Anniversary Event

So thank you that its finally here... but anyone under level 22 can't complete the quest for orange casket as we cant do ruins and 7b seemingly doesnt count

bag with queue sb

16:00 Heaven's Voice: Unfortunately, there weren't enough entries to start battle. Please wait for the next battle.
in line was 20 ppl , 1 person left the queue and became 19
the sea began 5 vs 5 , and 9 ppl left behind
question: why not 9x9 an...

Gear Damage

04:49 Heaven's Voice: Durability of your items has been reduced: Magnificent Ring of Strife -1 (3/37), Horn of Berserk Messire -1 (3/30).

Sorry to be that person ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Wraith sphere removed when you get on a ship at harbor?

Is this a bug or intentional?

I used the Wraith Sphere at harbor, was wraithed, then stepped on a ship and became visible.

gear damage

it is possible that on wars we start not gueting gear damage ? because for us littles its a issue ,most of times we fight against bigs and we get our gear broken on end of wars . please try to help us . TY

Garuug anniversary event

Are we having this?
Isn’t it supposed to be in March?

Dreidan, can we get proof of life that you are ok?

Been forever since we have actually heard from the admin. I would like a proof of life to know the game is not just running on auto pilot.

in terra start dirthday adan

Event in terra - Echo of the ancient wars , 3 days , 3 easy ques for 1 orange casket , 3 day , 3 chest)
8 apryl - 14 apryl - league of eternity ... it's a fairy tale for all players
after garrug event .
4-15 apryl equipment does not break in pvp


Hello from the grave

IL history

22:05 H E L C A R T » ant1985: ancient spectre? why u no take il back ?
22:06 ant1985 » H E L C A R T: been sold to 9th
22:07 ant1985 » H E L C A R T: but kat has said i can use this as my clan
I made the clan active again, was I punished...

Protecting your clan crowns

I am so sick of being dragged in the forum for misunderstandings, so I'm going to post this myself publicly before someone else decides to twist and turn it into a bad thing.

I have started (and will continue) to build alts to keep my clans safe....

What are the current exchange rates for DE?

US dollar = 1 real

British Pound ____ = 1 real

Euro ______ = 1 real

Russian Ruble ____ = 1 real

I ask because before in Aer, those that bought with dollars, ended up paying 50% more than the Russian players. I don't feel that is fair.

New Post for Small Updates

Starting new post cause the other one is already 4 pages long, less digging.

1. Maze times open for changing, he's okay with it - give me a few time suggestions and i'll run it to him(gotta use game time)
2. Invincible Warrior - no lowering the ...


can bots start counting to kills ?? its very hard to complete seconds quests . ty :)

New Medallion Suggestion

Keeping it short and simple

New idea: Add a third medallion to choose from in the Trials of Power quest. Instead of being timed, this medallion will provide the user with stacks [to stop exp ofc]. For example, when you claim the quest, you get 300...
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