Hunt for Half Blood Idols

I am running around and can't find the Sinra Robber's to fetch the idols. If anyone has the locations for the different enemies we have to fight to gather the needed items that would be a great help. Thanks Dragon community

Glitch going on with using Trial Combat to figure out which Dragon you like best

Not sure if this was mentioned as of yet. Once the battle is over and i'm dead, i'm stuck laying on the ground unable to get out of battle mode. And this small panel appears saying 'Battle Finished: Awaiting results'. Like you're supposed to get som...

Chrome is messing up

I have played on chrome before, on the same account, but when I try to now, it lets em log in, then goes to a black screen that says "loading..." and stays like that as long as I leave it up. I've loaded it up on other browsers, and it works fine, bu...

the smuggler

where is skinflint bron i am supposed to talk too. supposed to be at the cross roads???


I summoned my dragon to get 2 beasts to come but when I killed them I could only carve up one of them. It showed I got one meat but not 2.

I figured out what happened. my knife broke.

drop rate

while i understand the need to earn money and the point of chareing for easier access to weapons and such for those who do not or can not afford to pay perhaps the drop rate should be rethought. makes some ppl not want to play all that much as i am g...

possibly new potion?

i was just curious as to why there is no mana potions? and if there is a mana potion in the works? would be mighty helpful, and profitable! any questions? and concerns?

Merchant of armour?

My question is simple. Where did the merchant go? I'm quite sure he was around yesterday. I was even doing the quest for vouchers. Does that mean it doesn't exist anymore?

Inferno Elite

We are a new clan for sadar, we may be new but we are experienced gamers.
Level 12+
Age 18+, and an interview with a council member
let us know the usual server time your on
Be genuinely awesome (or cruel and unusual punishment m...


Hello everyone I have just started here and was wondering what classes you guys would recommend???

I am going to stop now at level 3 before choosing my first ring and wait till tomorrow for your response.

Thank you


Essence of air

Where to you obtain essence of air?

Items from enemies

The drop rate on items from enemies is way below satisfactory. I think there should e random days where there could be a higher drop rate on items and days where players can earn extra Exp. Just a suggestion to make the game a little more interesting...

Essence of fireairchaos and spark of inception

Is there a certain type of monster for each of the above for you to gain any of them,or is it a certain level of monster for you to get them, also do you have to hit a certain level and type with a specific type of spell? I'm level 13, any help would...

Sparks of Inception

I'm not sure what this is, only been playing for 2 days but I've seen so many people talking about it.
Thanks :)


ok so far we we have 2 clans in sadar and 1 clan in vaalor. we need another clan on vaalor. cuz i for one and a vaalor and knights of ni are full so we need another clan. stat ill join first promise
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