automatic use of potion

my potions used to be supplied from my bag automatically. the reason why i bought a lot from shop. but the fact is potions do not appear after using five and appears when i lose the game. wtf?

Dragon Quests

so i needed 250 air and choas...did that
how much more essence and what types do i need for the rest?

game enemys

how is it a game enemy can block and reflec at least 5-6 times in a row then crit your hps and then block again yet we spend countless hours playing and spending for amour and weapons that do nothing against something like that a bit unfair do you no...

Dragons Life

Is there any way to extend my dragons life during battle ?

Mining Resources

So I'm pretty new to this game for starters, so bear with me. I hired some miners and had them doing their thing at one of the mines and logged off for the night. The next time I got on, I had a message saying I received 33 pcs of coal. Does anyone h...


I dont understand how to join a clan still? can someone enlighting me?

game not adding money right

I sold stuff back to game and did not receive the correct amount back. I thought it did this earlier tonight but was not sure, now I am. It was only a few bronze, but is this happening to other players with larger amounts?===05:54 Heaven's Voice: ...

Money Erasing

i just started the game and when i get arounf 50 bronze coins then i get another large amount of coins my coin number goes down alot. plz help.

buying reals

i bought 25 reals , and havent recieved any , i used my paypal account ? and even recieved the text with reciept # and date and amount purchased !! but yet ? still no reals , how can i get my reals ? please ?,,,,,,,, update , i have finally recieved ...

Seeking Clan

I am seeking a Clan with whom I may be taught the proper ways to fight and to gain enlightenment in all I endevour to do.....1 become a Paladin ..2 become a fine builder of weapons....and last.....3 to become the best alchemist in the game.....Is the...


I did not understand how can you have an ally in battle, any suggestion is well accepted.

Elite Battle Etiquette

I'm a newbie; a Paladin. What is proper etiquette with elite battles? I see invitations on chat lines, but are they directed to specific players? I've joined in a couple to help out; I'm concerned that I've stepped on someone's toes.

Cant see character when fighting...

You cant see my character when i do a dual or fight. Dont know what happened it just done it all of a sudden. Please help. xBlue_Bladex


why my rewards for battle is reduced

looking for clan

looking for clan with no specific requirements to join
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