Class benefits

I'm new to this game as of about 2 days ago. can anyone explain to me the class benefits of being a berserker, paladin, and witcher? so i can choose the path i want to be. suggestions are very much welcomed as well. thank you.

seal of amour tabs

i can not access the seal for peppercaps only the seal of substance plz review thgank you

looking for good clan

i'm on my 3rd day playing, lvl 10, full pally gear,experienced rpg player,would b a good asset 2 any guild

Reduced to Ashes

I have 2/3 burned and now it won't allow me to do the last one. Is there anyone that can explain to my why that is?


How can a level 11 have 2500 health, level 14, 4000 or better.

Inferno Elite

I seek a chance to join Inferno Elite. I am active everyday for a min of 3hrs I have awsome witcher gear, and hav all witcher gear leading up to lvl 15. I will hav a second Golden sword of the Eagle tomorrow. I also like to play as a team and help p...

What are Reals for?

When i play i notice that it has reals beside the amount of money you have and I was just wondering what it was thanks

Looking for a vaalor clan

just made it to 17 and im looking for a clan so i can get in the caves, there is only 2 vaalor clans so it would be cool if someone from eather could get at me ingame or put a reply up here if there are any open spots ..ty


I would like to know where can we get relics, i was told that we can go for relics if we go up the stairs after we defeat first boss in skrag caves. Who do we have to fight, how many and how strong to get them. I think that there is many people who w...

Stuck in a finnished battle

1.i was in a battle
2. i logged out from a frozen computer
3.i tried loggin in (the battle was over)
4.i can't
5. plz make me leave the finnished battle
6.the account is John62534

Class Strategies

Hey guys and gals was wondering what you all would think about us starting a thread to help each other out by class. If you want you can post what you use in Arena and Bridges to help you achieve victory.
I am a level 19 Berserker and usually I u...

Dragon Armor

When and how can I get Armor for my Dragon ?

Bad Moderators

today ,at about 1:00 central time, I was silenced for saying feces in the main chat. I got no warning and it was for 5 hours. I know Tigrin was one of the mods at the time. is feces a swear word? and why are mods given that much power when they abuse...

Level 5 seeks clan

I am new and really want to learn more about the eddiquitte of this game

error on points received from battle

I am a level 11 attacking lv 12 and heavens voices says I get reduced points as fighting a lv lower than myself. since when did lv 12 become lower than lv 11 and how do I get what I should have had?
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