Group backpack

Just in case you get asked by this guy to join in group, don't bother, he just kicked me out and kept the loot.

petition for more battlefield bots

I am starting this for one reason... I have not seen a IW launch on nova sense it came out. Thinking further on it 7b no longer launch and last Saturday I missed out on getting the days bonus by 1 rum because last 3 sb did not launch. Now, with the e...

Worst lag ever

Directly effecting the outcome of war fights when we can't pot fast enough due to lag. Please keep this in mind next time you decide to run so many events at once. Been horrible for everyone I talked to all weekend long.

Garuug event

Aren't we going to have the garuug event this year for the anniversary? Pleaseeee

something broke in aoh

Celebrations will start on April 12 at 12:00 Server Time and will continue for a week until April 18 12:00 Server Time. During this period, equipment won't break after losing a battle.

21:41 Heaven's Voice: Following Items are completely broke...

double check shaab

I think they need to check shaab before it starts real fast... do not want a repeat of that one quest with inf spawns

Thank you DE and Happy Birthday!

Hmmmm.....I am a nurse and not a poet...but I will give it a birthday try!

Woke up this morning with my normal coffee
Surprise, surprise there was something in my BP for me
For six years DE has been a fun game world for all
No matter what age o...


IF ya'll want seabattles be sure to q up from your halls, so that everyone gets a chance Hexes are being handed out to keep people out, and since this is Dragon Eternity and NOT one clan eternity yet, take care of your selves, just remember, people ...

Battle of servers / War of servers

hello guys)
What do you think about the servers battles? And then it becomes quite boring ... the players are less and less ...
Maybe admins will start moving
What do you think?

huge mistake

I spended 30reals on 20k of flawless orbs of strengt by mistake please can anyone fix it and give my reals again?

A Small Ode to Tiggy

Shot through the heart
And you're to blame
You give PALLIES a bad name
I play my part and you play your game
You give PALLIES a bad name infringement here! is a thief

^^ dont let him in

I need help

I am stuck in the quest to save the green lady from the thieves and I can't beat it it keeps resetting every time I beat them in the caves.

So the question is - who rules?

I am only saying this against my better judgement because Kingboxa is holding the rummed coffee hostage.....

Zerks Rule

Unless of course I am logged in - then pallies rule

Help me?


Why are there only 3 different layouts for islands? What is the purpose behind this design?

Anyone with a guess feel free to speak your mind on the meanwhile...
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