I bought gift with real by mistake on mobile :((( 10 reals

I was looking at gift because i didnt know what was a Student of Archipelago pass so i only pass by a friend to acces to list and send a Lotus by error to this friend.. Gothic dragon.. can u refund me pls?!
I wanted to close page and not send

Cheater in arena

pavel told me to post here... please read my other post it explains everything



-missing equiptment glitch?

so its been like 3 or 4 years since ive been on aand yesterday when i loaded my account all of my mains equiptment, my dragons equiptment, and the equiptment on my highest lvl mount was just gone... not in my inventory or tavern room.... although odd...

DE the new porn site?

I know those pictures have been reported by multiple people for admins to take down from the gallery. The ones posted by Nova Ark and Jazstel 5.

If the admins with the rights are not going to log in - why not give the ones who are logged in her...

How can i play without nephilim i face problems with players

My leader ihit i dont have nephilim quest

Stupid mistake with reals

Bought 5,9k orbs of nosferatu for 29,5 reals just for mistake ,is any chance to get these reals back ?

Need to know who is overfilling the exchanger


I sent pms and then a bugs report. I was told by Pavel to post here.

Either Dragonflys2 or I need to know the people who have 100g or more in Exchanger in Hellfire clan.

It is either you help us or we have to start booting people to ...


King Arthur m and I angelwomansam are on the same ISP but different emails

I Forgot My Email Account as a 5 years or more ago


My Nickname was "GenChristian" Level 32 (Soldier the Third Blood) then i'll do it my password recover. I want to know for long time ago for play this DE. What's my old email should be?

Send Me Back to Reply! Thank You

Service Request

I emailed payment@dragoneternity.com on February 2nd and have not heard anything back. Guards tell me to pm ihit, but he hasn't logged on since Feb 1st. Can anyone help me with my request?

Mail and password forgotten help

I forgot the mail and password of my 29 level character. please help me. nick : TuRBuLaNS37

Mail and password forgotten help.

I forgot the mail and password of my 29 level character. please help me. nick : TuRBuLaNS37

Alts in Sea Battle Check :)


Please and thank you :)

Broken weekly confrontation

Please review my post in the bugs area: http://dragoneternity.com/forum/bugs/12368.html

"Your request (#7748501) has been updated. Please, check for the new comment!
You'll get our response within 24 hours from your latest message.

Pavel Lens...

please realease reals and toon

so i bought reals on my other account and game support and then realized my toon demon empress was baned for suspected hacking and their was no hacking at all it was proven along time ago
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