new app does not work at all on my iPad awesome !!!!

Book Recommendations

Hello all, with the holidays coming up free time increases. I primarily read science fiction, old or new, and historical fiction and read other genres when the author catches my interest. Issue is that I've read so much that I'm running out of findin...

How to remove quest.

How do I remove a quest on the fire hd tablet.

Storm brigadier rand

Is this bugged? When I click on him i can't talk to him to complete the quest.


An update with the information. Amazing!!!! Thanks and so far great fixes and will have some fun experimenting with the new features

bug in mission of 18th level

I finished the mission "lure for training" but still in the inventory I have the 10 pieces of meats of burul.....so I can't do the next mission.....I'm killing skrag....but no valternas are helping me....please fix


Anyone know if i can post pictures on tablet?

Upgrade are just AWESOME!!!

Just did update this morning and WOW!!! Soooo happy and till now.. running amazing!!! Even emoji looks awesome on mobile

I need to admit that i thought DE was just forgetting us in here and somehow.. You were working hard for us!!

Thanks DE!...

bullshit exclusive offer

says if you pay 2.90 reals you get 5 reals and armour, but whoopdeedoo, after you buy reals, THE BUTTON STOPS WORKING
I want this fixed quickly because this is a scam, either give me what i paid for or refund me or something.

Arena of Honor

Has the time sequence for Arena of Honor been changed?!?!?!?

Schooner ship battles

I am curious if anyone has managed to get a Ship Battle recently while in a Schooner (the fast ships with 10 sydian maximum).
I am out often with sydian but haven't had a battle in a long time. Bug or bad luck?

Treasure map not working

Since the last update I've found in barrels, or obtained from "Man Overboard!" dozen of maps, but everytime I click on it nothing happenes. Please solve this problem, I'm not using the mobile version.


Got by accident 100 packs of flawless orbsof fearlessness

Would like to return them back

Emailed to payment@dragoneternity.com in beggingof this week and didn't get any answer about this.

Is this service still available?

Watching Cashbacks fight - Winner of the "Most boring" award?

Possibly the most boring thing I have ever done in this game.
23:20 Heaven's Voice: You received 27267. - lost to a player in under 5 minutes
23:27 Heaven's Voice: You received 37621. - won vs cashbacks (yes, all 3 bots were cashbacks) but t...

Nephilem Quest

The current published list of Level quests to reach Nephilem status is no longer valid. Is there any way to find out what the updated levels are?
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