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1. Nickname (link to your character).
2. When (approximately) punishment was applied.
3. Case description

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Thursday August 02, 2012, 17:00 GMT+2
Reason: illegal money-item transfer
I had no ideea that multiaccount can be a problem. , not knowing the rules doesn't mean you can avoid responsibility for your actions. Character wont be released , you used multiple accounts to transfer items and gold over.
reason for punishment: under investigation????????

For more information mail us at
12:00 27/2/13
I chose to use an innapropriate name but wish to have it changed so that I might continue to use the site.

Check our services page -
cant remember when
doont know why

my name is now inappropriate even tho i was talking with guardians last night how do i fix this i dont mind changing my name just a name iv been known as in other games

Please check our services page:
i dont know why im in prision .... !!!! but i want to keeep playing !! help !!!

Punishment Removed.
I want to keep playing but I am on a limited income. I get paid again on the 3rd. Could you please reinstate me and I will pay then?

Shackles for not returning Bank loan can only be removed once you return that loan.
why was i banned tell me

Illegal trades with your two multi accounts over course of several months.
I have a Character named SatansHellspawn that's in prison for when I played months ago for having more then one character and now that were allowed to have more then one char, I was wondering if you could either remove his shackles or delete him completely so I can make a new character in his place. Thank you!

Characters that were jailed before you could have 10 on your account shall not be released from shackles. Simply log-in with your old e-mail and create a new character on that account as you may have up to ten on single mail now.
17th August
Illegal money transfer

Sorry, i did not believe that this was in breach of any rules.
I really would like to carry on playing with this character but cannot afford to pay for release.
Now that i realise that its against the rules i wont try it again. I dont think of myself as a cheat in life and thought it was all ok with the new character rules. I ask for mercy in return for being a positive, more mature player.

Trades with desolation - sending or taking items "free of charge" is against rules. Every item must be paid for +- 30% of market value of it. You however transferred bunch of items to desolation without taking any payment from it. Characters will be released only once the fine is paid.
In that case could you please delete both my Subhuman and Desolation accounts as i am, as i said, unable to pay the fines and i will either have to start again,, or go elsewhere.

Characters do not get deleted from your e-mail, you can create up to ten characters on same mail so simply create a new one to start over with.
Jenna Jameson
May 2nd 2013
illegal nickname

So yeah is there a way you can change the name so I can keep playing this character? Made a lot of progress on this one. My best character hands down with much more potential than my other two helmel 16 and perseus 15. I got a bunch of essence and was working toward level 13 to do next dragon quest not to mention I won a really cool mark yesterday. A real shame to lose all that hard work. Really sorry about my poor judgement in picking this name. Hope we can work something out and give jenna jameson a new name. Thanks so much for your time.

For name change have a look here:
mule skinner
may 5 2013
invalid nickname
i would like to have his shackles removed please...

For name change have a look here:
Mister sinister
may 19 2013
I would like to know why all my Son's and My character's were shackled in two sepperate accounts for Illegal money-Item transfer when I bought gear off his character in Auction house. When the rule clearly states you can trade gear and items for the value of what they are worth in the Auction House as long as it doesn't exceed 30% or under 30% of the price and I got the prices for what the items were worth from a one of your Gaurdians ( Midnite98 ), So I know I did nothing wrong when I asked a Gaurdian first and now you are Punishing my Son and I for your mistake. So basically your saying my Son and I can't buy items from one another because we are in the same household using the same computer since we can't afford 2 computers which I think is complete crap. So please fix your mistake!!!

Character released and keep trades between you and your son's account fair in future.
Mentioned characters released , if any of those characters violate the game rules they all will be back in shackles.
Over a year ago.
After I have voluntarily jailed myself from 2 unnecessary disputes because I was easily annoyed while under heavy exam stress (these exams mean my future career), I had tried to revoke my application when I calmed down for voluntarily jail but I was already jailed. It's been a long time since i have played this game, and I wish to play this character again but no longer have the facility to play the game. I was also sent an email from the support site (The reply was sent by a person from the support team called Natalya Romanyuk) to write here and ask for a release from jail.

Please Consider and let me be free.
Thank you for your time.

Characters that have been voluntarily jailed do not get released. If you wish to continue to play same character you must pay the fine.
prison for illegal items and money .
.. I do not understand because I'm in the dungeon. only exchange a glass of the seven bridges in the amount of items ... on the market have a value of 35g

You're in jail for taking free items from your alts. Character shall not be released.
Instead of using caps next time try to make a proper response. Your character is jail for mostly taking money and items from more than 15 of your alt characters not one or two bad trades.
i was put in for bieng nice plus my whole account!!! and by being nice i mean giveing money now im forced to use another accounti was just being nice

"Giving Money" is against trade rules, so your shackles are just. Either pay the fine or start over with different character.
Exploiting (What you mean with this term? For what exactly I was imprisoned, and why such a huge fine?)

Usage of game bugs. You were abusing a bug that allowed you to get Insignias for free and sell them for profit. The reals fine is for "usage of game errors/bugs" and second one is for profit you made selling them.
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