3x attacked turns

just to let you know that I was fighting 2 low level mobs at the same time (By summoning my dragon before the first attack) and I attacked then it attacked then it switched to the other one and it attacked then back to the first and it hit me again. ...


The graphics for the new sea battle quests are amazing, well done guys

Trade tab?

What is this for? Can you actually trade with other members in this tab? If not what is the reason for it? Thanx

Developers need to fix this I'm thinking... but not really (Confusing title ey?)

So I was in the Skrag Caves doing my thing with a group of friends. Up comes the Skrag, with eager anticipation I swing my mighty Reinforced Barbarian Axe and too my dismay the Skrag blocked it ... WITH HIS ARM !!! C'mon now... I payed good gold for ...


why can you not read how much cash you have, who made the game and forgot to display more than two digits!!??

Farming help?

ive just hit level 11 and iam looking to farm i spent the whole of level 10 farming sinra warriors level 9 and managed to buy all the stuff to craft my pally armour and still have 94silver left is there anything else to farm these are a bit boring no...

Still looking for clan

I am now level 13 nearly 14 and looking to join a clan anyone? Please. I am a Witcher and daily player.

Looking for clan

I am a lvl 12 and i am 22 years old and i would love to join a clan

Looking for a clan

Im looking to join a fun clan. Im over 18 based in the uk and currently a level 12 beserker who plays everyday for at least a few hours.
Im looking for a surportive clan whos main aim is having fun and not taking game to seriously. It would be g...

why is mobs to hard to kill of even low lv

i think its not right for your mob of lower lv to kill lower than lv6 because of of there hight hit rate it also hurts your armor and makes people dis and want to quit

2 seals appearing at the same time-

Tried to cancel out of my seal of idols, and it turned off my seal that lets me kill the thick skinned boars. Tried to cancel it again and it turned off my eye of chaos. 60 silver down the drain.

Not letting me sign up

I tryed to sign up ,but it wont let me.
can someone help me?

azure shersher voucher

where do i find the quest to do this?

Need Clan

I am level 13 and in search of a clan.....anyone wish to have a newbie?

New To The Game

A big hello to everyone it is good to be gaming with you all. being new to this game i would appreciate any hints and tips for a new player also if anybody can tell me where and how to join a clan i will be truly grateful and if any clan wants a new...
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