about the energy

Do they automatically fill up their energy or how do they get their energy?

playing the game

hi evry time i click on enter game or play it loads a blank screen :(

Looking for a Clan

Level 12 active player looking for a clan

alien helm

where can I get a new one or is it a one time item

samegender marrage

why cant you marry someone with the same gender


guardians control heavens voice. If you are cursed by heavens voice, know it was by a guardian

getting on guard

How can you become a guard?

dragon destiny

Baltazaar here. players level 7 through level 9 should release their dragon spirit. I have a quest for players level 7 through level 9. its called dragon destiny. defeat a level 13 monster. defeat a level 14 monster. defeat a level 15 monster. rewar...

The game

love the game! really disapointed if I have to get off :(

Fishing Profession

When I first started fishing I recieved one mastry exp point for each net i picked up but now ( I have 804 exp) I might pick all 10 of my nets and only get 3 or 4 exp total. Can someone explain to me why this is happening?

Looking to join a group

I looking to join a group, u can send me a message

trials of elder dragons

where do you need to go to do this?


how do i use the chat thing on the game

accepting and completing quests that only allow you to talk

i have been having trouble doing these quests as it wont let me even start them i can only talk and it is really aggravating


How is it that a level 4 Sinra Outlaw can produce more or equal damage as me a level 12 paladin? That much of a level difference should make for a drastic difference in damage dealt. This is something that I believe needs to be changed to make the ...
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