Trying to learn about what one needs to do in regards to training so that they can summon mechanoids. If it is in the hall of masters, it seems like it is an awful long tract.
Summoning the drillers / mechanoids actually comes from constructing your own outpost out on the islands. You will sail to Opportunist's Pier and then go inland to begin getting the quests to build the area for your mechanoid shop. You purchase these items from a shop for about 5 gold a piece. In order to get higher level / stronger mechanoids, you will have to upgrade your outpost. Here is the more detailed guide for it - You can DM me in game or on Discord (tag is in my profile) for quicker response if you have additional questions / post here.
see, almost the exact same info I gave you in the game. Even the link of but in chat the link works lol oh mine works here to (totally could be a guardian ;)
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