how come?

How come only miners get sydian for their mines? It starts at 37k, if you mine smaller mines, so why should they get sydian, and not hunters, fishers, or farmers? Just wondering.
Mines can be contested just like sydian mines on the islands. Barbarians and players can take mines.

Seeds and nets are not contested.... other players can not take your plums or diskar. You could say traps are contested but not by other players....This would be my only guess as to why sydian can be gained from mines and not the other resources.

could be I guess. I ask since no one else get is. Fish, plants, and hunting rotten if they are not taken care of. farming you get less than 75% if you don't water them. Hunting, it takes effort to kill the animals.

I am not saying mining should not, just wondering if we can get an official explanation on why the other professions don't get it (keep in mind, miners also gain pretty good valor for killing the barbs.
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