why my rewards for battle is reduced

looking for clan

looking for clan with no specific requirements to join

clan information

is clan leader only one able to change clan information or is there any way to give permission to others. if not that is one big thing to change

Lv 15 Vaalorian Witcher seeks Clan

I am Bernd, German living in Canada for 17 years. Truly bilingual German/English.
I am a very active player 8-12 hr's a day, diplomatic and social seeks membership to join a clan or support for the founding of a new Clan of Vaalor.
Please contact...


Ok, i just thought of a cool idea! in the battle ground games, like arena of honor, there should b an almost never ending game in there included. Like there is a game we play in my neighborhood, its similar to dodgeball, but all men to themselves. an...


how do i become a guardian???????????

no weapon !!!

twice i bought a weapon for 21 silver and it didn't show up either time ! but yet my silver is gone !


what about being able to cook dragon foods. for example: 5 neck of burul for 58 sirloin


how do i equip the pommel

Food making (cook profession)

Hey there i dont suppose you could add an option to make dragon food, for a level 1 hunter would make things run alot smoother :)

how do we switch classes

I know that my sword and my amulet make me a Witcher. Where will I get an amulet or weapon for Paladin or Berserker? Thank you for your help.




Is there a client or something like that in this game?

Friends List Glitch??

Hey I was told to report this as a possible glitch..I was away from my computer and when I came back to it my entire friends list was gone. Thanks.

Shaman of the Greenskins

Quest says I have everything I need. Go to watermill and make the fire. I am in the right location, but don't see any options to continue and finish this quest? Any Ideas?
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