I see on my eyes

Thornus install vedmak wby? No no no no i saw him in my eyes


I still cannot believe what came to my ears at weekend!
Out there on this server ppl think I am an alt of ved - wow !
Sorry, but any who think this please talk to me directly so as the only proofe I can give to you is to show you that my english is...

I envy those players

Thornus, XXI, shin uchiha, and anyone have all things more than me.

I envy those players

Thornus, XXI, shin uchiha, and anyone have all things more than me.

Need help

So I am on the lvl 34 quest for nephilim and the part where I need 20 kills of the opposite empire in any battle grounds I’m stuck t 15/20 and I’ve killed at least 6 tonight and have not been credited and I’m getting annoyed I really want to get my n...

I'm so happy for the garabber event!

Usually we spend our time complaining about the game but now we have finally something fun to do! Thank you DE!

No Guardians But

It is sad when you have a Level 70 and you still have to pull an Alt from an abandoned account into the fight to help you out.

RF-19 or 18 or whoever the next name will be, hasn't been in the game for a long time now. But his wife, girlfriend, p...

Coach sfm see in you tube hhhhhhhh

Cheese burger appocolpse and cola this is the better meal as i see


Iam upsent and sad from all valors and sadars noone helped me is the first reason of swearing you all and i swear only people who have bced me i havent gears how can i fight you so I swear only.

I see sadars and valors have all things like thornus...

All of you say to me i swear you

Iam sure i swear you without afraid because you all valors and sadars didnt helped me and bc me also so i stay swear you mothers sisters and all of your families

I hate all valors and sadars and ihit and all of gaurdians

briskit and mindless prodogy and king joffrey and pandor and ihit fuck you all and all of sadars and valors iam not afraid from you all
Firstly, noone helped me before and you will not help me forever suck as weapons reals and clan wars before

Iam not mistake and why?

Iam sad from all valors and sadars and all gardians and ihit because noone helped before how can you help me now? Noone needs me to play this game i will be sad because i will lose all players in this game .

I think but iam not sure

I will talk about this game in social programs about the disadvantages only of this game and noone play this game

Samosa star on battle 16-21

Hello,im so angry only when have on battle team samosa star bot,my question is why no delete this samosa star on arena,and what chance is that it will hit her? 80%? this is no normal 4 battle fight and 3 time have her on team vs conor and go win this...

Small Question,for experience

Is there any possibility of stopping the experience that you are not getting it?
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