Spark of silence

I am wondering what the spark of silence will be used for. I have been getting these drops for the past week or so more often than sparks of inception but don't know what to use the sparks of silence for? Could anyone enlighten me as to what they a...

unfare final duel

in the recent 29-3 duels I noticed our earth dragon was severely limited compared to their wit class boss... first off their boss could use water magic to heal but out dragon NEVER used a breath attack. second the bite/strike effects were never put o...

Stuck at the Skrag Caves

How do I get a group together to get through the Skrag Caves?

Dragon Amulets

My question is, I've been killin myself to lvl up to 16 to get a dragon of choice. I looked in the library to see what all the info is on this. It says that I need 5/6 pieces of an amulet of melding to summon a dragon. I was told in chat that it s...

Traven room for rent

What is the number of items....or slots the room will hold?

Duel of Truth

I went to a place where I was able to vote for when I wanted the next Duel of Truth to be but I am not sure how to get back to it. Could someone please provide the link? Thank you.

Vote for best time for Duel of Truth to start!

Great warriors of Tartu! After successful launch of Duel of Truth we are planning to run this event weekly! We would like to know what would be the best time for it start! Vote and tell us your thoughts in this topic.


I just got greevs of the golden eagle from skrag aves but ment to give it to a freind, it wont let me trade or AH it whats the problem do i need to go to witcher class to do it?

Please help my friend.

A friend of mine man Jesus was sent to the dungeon for some reason. He did nothing that I seen I was playing with him. It wont let him get out. He cant wright a forum to the guardians. he is in shackles and it doesn't give him a time he can get out....

Bad gateway?

I cant connect to the game i can only get on forums

How to summon dragon?

Anyone knows how to summon dragon in game?

can i change the way my little person looks xx

I'm just curious as I don't particularly like the hair xx lol x

is teleportation rune a permanent item

can i keep it in my tavern room and it still work?
does it expire?

Number Icon

There is a number that apopears in a red circle (and the number changes) between the map and spellbook tabs under the main playing screen. Can ANYONE tell me what the heck that number is for? I haven't been able to find any information about it. :...

Drop Rate(help)

I'm trying to make armor how can I increase my materials drop rate?
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