I got punished

Hi, I got my character called --Undead-- shackles of debtor even though I didnt do anything.

Naked Fighting in ROAC

Captain Zapp stripped his gear during ROAC to avoid gear damage which cost me 2 paladin kills. Please look into this violation of the rules..I have a screenshot of him fighting naked and timing out if you'd like. thank you

Is this legal to fight without using pots?

multiple fights between 23:00-00:00 with those 2 people just dying and wasting my buff...

Searching for stronger and effective items, weapons and armor

Im looking for more of those things quicker

Missing Items

I decided to log back in here after being gone a few years, and i see that my auxiliary weapon is missing. I know my breastplae is gone as that was a clan item, but my axe was mine. was told to comment here by insight support team.

thanks in advan...

Accidental price mishap

So heres what happen yesterday I put 5 pieces of Spark of inception up for sale in the auction but i didnt realize i sold them for 5 silver instead of 50 so just to let you know I honestly didnt do that on purpose my intended price was 50.(i was drun...

AOH update concerns

Hello Guardians. Pavel told me to repost some of our questions about the new Non Player Characters here to get some answers. We have a lot of things we don't understand that are posted in the tavern, but I thought I would start with a few of them a...

I screwed up

Hey. So I sorta sold an item for one of my characters, to a new one, for the old characters total gold, so that i could start fresh on the new one, I didn't know thats a big no no, so I traded it back at the proper amount. sorry about that.

Really need a ruling, level 20 and under asking level 50 and over

for help to complete the skrag caves accomplishment so they can get the relics drop. I've been directly asked once and indirectly asked once, two different toons. They plan to sell relics to main to make gear (I assume.) Is this legal?

Accidental dismantle blocking quest progression

Hi, relatively new to the game, I just completed the quest that gives me the 'minor guardian ring' (Level 2) but as I had just spent realms to get the blue set I sold it, not realising I needed to equip it for the next quest to progress. I can't seem...


http : //dragoneternity . com/game/fight.php?id=57a9f6f9-48b3-0102-80a9-1071295f2df9

Alt check and do something please ihit he came in butt naked and threw the fight no pots nothing

Bought a spark of inception

for 1 copper. Immediately pmed the seller:

06:21 WaterHawke » caroq26: You sold that spark FAR too cheaply. I will trade it back to you for the same price, and you can sell it for a better price in ah. (They go for 9-12 silver each.)

No resp...

Three family members, three different devices, all variations on a name

Hi! Argyll is with ccampbell92@gmail, my son is Argyll88 who has his own email acdragon117@gmail.com and my hubby is Lord Argyll (probably using his own email jtvccampman@yahoo. We all live in the same house but all have our own devices so up address...


Hi. I accidentally sold a level three berserker axe too cheaply. Was yelled at by my clan and told to apologize. Very sorry. It won't happen again. I understand the rules now.

Player Ganking (Victim of Ganking)

I've been trying to do quests and get my profession stuff done, basically trying to develop in the game, and Ichorr will nonstop keep attacking me. I said that Donald Trump was going to win office in America and he just started going after me. I woul...
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