Confrontation points

Can we please either 1) remove this whole stupid system from the game 2) make it to where you earn points by fighting a level balanced mob out on an island somewhere (maybe pier where you cannot mess with anyone), that gives you no gold, no exp (so ...

how come #2?

How come, when you will a monster during Hours of Prosperity, you get the exact same experience, but a different amount of silver? This assumes the following, you are mounted, using HoP, and just you (no summon dragon, or anything else). No balm, or...

New maze times

The new maze times are good but only for mob fights.
There is no bosses in maze during new times.
It would be good to be able to fight bosses at these times as well.

Why not have mixed Ruins?

It still may not run but it is at least worth a try to ask.....The Valor versus Sadar theme is kind of dead and has been since the DOT went away.

Roak, Sea battle

Is there a way we can do like Sea battle and merge Valor and sadar together because it's been at least 1 month I'm looking for people to do those battleground, but we were always missing few players. Would be nice to work on something to make them gr...

Halloween Great Event

Read all about it here:

how come?

How come only miners get sydian for their mines? It starts at 37k, if you mine smaller mines, so why should they get sydian, and not hunters, fishers, or farmers? Just wondering.


Trying to learn about what one needs to do in regards to training so that they can summon mechanoids. If it is in the hall of masters, it seems like it is an awful long tract.


I would like to do a vote if we want this event again on server.

PLEASE WRITE YES OR NO THIS IS A VOTE                                                                                             ...

Unable to access site

On Friday, September 25, I am no longer able to login via iOS or Laptop. It appears to be an issue with my cable modem as I can login on my iPhone when using LTE. I won’t play from my phone, too small and cumbersome. I’ve tried as many ‘fixes’ as ...

Garuug event

I suggest a new garuug event for christmas!


What problem 2 bronze give mobs what is it?


It is not allowed to use more then one account per war.

One has to pick one account and use for the entire war this one account.

This means no using 2 accounts one to gather mines one to fight

or one for frist half and another for 2 nd half...

Mounts and Gear

Now that level 90 has been open for some time now it would be nice to have the mount and gear section updated to include black level stuff.
That goes for dragon abilities,tracker collections,and vigilant guard also.



I am making this post to help our new admin get started on our server working right. We would like to start with first getting everything working in English, so DO NOT POST any bugs here.

bugs please write SUPPORT by hitting bug button....
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