This game is going political

I remember once upon a time, u will get silence or even shackle for talking politics. Guess this is the way the game makers what to go I guess. Freedom of Speech is not given to the citizens of tartu. Criminals of the past whom are still criminals wi...

I have a new idea for a new class....

We have Witcher, Berserk and Paladin.....all great classes......but this new class will be the best of all of them!!

We shall call it the Whiner Class...

When things don't go your way.....Whine....this will give your character the ability to cr...

I forgot it was a game

I would set my clock for wars, I would set my clock for islands, etc..... got upset when others wouldnt do the same, got upset when others wouldnt put forth the effort to better a clan, I got upset thinkin they dont care....... then I walked away and...

Halloween fun

Sadly if you have not completed the disappearance of Dahlia quest you don’t get to participate

New Mentor-pupil stuff

hey Admin,

Thank you for your new feature, the mentorship,

but what you are doing is forcing people to make new alts,

because there are no new players ,

because you do not advertise the game and do not bring new players. So, fix that firs...

watch out for young s a v a g e

02:00 YOUNG S A V A G E » Toil: can you help me with somthing?
02:02 Toil » YOUNG S A V A G E: (ponder)
02:03 YOUNG S A V A G E » Toil: i got a toon in jail, 50g to get it out can you help me ?
02:04 Toil » YOUNG S A V A G E: 50? i th...

Clan war again

So the only clan that applies sfor war every Tuesday and Saturday AND that hasn't lost a war in over a month gets left out??? now I don't want to sound like other ppl but goddamm if we always apply we don't deserve to get left out... being able to no...

Tournament of honor and Invincible warrior

Can we add boots in Tournament of Honor and Invincible warrior like in Seven Bridge?
We don't have enough players but it will be fun if we can find a way to make them again.

bug or intentional - grey gear

Warrior's Boots Warrior's Leggings Warrior's Cuirass Warrior's Gloves Warrior's Pauldrons Warrior's Helm no longer can be bought in shop, everyone sees greyed out.
Recruit's Gloves Recruit's Mask Recruit's Pauldrons Recruit's Boots Recruit's Cuira...

Lvl 90 cap & Ascendance

Sooo, pandor. has asked us to open the lvl 90 cap. Let me explain the possible danger of doing it.
There're few people on the Nova server, and opening another 20 levels can spread active playes even further, what may result in empty BGs and trouble...


Another week passing and no solution for SB how mutch longer we need to wait ??? Please do something mixed or bracket SBS will be the best solutions i think . Please work on it fast

most of players are saying to stop buy reals until cap level!!

many players are bored with the game because of their limitations at level 70
so we came asking for level 90 to be released but the administration does not want to help ....
so I come on behalf of many players who are unhappy to announce to everyon...

Compass quest

Quest says 50 Clan Rep for completing. We completed one, got the sydian, but not the clan reputation.
I did not get before and after pictures, but will next time.

Are there any other clans that have completed this quest and got the reputat...

bug page

Is ANYONE looking at the bug page? Also, how should one report a bug on a mobile device?

Player Login Issue

There have been a few players that were on islands and became defilers. I have let Dreidan know about the issues as I attempted to shackle Sydeste to see if it will bring her back to land and created some kind of bug that stopped her from logging bac...
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