Dreidan need your advice

I am trying to work out what I can do about any old toon of mine that was jailed in 2014. But I guess the logs are not attached, closed or missing according to a council member. The only thing I have on the mod who shackled the toon is in Russian. I ...

Thanks and good bye

Thank you everyone for some good time we spent together. I really need to stop playing as it consumes too much of my time, which I can spend for some other things. Initially, I planned a month or two of a game for my study. The experience went out of...


внешняя ссылка

Special "offers"

So, take care when buying special offers, apparently they don't give exactly what they say.

For example the one in my gallery, although it says you will receive 10R as a gift, you wont, if you pay 9.1, Leane told me you will get 0.90 to bring it u...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

A very Merry Christmas wish to all who celebrate, may your days with your family and friends be full of good food and cheer.

Happy Holidays and all the best in the New Years for everyone no matter what your beliefs are.

May 2019 be full of K...

What about lotery?

Our last was 2 years ago, in terra they have 4 each year or so, its impossible here like and merge?

Missing 10R

So I got the offer which gave you all the essences for drag quest, and amulet, and 10 reals, i paid 10 euro, but i only got the 10 reals i paid for and the essences, not the extra 10r. Sort this out ASAP please.

21:57 Heaven's Voice: The amount...

Before 71 level

Make sure to upgrade any equipment before leveling to level 71. It will cost more Sydian to upgrade the same equipment after you level up.

Review League II Confrontation

not logged since 2014, about to win 1st place in league II with 121 points.

Possible Christmas bug

I did not think Garuda popped while in an instance, but I got both Garuug and Snowflake in Durg’s Cavern just before the final fight

Xmas buff

This is bug? Xmas buff Not Used

lvl cap raise

As I said on multiple posts before admin raised lvl cap please take care of things like mix sb''s mix ruins just all battle grounds before doing so..

but since I and others was ignored and ppl were saying raising cap will bring old players back ...

Tell me about your Nephs))

Do you have top Witch or Pal - Nephs? Or here everyone mostly use Zerk?

Sea battle and player kill quest balancing??

I have been wondering what's the few thing that should be modified so that the game can keep progressing without so much of a halt on the player conquest to go up in the level braquet yet I can't help but wonder some of the quest that requires specif...

Bugs in Great protector quest

Ok so the great protector quest gives you 3 of 5 instances, and most of these instances are bugged:
- Cannibal Bivuac: The boss doesn't always switch when killing one of the kariol mediums, as the description says it should.
- Steam Workshop: When ...
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