It is not allowed to use more then one account per war.

One has to pick one account and use for the entire war this one account.

This means no using 2 accounts one to gather mines one to fight

or one for frist half and another for 2 nd half

or one on one side one on otherside

or in anyway 2 accounts both active in one war.

While war is running do not use alts for other things like gathering plants,fish or any other things or running arena or in anyway on mainland doing things, being they can get hit while war is running,

being other clan does not know what your alt is up to and could get attacked while war is running, so they will be shown in war link.

(which is considered power lv ing when 2 accounts are in one link even if it is a war link)

After this August 23 rd all caught with 2 accounts in a war will be fined 100 reals per account.

Best is log off all alts or send your alts to sea while the war is going on.

If any questions please feel to ask one of the keepers of wisdom or gaurdians


- yeah I think 100 reals for a honest mistake is a bit much. Maybe we should try a warning first?

Not everyone comes on forum to read these posts.

Plus one may forget to log out a toon. Not everyone is on a PC and phones are tricky.

Thinking this needs to be a progressive punishment...first time warning...second time gold...third time 100 reals. Just saying - not like there are a bunch of players here who are going to drop 100 reals.
Let's face it...this rule was made specifically for me. I had my alt toon in the blue square unbuffed and fighting against Leauge Of Legends. No gear damage and they were not winning many why not. I was being nice and others didn't like it. I got a warning and was told I would have to pay AFTER the post was made.

All good. I'll just play like others and be a ........

First rule of DE Gaming is to watch out for yourself but I am glad I got some clan mates who have my back now.
Let’s please agree that creating a set of ridiculous rules will not save this server. We don’t need more rules, that is not the reason this server is dead.
I get the no alts or 2nd account in same fight, but saying u can’t even farm or fish. That’s crazy. Why not just get rid of alts then! If someone wants to run multiple toons at once good luck maybe I get lucky and catch you distracted and get a win.

This is not a new rule. We have had this rule for over a year. We have been warning people for the last year only,
being it seems alot did not understand when we did posted this, I went ahead and posted it again just in more details.
Of course one can stand in hall and call a war with his alt as long as the alt does not leave hall during the entire war
and is in same clan as the one account you are using in this current clan war.
most dont go around gathering fish in those 2 hours while a war is running on a alt.
One can time planting so one does not need to water in wars at all too.

We will start enforcing it from now on is all.

and if you look I have lowered the fine from 200 to 100 reals even.
autum winter,

In the same link....rule clarification:

The rules were updated to deal with where the game is at now which is mostly the remaining players and their alts. We readjusted it to what all of council felt was fair. You can participate in war with an alt as long as not on opposing side or in same fight.

When Ihit made those rules, there were mountains of players. We are no longer there and now alt clans are the new norm. So we must readjust some previous precedents set.

Same with when they changed from no alternates ever to allowing up to 10 on 1 account.

So does this mean its being changed?
This is last post on that thread really it explains all

We decided that it is okay to use an alternate as long as you pick only that one for a war.

Thank you.

Which means one account per each war.
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