so i asked a quiestion

Back three weeks or more ago, i asked a guardian a question. Why does a basic (no sydian upgrades and no strength marks) zerk neph hit harder consistently, than a twice upgraded (two sydian upgrades and orange or red marks)

Basic Zerk neph stats:
Damage 307-416
Health 4795
strength 3013
Intuition 1906

upgraded Pal neph stats:
Damage 307-416
Health 5564
Strength 3717
Intuition 398

I asked, waited two weeks for a reply, reminded the guardian of the question, waited another week, reminded the guardian again, and was asked if i was the only one experiencing this.

I no longer care, but it seems from my testing to be worthless to upgrade neph gear other than you get a bit more health. Anyone else experience this? BTW, Admin, YOU have the ability to test this yourself. You really don't need to rely on the players to do the testing for you.
saw much time this when more lesser lvl in neph stance hit same like my neph with all question, for what do all this costly upgrades if its not added even litle more power?
today saw it with 84 lvl
it is cool, i can wait another week. I am sure you are very busy.
i know you are busy, but still waiting.
Yeah he hasn't logged onto his toon yet this week. Probably getting annoyed AF with us all already LOL!

yea, i saw, i am not trying to bug him, just wanting an answer on what we get for 600 ish reals upgrading Neph.... i thought it was a pretty simple question.
In exchange of a shit neph, you have a chance at beating zerks with that op order spell counter punch.
How did you measured?

Strength difference: 3717 (neph) - 3013 (basic) = 704, which will give ~ 60 — 81 dmg

parcels: 2 * 28 red + 6 * 23 orange, I guess = 194 strength → ~16.5 — 22.3 dmg

if Basic Damage: 307 — 416

Summary: ( 307 +60 +16.5 —— 416 +81 +22.3 ) * 1.25 attack stance

You will get 479 — 650 damage in neph, without orbs, if enemy isn't in def stance.

With orange courage * 1.79 it becomes 857 — 1163

If everything is in this intervals - there is no bug...

yea, my zerk neph damage is WAY more than that, and my Pal neph damage is less than 850 ish. Again, my basic zerk neph hits WAY harder than my upgraded Pal neph.

again, the best suggestion i have is the ADMIN tests this since they can EASILY create such a situation and see themselves. Normally in neph, i use purple courage orbs.

i had expected my Pal neph to hit at least has hard as the basic Zerk neph, otherwise, why waste all those reals in upgrading neph gear and putting strength marks into it? those strength marks are NOT cheap to make. It see they are basically worthless is just sad.

i did not realize i was asking such a complex question, and would not be able to get an admin to answer it. I mean really, i have now waited over 6 weeks for an answer. is this really what we should expect?
Well, I've temporarily got twice upgraded pal from admin and compared with my bers (one part of armor is missing in both cases). Everything seems ok:

P.s. Your damage must be lower in both cases. Here in screens, character has ~ +21% damage from rebirth and achievements

P.s. Bite of order with kandela + black magic orb:

( original screenshots - внешняя ссылка )
it looks like you are fighting a torling that is balance to you. as you can see, the basic zerk neph, hits within 150 hp of a twice upgraded pal neph So, i question, why bother paying all those reals, and marks for 150 hp strike? btw, 5 of the 9 sets, the zerk neph hits harder....

so i guess six weeks later, i am wondering why that is. Should not a twice upgraded neph hit consistently harder than the basic gear?
Oops, that was full upgraded bers as well: To show, that they hit +/- equally.
Here is another comparison of basic blue bers VS full pal.

Well, if we account crits - yes, it really hits harder (and we didn't need tests to confirm this) - bers is "about" dealing damage. But it takes bigger damage as well. What about basic damage (accounting crits divided by 2), here it's lower for ~200 points from upgraded pal [ *without marks ] (as it should be).

P.s. I can't show tests against real player-witcher, but neph-pal hits with the same "white" -1300-1500 dmg in that case, and can force him to drink 3-4 bottles. While basic neph-bers would hit by absorbed -500-600 or non-crit ~1200.

Well, now i am confused, i pointed out that my pal neph is twice upgraded with orange and red strength marks (again, I am not sure why they are asking you to test this instead of them looking at my setup and testing it themselves).

And again, you prove that yes, a basic zerk neph hits as hard (if not harder) than a twice upgraded and marked pal neph. So i ask, yet again, why bother paying 200+ reals in upgrade neph gear, and the reals and gold to make strength marks? In a game that is basically all about damage, it seems like upgrading even a pal neph should get us more than the basic one.

I get you are trying Optimus, and i appreciate that. But my way of thinking (and maybe i am just crazy (lord knows many here have said so)), but i would expect the game to be a bit more balanced. rewarding the effort of upgrading gear with marks should be more than what we are seeing here. I guess my hope was that the admin of this fine game would, through testing, see that yep, maybe the balance in the game is a bit off. If rewards are only based on damage, then some in the game will see it as unfair. Now while they may not care, any game that has built in bias toward one class due to damage, from a player side, it is most frustrating. I get that the game was built to be far more players that we have today, but again, that is the role of the admin is to help adjust the game based on current levels (such as the fact that certain players also get to play for half the cost of other players). I get the life long saying life is not fair, but just like in life, we can then choose to stop playing the game (and many have).

You sir, also come from the server that gets EVERYTHING. But you can keep proving my point, that yep, a basic zerk neph hits as hard or harder than a twice upgraded Pal Neph.
two more weeks waiting for an answer.
Long story short. Zerks is awesome. That's why
4 more weeks waiting.
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