Alt issue

i play on the same isp as a few others here , and i know the rules of the game very well , soo if i am in 1 fight with an toon other than _ savage _ , ascension and the snake lord .... dont shackle okay these are 10000% my toons .... thank you for ...

achievements , brotherhood of tartu

if you look at the achievements in brotherhood of tartu, many of them have a player's name attached to it, funny or intended ?
i want my personal achievement too, if it's the case !

Low Level Elites

Any chance of bringing them back ? Yes I know they are in instances, but they take much much more time to do than just the elite..

Since we "fixed" sea battle can we look at other things we wanted?

Maze times (we asked to have it just open and have elites spread out more so diffenert time zones have a chance to gain rep)
Invincible Warrior (20 people now is nearly impossible)
Tournament of Honor

bug on traps ??

every time i clear a trap says i win one Hunter point , but before i start cleaning them i look and saw my Hunter points and then clean traps and i only win 3 or 4 points …. i allways clean 9 traps everytime so i would win 9 points eatch time right? ...

Buying reals

So I was looking at the reals packages available for purchase and noticed that they're in the wrong currency for my country. I need Euros, not dollars. Furthermore all my browsers are blocking purchases from this site with pop-up warnings about the s...

Trade Option in AH

Any chance of a trade "shop" ? For example a random player wants to trade one purple elite pro piece for another, they could list on this "shop" with the piece they want to receieve, and if someone wants to trade it they can

"War Leader" Permission in Clan

Just a suggestion.. maybe a "war leader" permission in clan would be a good idea? for example it would allow you to write in red to make your writing stand out, or maybe be able to give someone a pop up to tell them to go somewhere? like the captain ...

description glitch

description on festibe insignia or warden says it redirects 50% of damage onto attaker.. it should say caster

Can we please have normal sb on sb days

The q is broken and shows one q which means they are completely split.
Please make this back to normal and experiment on non sb days.

No one voted for 1 q completely mixed sb so please experiment on non heroism days.

Outpost achievements

I cannot see them in achievements, yet I managed to complete {ACHIEV 88039}
Can you please make them show ?

just thinkin

notice nobody types in main anymore

Sea battles are completely broken now

They won’t fire with full q on both sides.


so i was doing hop and a certain player from avengers clan joined, i saw she not doing hop so i asked her please if she can wait til i finish ,but her answer was ( im only here for bc ). really ?? -… up my hop only because she whant to work on bc ???...

Help with getting to clan level 2.

We are on the last quest, the sparks of life one.
Currently on 32/160, I would really appreciate anyone who would be willing to help me get the last ones needed?

Even completing the quest one time would be a great help.

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