Clarification on Trade rules please

I don't really understand the rules there, even more since I am told many different versions of it even by Guardians.

As I understand them is you have a + or - max 30% of the average price put in AH. Is that right ?

"7. A price for an traded it...

I can't claim Raiser of Shields Collection,

after I assemble it, I lost source and I can't Raiser of Shields Collection

Dragons Health

Is there anything out there that can help gain health back to your dragon quicker? If not maybe that could be looked into by the developers

Barim lissar

I've taken the hide to him, closed the box, but that's all that's happening, the quest isn't ending??? have I forgotten something?

Heavens Voice turn off ??

Is there a way to turn this off its realy annoying when trying to have a conversation and when you kill something you get like 4 messages and lose the convo

green equipment

How do you find green equipment?

Question about reals.

How much are reals worth when exchanging them in the game for coins?


where can i find galabris

auctioning other items

it seems like missed opportunity that we cant auction certain things like substances.. would be nice to have the option to sell them

Missed quests

How can I go back and get quests that i missed?

galdator reputation gain problem

iam stuck @ 290 out of 1000 gladiator reputation points even thou i completed master davian quest and claimed the reward , please help me fix it :(

looking for clan

Iam lvl 16 and i would love to join a clan

Upcoming Features!

Here's a special sneak peek of what lies in store for Warriors of Adan. Stay tuned for all this and more following the official launch of Dragon Eternity!

• Epic Battles
• New Locations and Monsters
• More Instances
• Advanced Clans
• Event E...


i wonder whats the diff between blocking and attacking and which is better when you're a berzerker.....

3x attacked turns

just to let you know that I was fighting 2 low level mobs at the same time (By summoning my dragon before the first attack) and I attacked then it attacked then it switched to the other one and it attacked then back to the first and it hit me again. ...
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