About Clan wars

We've been told that clanwars don't start at all here on Nova, and we'd like to fix that. For that, we'll need at least two clans to try participating in a clanwar. If you'd like to give us a hand in testing (and hopefully fixing) this issue, please ...

ISO: This is for those that need an apprentice Inscriptors help... we can barter later.

ashy spiketail summoning, parchments and Moutons. Light curse protection...


Ruins its rare to fire so why not do like arenas with bots? Please think on it e littles need to work on rep and neph quests please help us , and start doing roac with bots

If you bought reals during the anniversary even last April and did not receive the reals from the specials POST HERE

I believe it was
$2.99 for 10 reals
9.99 for 30 reals

I know a few people from my clan never got any of the reals from their purchase.
Dreidan asked me to start a thread so everyone that had this issue can post here and he will get us all what...

Serious bug on the islands when we take lighthouses from other clans

This is the 2nd time they they have taken it back without a lighthouse fight.

Please fix this bug.

Please read Mr. Dreidan

Stalling Hours of Prosperity

A major problem in this game that led many people to leave this game and preventing them from having fun. Many players here intend to make each Arena fight lasts for 30 min and the effect of HOP only lasts 2 hours. Peo...

For Corky- A freind of many

A brother of DE has passed away today.
I want to say what an absolute legend he was, maybe not for being all powerful or almighty like some... but for being an awesome witty funny person that he was.
I know i will miss him tons... and i know he w...

War Dates and Times

As many of my clan members have jobs and families... we want to plan out our participation in war. Any chance you can clarify day of the week and times for war? It used to be Saturday's at 1800 or so server time and Tuesday's at 2300 or so server t...

Suggestions for Dreidan

So I believe it's much easier for Dreidan to help us with suggestions if they're all together in one forum post so here goes...

Fixing Game Functions

While you're at it why not Return "Dual of Truth" to the game. It was the primary source of 'Heroism' rep for low and middle level players. Sea Battles isn't a good route to earn heroism because its impossible when battles don't occur.


Please guys stop thishexing bc and stall hopes . I have friends on both sides , and this put me very sad . U guys are fucking little ones from both sides and thats not fair for us . We can't leave clan all , we need to work on hour reps and farming e...


To Drachen on fantastic clan confrontation and achievements this week.

Shaab boss fight link


Well done everyone

Please Please fix this bug before shaab event


Posting here to hope more people will report and get admin to fix this!!!! Anyone locked on ships will not be able to group for the shaab event to collect pages for omnis and possible damage for eye...

Where do I get the dragon quests

Where can I find the start of 5he dragon quest thanks
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