Halloween Great Event

Read all about it here: https://dragoneternity.com/forum/contest/13683.html
so, not the same as Tera I see. :( who is doing the judging on this?
As much as i understand the people that will demand to be recognized and treated like Terra is, I'm glad to see some entertaining.
It may not be the same magic feeling we had several years ago, in the glorious DE years, but seeing that the little flame still lives on makes me happy. I remember having so much pleasure reading all the contest stories written by everyone, and I'll make sure to contribute to the actual and upcoming contests to the best of my capacities.

am not angry, just a bit sad we are still 2nd class to them. Good luck!

And I haven't mentionned you were! I on the contrary understand your feeling and wish the same! Good luck you too!
you really didn't think we would get same event as terra, lol.

It's allrdy a wonder we get the storie event and we can get some reals from them ( which probably will dissappear in pocket of same players again)
Any news on when the halloween event will start?
TheOnlyOne, I believe it should start 10/30/20....but I have been wrong before :)
Winners have been selected for the contest and prizes will go out on the 3rd - thank you for all the participants!
good job to all that participated and congrats to the winners . some really great stories there
Other shouldof won after name dropping me...
And othie too...
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