that the hall was clear on the other side of the door. All was clear.

He was about to enter the great hall when he saw two individuals coming. He stepped back into a shadowed arch of a doorway. He spun a shadow web around himself and pulled in tightly. He slowed his breathing and relaxed. It was Dumbledore and Snape. Unless they actually touched him, they would never know he was there. They stopped just as they drew even with him and looked around but then moved on, as he knew they would.

They were speaking quietly but he had no trouble understanding them. The recent feeding had sharpened his hearing as it always did. The feeding renewed him and was the reason he had lived so long now. It was only fitting that life force of the evil people he had eliminated kept him alive and allowed him to rid the world of more evil.

They were discussing their plans to deal with the newly revived Lord Voldemort. Dumbledore had beaten him to Grindelwald several years ago. That dark lord had been sent off to Azkaban instead or receiving his just reward. The dementors told him how delicious his fear had been. He was determined to get to Voldemort before these people and extract his own vengeance.

He remained in the shadow longer than he probably needed to. He could have sent a knowing charm after them, but he knew they would have sensed it and he would have betrayed himself. He released the shadow web and it dissolved like a puff of smoke in the wind. He stepped out of the archway and went straight for the admissions office. He needed information about that Slytherin graduates. It would draw far less attention to pull it from the record than to ask or to pick it out of someone’s mind. He stopped at the door, placed his hand on it and sent a knowing into the room. The room was empty. He made sure he was the only one in the hall, then unlocked the door and slipped into the room. He made short order of rifling the record. He found the specific information he was after and departed the room.

He decided to keep an eye on Snape. The word was that he had never been truly one of the death eaters, but the old man did not trust him. He had already gathered a great deal on this enigma of a wizard. It was still unclear where his loyalties truly resided. Either Dumbledore held something over him that kept him in check, or he was playing both sides against the middle biding his time. Try to, oh what did the Americans call it, ah yes bug his room would be out of the question. The staff rooms would most likely be warded heavily. The warding was partly to protect against prying students looking for extra help but to mainly to maintain their privacy.

His classroom would allow him to observe the man. Maybe even when the students were absent, he would reveal more of his private self. Knowing secrets gave you power over people and Snape has secrets. He reached the dungeon and peered around the corner. When he was sure no one was around he slipped into the room and looked around. Excellent, there were numerous nooks and crannies in the room that would be useful. He found a crack near the front of the room that extended down into the wall with a very small opening at the bottom. It slipped an orb down into the crevasse and looked at it. It was virtually invisible unless you stood in exactly the right spot and knew what to look for. He placed a shadow web around it because he knew Snape could be dangerous. If he brushed against it, he might recognize it and realized he was being watched.

He left the room and hurried up the stairs out of the dungeons. He found a small alcove in the great hall and slipped into it. High up on the wall was a small niche. He reached into his pocket and pulled out several orbs. He stood on his tiptoes to reach it and placed the orbs in the niche. The magic they contained was not something that a human wizard would detect unless they had seen them before and knew exactly what to look for. Since no one he knew had lived with the dementors as he had it was unlikely. This would be unnecessary if he could come and go as he pleased. The orbs did not respond favorably when involved in a person who transformed.

With the orbs available he could return in the future in any form he chose and retrieve them for use. His work for this evening was complete. It was time to leave before he encountered one of the more adept teachers. He was still unknown and unsuspected and that is the way he would keep it. Just as knowing was a weapon; your adversary not knowing was also a weapon. Then an old, anonymous wizard walked out of Hogwarts, unobserved by anyone.
Was ist im Keller?
Mama sagte mir, ich darf nie in diesen Keller gehen! Ich wollte aber unbedingt wissen, wer diese komischen Geräusche macht. Es hörte sich an wie ein kleiner Welpe. Also öffnete ich die Kellertür und bin leise, auf Zehenspitzen nach unten gegangen.

Ich habe keinen Welpen gesehen. Dann hat Mama mich schon aus dem Keller gerissen und mich angeschrien. Sie hat mich noch nie so angeschrien und ich habe angefangen zu weinen. Dann hat sie mir noch mal gesagt, dass ich nie wieder in diesen Keller gehen darf und hat mir einen Keks gegeben.

Dadurch habe ich mich besser gefühlt und habe sie auch nicht gefragt, warum der Junge im Keller, der Geräusche wie ein Welpe macht, keine Hände und Füße hatte.
Der Geist im Brunnen
Als meine Frau 6 Jahre alt war, ist sie in einen Brunnen gefallen. Da es ziemlich dunkel war, wusste sie nicht, wie sie wieder herauskommen sollte. Sie bekam große Angst und fing an zu weinen. Plötzlich hörte sie eine Mädchen Stimme über sich.

Die Stimme sagte ihr, dass sie keine Angst haben brauche und das links neben ihr ein paar Steine aus dem Brunnen ragen würden, über die sie nach oben klettern könne. Sie tat genau das, was die Stimme ihr sagte. Sie schaffte es tatsächlich aus dem Brunnen herauszukommen. Als sie oben war, sah sie sich um, konnte aber niemanden sehen.

