The Invincible Warrior go go ppl all

The Invincible Warrior 4 days left lets go all need hero rep UP

Tavern room

Hi i bought the 50 tavern room by mistake today. I wanted to know if there is a way to undo it. I would appreciate it soooooooo much.


just wanted to ask are wars coming back also are the two remaining servers joining together thanks

Results of Fight

Anyone else has a ridiculously slow time getting the results of the fight? Just curious if it is just me. Do not give a shit since admin do not give a shit anymore.

Looking for a clan

Hello, I'm looking for a clan to help me progress. I'm a level 24 blue paladin , level 3 experienced fisherman, recruit of scene blood valor and a level 17 dragon. Clive around 3-4 hrs daily mostly uk time evenings

Think we can post anything we want...

Last time a admin commented on a thread 9/22/17... I've seen post advertising other games. Calling out DE... all things that use to be taken down fairly quickly.

Looking for a wife levels 65-70 must be on the red side for it is the best side.

Hi i'm one of the best players in the game Basically Gosu and i'm looking for someone who could be the best wife in the game (ponder) i'm a very tall handsome pink haired witcher (the best class) and i'm looking for a very high level wife that can ca...

Level 61 quest secret passage is missing ghosts and I turned in 5000 death essence already

The previous quest in the chain was to turn in 5000 death essence which I did. The next quest secret passage, the ghosts are not in the instance so please refund my 5000 death essence or put the ghosts in there. Please and thank you!

Shaab: Final fight vs. defilers We can win if.........

We don’t have too many of our strong 70s turn defilers and if we all summons a rep that most of have from the Christmas event.
Remember, no one completes the final quest unless the defilers are defeated and I feel strongly if we follow this plan, it...

to master this game

i have a suggestion. removing all summons and banes and hexes from this game and make ruins 9/9 better than 5/5 all of us face cheat with summons so no one can do chalange. weak players face problems with improving and buying any thing with reals can...

i have second suggestion

you should make all of battle ground 1 player play only better than enter players to do ruins sea battle like arena of honour you can put pots with replicant

the moderators of the server Terra

on the Russian server moderators breaking the rules of the game! the forum removes complaints of incompetence! agent support Pavel, he is a moderator, and therefore will not investigate complaints... I have screenshots, I need someone who could do so...

Server issues?

Tried on my PC and keep getting conncection errors. Yes I deleted cache, updated flash, etc. Game runs fine on my phone though. Weird...

Is this normal?

New Ipad App and Garuug's Sojurne

The Gariug quests do not open on either of my IPad's when the quest pops. If I am not paying close attention to the quest Icons on the left side.... I lose a lot of time. Coupled with the slower entry and exit from the combat screens. successful G...

exclusive offer

I made two 30 dollar real purchases to receive the " exclusive offer" and didn't get anything. Please fix, thank you
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