Roak, Sea battle

Is there a way we can do like Sea battle and merge Valor and sadar together because it's been at least 1 month I'm looking for people to do those battleground, but we were always missing few players. Would be nice to work on something to make them grow up again and make people participate more.

Even if Sea Battle already have a merge, it's so difficult to find 10 persons :/
Sea battles are already mixed regardless of faction. This change was implemented a couple years ago to encourage sea battles to go in general since both sides were ducking out last minute. Currently, just need enough players to go, whether smurfs or elmos.

ROAC - we approached admin with the idea to mix this, but currently hasn't been addressed.
Yeah it's just so hard to get Roak running, i only see like 5 valor logged at the same time and most of the time they can't do it :(
But if we manage to get new player we might be able to make them running again.
I heard DE is going on steam, sounds good to me because lot of gamers are in there so maybe they will see the game.
It's hard to find DE randomly, you need to look for it to see it.

This is from No No zone, just used alt.
Best would be to create a link where you can see all online player so that it can be easier to find people for battleground, all the time i gotta open clan link to see who i can ask :/

Maybe, as a guardian and keeper of the game, you don't keep name calling factions.

Also, this change to mix sea, was voted upon, by a different set to rules than what was actually done. This change, in my opinion, killed sea battles due to now you often face your own clan members in sea.

So, maybe we can figure out a better way? Or better yet, give us a different way to earn heroism. Seems the game has taken away all the group items, and made itself into a single player game, so why not allow us to earn heroism also alone?

Maybe, as a guardian and keeper of the game, you don't keep name calling factions.

Maybe this game should show respect by actually making it playable for their players, let's focus on 1 thing at a time.
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