Sie rannte den ganzen Weg nach Hause. Als ihre Mutter sie fragte, was passiert ist, erzählte sie ihr alles… Ihre Mutter erzählte ihr, dass schon mal ein kleines Mädchen vor vielen Jahren in den Brunnen gefallen ist. Nur hatte sie nicht so viel Glück und ist im Brunnen ertrunken.
Mein Telefon

Mein bester Freund, rief mich mitten in der Nacht an, um mit mir in eine Bar zu gehen. Obwohl es schon sehr spät war und ich auch müde, war ich einverstanden und traf mich mit ihm auf ein paar Bier. Nach 2 Stunden fiel mir auf, dass mein Handy nicht mehr in meiner Hosentasche war. Ich suchte alles ab, der Platz an dem wir saßen, den Fußboden, sogar die Toiletten.

Als ich vollkommen verzweifelt war, nahm ich das Telefon meines Freundes und rief damit meins an. Als ich es anrief und etwas abwartete, nahm jemand ab. Ich hörte auf der anderen Seite, wie jemand kicherte vund sofort wieder auflegte. Ich war mir sicher, dass derjenige mir mein Handy nicht wiedergeben wird. Da ich ein paar mal versucht habe ihn anzurufen, doch er an diesem Abend nicht mehr dran ging.

Völlig genervt, fuhr ich dann nach Hause und ging in mein Schlafzimmer. Ich zog mich um, und gerade als ich das Licht ausmachen wollte, bemerkte ich etwas. Mein HANDY lag die ganze Zeit auf meinem Nachttisch.
Du darfst niemanden meinen Namen sagen

Meine Tochter hatte eine Art Fantasie Freund, mit dem sie sich regelmäßig unterhielt. Auf meine Frage hin, wie er denn heiße, sagte sie, dass er ihr verboten hätte, anderen Leuten seinen Namen zu nennen. Sie sagte auch noch, dass die Leute Angst bekommen würden, wenn sie wüssten wie er heißt. Ich fragte sie immer wieder, aber sie sagte, dass sie den Namen niemals jemanden sagen würde.

Eines Tages war ich mit meinem Mann auf dem Flur und meine Tochter bemerkte es nicht. Sie sprach mit ihrem Fantasie Freund und nannte ihn bei seinem Namen. Bis zum heutigen Tage bin ich, wenn ich darüber nachdenke, eingeschüchtert. Sein Name war Luzifer!
Ich höre ein Klopfen an der Kellertür. Das geht jetzt jede Nacht so, seit langer Zeit. Es hat in der Nacht angefangen, in der meine Frau spurlos verschwunden ist.

Es hat lange gedauert, bis ich akzeptieren konnte, dass sie nicht wieder kommt und es hat noch länger gebraucht, bis ich wieder bereit für eine neue Beziehung war.
Doch das Leben geht weiter, irgendwann konnte ich mich wieder verlieben, es führte eins zum anderen und als einige Jahre später meine neue Freundin einzog, verschwand auch das Klopfen. Vielleicht war es auch nur in meinem Kopf?
Der Alltag kehrte in unser Leben ein und die Zeit verging ohne nennenswerte Ereignisse, bis wir eines Morgens am Esstisch saßen und sie mich fragte: „Können wir bitte nochmal über letzte Nacht sprechen? Das war nämlich echt gruselig.. du hast mir nie erzählt, dass du Schlafwandler bist.“
- „Bitte was?“
- „Nicht dein Ernst? Du erinnerst dich nicht einmal daran? Ich bin nachts aufgewacht, weil da so ein komisches Geräusch war und da habe ich erst bemerkt, dass du nicht mehr neben mir liegst. Also bin ich aufgestanden und – naja was soll ich sagen? Du standest gestern mitten in der Nacht in der Küche und hast am Messerblock rumgefummelt. Ich hab’s nicht mehr ausgehalten - du hast auf meine Stimme nicht reagiert, deswegen musste ich dich wachrütteln. Ich mache mir echt Sorgen.“

Die ganze Sache machte mich ziemlich perplex und in den Tagen darauf drehten sich unsere Gespräche um fast nichts anderes. So etwas in der Art war mir noch nie passiert und ich versicherte ihr, dass ich genauso überrascht war wie sie – am meisten beunruhigte mich die Tatsache, dass ich mich an nichts davon erinnern konnte.

Es schien zum Glück ein einmaliger Vorfall gewesen zu sein, denn die Nächte der nächsten Wochen und Monate verliefen völlig ruhig und ereignislos. Schon bald kehrte wieder Normalität in unser Leben ein und wir sprachen nicht mehr über diese eigenartige Sache.

Eines Nachts – meine Freundin war schon eingeschlafen – hörte ich ein Geräusch in der Wohnung. Ich redete mir ein, dass das nur Einbildung war und lauschte dem ruhigen Atem neben mir, bis ich auch einschlief.

Ich reiße die Augen auf. Ich stehe in der Küche, ich habe ein Messer in der rechten Hand, Blut tropft von der Klinge auf die weißen Fliesen, es bildet sich eine dunkelrote Lache. Ich lasse das Messer fallen, es klirrt laut und tanzt über den Boden. Ich suche jedes Zimmer nach meiner Freundin ab, ich rufe sie, ich finde sie nirgends, sie ist spurlos verschwunden.
Ich höre ein Klopfen an der Kellertür.
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