Colosseum Training Quest

Caster of arrows part is still glitches please help, second time I have written

Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband Cascian !
May this year hold more blessings than the last dear one !

1 year for Suspira

It's been a year since our community lost Suspira, even though I wasn't a big fan, the whole game is not complete without him/her. We should all take a moment to remember a great warrior that is no longer between us. We should all appreciate our smal...

simple question

will using 2 hefty bags of spoils stack their times or the old gets overwritten by the new?

New Daily PVP Quests - with a Huge Thank You! to DE team. Day 1 was a blast!

I'll start with the THANK YOU!!!! to the dev team for this update, I think many of us had a great time completing the quest. I am seeing much hope amongst players that changes will keep coming for the better. Keep up the good work!

Here's the ga...

lotto winners

any news announcements to who won the lottos?

DoT for Neph Quest

ok DoT is gone how do i complete the quest now. shouldn't of change that without a way to complete quest.

Rebirth? Remember when this was a thing?

I know terra > nova in de but they had it for about a year now. I know we typically are months behind in the same game, but come on man. It's like we both get to play super Mario bros online... Terra gets level 1-99 and bonus levels. We get level 40...


I know this was announced but we were never given enough info to know if it's active. How does this work?
Do you go to Moon City and propose and you'll receive the quest or..?
If nothin...

sunday event

where is the sunday event, or what is it? it is sunday!!!

Christmas items a waste of money?

20:37 Storm Kat: 20:36 Heaven's Voice: Изъято: Fire Beacon Particle (1 pcs), Almandine (80 pcs), 1. Получено: Fire Beacon (1 pcs).
20:37 Storm Kat: think that is going to be a waste of money since there's no archipelago now. but will go t...

Missing quests

Hey great games but I am quite sure that when comparing with previous character I am missing access to certain quests namely protector quests

Christmas Melvin?

Christmas Adventures in 4 days but Melvin is in 16.
Will there be a christmas melvin before the 16 days or will the one in 16 days be christmas themed?

Favorite Fortune Cookie Sayings for the Day

Here is a big bag of virtual fortune cookie sayings for you will save you on the calories to use for the holidays instead

"The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese"
"Don't worry about the world coming to an ...

Invincible Warrior

IW never runs these days , yet complete collection set will get u 750 rep, where else can u get that????????? So i propose some RULES between us players to get u all motivated.NO BUFFS/FOOD/COVERS/CURSES/HEXES/BANES, if we can AGREE to this maybe we...
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