Elite Quest for KRUG

i am proposing that there be a lvl 50 elite quest for Krug. he has earned the fun and it would be enjoyed by all.
im sure there are alot of others who agree.
so lets let him have a dance shall we???
with a proper partner ????

thanks and cookies
i also think he needs an emote..that way when we all win a battle we can use it and say we KRUG'ed it!!!!
wonderful way to promote a dedicated players achievements in the game... well delivered.
I agree completely if Krug agrees to it i think it would b sumthing special for every1
He'd kill us all, but the dirt nap would be fun. XD

Heck, if it gets approved, I'll give it a go.
amendment to the post...make it a lvl 56 elite quest. he turns lvl 50's into his maid.
Not just for Krug, there are more than he who can turn level 50 elites into mincemeat... Let's not single people out when they're not the only ones. :)
How about a special emote for Ingsing4u [49], Grimzink [46] and Zeus2105[45]? They are amazing. Winners of battles could say they Inged it or Grimmed it.
Also, Ingsing4u, Grimzink, and Zeus treat females with respect in clan chat.
iv watched players do the level 51 solo, they deserve recognition as well.. mind you new monsters and player levels would benefit players like limelite and matt pheonix who have been a high level for a long time and had to slow down cos the game couldnt keep up with them
If only I was hardcore enough to "Ing" an Elite... I just can't make them mincemeat enough *le cry* lol
Huzzah !! let there be large lvl elite quests for all of the Gods !! lol good point Astriid !! Grimz a friend and he is really amazing !! let there be a mincemeat emote !!
let there be quests !!!
Or a quest for lvl 30s, slay the lvl 50 character, so it could be KRUG, Podeth, Limelite, etc..
i think they should make a it if i get a free pass to troll into his battles and take part in killing the elite n brag that i killed it..then we should have it drop sugar cubes as well when we kill it cuz nomnomnomm
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