i cant buy anything from shop i hate it


every day when i log in and expect my daily bonus i cant get it i mean it says i can collect it but it wont give me my money

The Tavern

What is the tavern for, i mean why can you rent it, does it make you money?


Where and how is the beast way to get ingredients for spells?

Why curse after a PvP

Dear developers.. th idea of the game is to get people to play and keep them. All the curse does is make people log off till the curse is lifted. When that happens thn there's a significant chance that they'll find something else to play and won't c...

Tournament of Honor

I would like to know how the qualifing match is scored! I thought it was based on damage! Well todays tourny someone that did less damage than me made the cut and i did not! Please explain to me why the hell this happned!

server connection error

i keep getting server connection error coming up and have to refresh, is there a reason for this


Is there a way to link an account with facebook?
I started playing with facebook but than jailed that character starting over.
I only logged on through the game. I would like to link this character though to the facebook page. Is there a way to do ...

Con Artists in Auction House - Noobs beware!

I have just tried to purchase some elixirs in AH thinking i may be able to get a little cheaper than in shop when i worked out that every green and blue elixir in there is over double the shop price and it seems to be the same people posting them jus...

i cant access my old account

dear admin, please help me regarding my old account i made this noob one because when i try to inter my old it appears on regester form and i save that account on my old comp. and i used same mail address and password. iwanted on my old..plz help me ...

account deletion?

How can I delete an account?

on a mission

lvl 11 bezerker trying to find clan i play a minimum of 4 hours a day most the time more participate in many arena battles am recruit of the first blood please give me a shot i play for sadar

Helping others

What do'es it take to get help fighting when you need help ? I have tried several times to get help fighting, and always wound up fighting by myself. Please tell me how to get help fighting these losing battles. Need to get these quests done.

Is there ever going to be a way to contact players in the game?

I was just wondering if there was going to be a mail tab set up where players can leave messages or contact someone in the game. Or perhaps at least like a "whisper" button to check if someone is online instead of asking in the chat box. Sometimes th...

"Error Authenticating"

why this message showing up "Error Authenticating" ?

Hideki can you tell me what is this please?
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