Trouble with Magic

I know someone asked this already but there was no answer. I'll just quote what the other person asked, "i been through the guide but i can't find the answer i need...Im level 4 (for now) and i got my amulet and have unlocked the spell book but im no...

how to save my caracter

how do i save before leaving

Character Appearance

Is changing my characters game face, hair, build, etc all possible in this game? How do I do this?


Help with Magic

i been through the guide but i can't find the answer i need...Im level 4 (for now) and i got my amulet and have unlocked the spell book but im not able to put spells on my belt like i thought i that the incorrect way to use my magic in com...

Liking the game -Raffle entry? -Does this count? :)

This game is fun and addicting! I'll go in for the attack but they block and then I'm like and they take a huge hit and they live, because it was 3 points short of killing them... now I'm like and then they kill me


How do i join the chat here?

I am new here and i like to know please help? Could some oen please tell me how i join the chat here?

I'm all for the duel of truth but...

im going to try and be impartial here....

in the first stage, maybe dont take bombs of players when they lose?
either limit fights to 1v1 or somehow make a queue or something for the first stage?

and for the second stage.....limit how many ea...


all leaders of all clans were wondering how much is the clan tax worth?members were asking coz they were seeing 10g pay tax when they click the clan meaning every members so we are just wondering really what is happening.....if admins gonna ask for ...


how do i restart my character

extra accounts

i dont have extra accounts i just made one for my brother sure i took his money and potions but thats not me we r brothers in the real world and my brother wanted to marry someone 2 because he is behind bars u ppl are messed up i know i may b rude an...

two players a household

my wife like this game and i was wondering if it was okay to have me and her play from one computer but different accounts


What level do you get a dragon?


how do i change class from paladin to berserker

Eyes and Essence

I buy an eye. I use it. Check to see if it is working. It is. I start a battle with a mob higher lvl than I am. I use my magic three times during that fight which is 312 mana each time I used the spell it did over 100 damage. I win the fight. And yet...

cant buy stuff in shop to do quests

i really hate not being able to buy shit and ur doing nothing (wtf)and im pissed off i cant buy potions or anything at all it say "ooops looks like there was an error most probably we already know about it and will fix it soon!" and im tired of that...
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