Is there ever going to be a way to contact players in the game?

I was just wondering if there was going to be a mail tab set up where players can leave messages or contact someone in the game. Or perhaps at least like a "whisper" button to check if someone is online instead of asking in the chat box. Sometimes th...

"Error Authenticating"

why this message showing up "Error Authenticating" ?

Hideki can you tell me what is this please?

my dude

i screwed up my dude so bad i need to delete him how can i???

barim lissar

I cant find him on the outskirts

Why Groups?

How are the groups used?

Monsters, NPC Location.

Is there a link that shows the various monsters available in each location of the map or do I have to manually make notes on them?
Thank You for all info and time.

geting merried

i need to ask someone to marry me how should i do it

Looking for a active and war clan

i am an exp. player that has played the same type of games before and am used to play this game. I am online for most of the time.
If anyone wants to send a invite reply to this


I am level 7 and looking to join a clan.

Join clan

I would like to join mercenaries.

Quest Problem Alert

I have a reoccuring quest which crashes and does not allow me to do anything but close the game. I cannot use control V as suggested as it does not have anything saved to the clipboard. I think you have a bug, folks, which is getting around your err...

how do you choose

how do you chose if you want to be a Berserk ,Paladin or a Witcher ?

need to join a clan

i need to join a clan so please allow me in.


Looking to join a good and strong clan with good leaders and respectfull members

Berzek active player lv 9 looking for friendly clan

Ello, I seek a friendly clan I read native quebec. my first language is not English but French but I understand when even very good. thank you for taking the time to read my application
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