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If you think that a Curse was applied to your character without any particular reason, or Guardian was rude to you, left your inquiry unattended or was acting inappropriately, you can leave a complaint in this topic.

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Question when we click on the time stamp to report those don't goto y'all right cause thats how i reported it at first if those dont really work thats fine i just wanted to know why needed screen shots i will try and remember to get screen shot next time

We receive all time-stamps you report. However sometimes more context is needed to get hold of situation, as well as if this is happening through private messages you should use ignore function instead of time stamping the person.
i would like to know the specific reason i was shackle. i am the only one that could access this computer and apartment and yet last time it said that i had to paid 20 gold to get out and now i cant even get to pay to get out can anyone help me because this is unfair.

Can you please remove my shackles I did nothing wrong. When I sign back into my computer I seen I have shackles. There is no reason why I should have them. Please remove them.

Thank you

"Nothing wrong", you violated trade rules, by transfering items for 1 copper coin each between both of your accounts.
ok so i shackled my acccount ashatia for so called ashatina, (due to either game or computer errors) DID not work. i report this account as my husbands while i asked f or my account ashatia to be shackled. you knew i had multiple accounts that wasnt played IF you want me to shackle ALL accounts but moltenstone i wil whatever it takes seriously ive been a long time player and one of my comments was deleted please oh please seriously i will delete all. this is unfare I reported MY HUSBANDS account sorry.. but please i tried to inform you all what was going on but i guess you didnt get it. and shcakled my acckount.

Removed shackles from Ashatina, punishment changed to 30s on Moltenstone. Avoid trades using same computer and keep the prices fair if you ever decide to trade between you two.
hey there i need reasons for why i was shackle since i haven't been playing for about 2 month since my baby was born . and now that my wife decide to go to her mom's house and let me have a day off i appear to come back to this brilliant game it appear shackle? saying that i played more than two accounts it can not be possible since my wife is always posting my baby"s pic on her fb all day long. i need reasonable help please for case

Punishment lifted.
i posted two days ago here and my comment got erased but im going to say it again
my cousin character jhonson knew my account email and password and made some illegal stuff of what i heard now and i have not known of this because i am studying in college so i have not much time to play this game but when i had the time to i realize my account is shackled plz hear me guardians, i want to play and had made a lot of effort and time on this character but plz take this curse out of me because it not my fault is my cousin's, and i have already taken security measures so that this never happens again.

thank u so much for your time

The only way he would know your password is if you shared it. Therefor you violated the security of your account and everything he did was at your own responsibility.
but i didnt do it on purpose it was a mistake and i already change allmy data but please understand me that i didnt do it on purpose and i want to play with out trouble so please free my account from shackle.
hi i would like to get unshackle since i was not aware of what was happening i did save my password on the user i usually use on my computer somehow my cousin jhonson bypass my computer system and use my character to his concern without me knowing what happened, since i was to busy working i didn't log on until i was told by my cousin dark lord master i was shackle for playing more than two accounts pliz i am not asking for much but i need to be trusted since i am not only a player but i am gonna be a dad soon, and would like to play this very same game when my baby get to the age of 7 or 8 pliz understand my situation and my cousin dark lord master. thank you for understanding
why do i have a shackle of debtor? i have not transfer any money either any item.the only items i trade are Artful Shard of Magic Ambition Light Shard of Magic Ambition and i trade em because they take space in my backpack

Because of items you took from ba5icz and golden_warrior basically for free. I'd like to advise re-reading the trade rules.
they are friend of mine that werent gonna play anymore,ba5icz has to take care of his baby and golden has to travel a lot because of work conditions thats why they give it to me. + they were gonna volunteer themselves to shackle but there was not a guardian yesterday.

You should still re-read the rules, no matter if other player continues to play or not doesn't make it right to violate the trade rules. Therefor punishment won't be lifted. Also items and gold you took were not only from one character, but two, and both of them on same network as yourself.
come on guardian plz can u unshackle me plz, just want to play and have a good time, nothing bad would happen again but plz unshackle me ">
thank you for your time ">

You can have a good time on new account ;) As already mentioned your ex-characters won't be released.
Like to report abuse of power and lack of clarification of rule infrengement i dont mind being silened i expect i will be as i am not perfect and sometime make mistakes but the failure of the duty gaurdian to tell me which chat rule or if it was even him that silenced me he said it would be unprofessional to tell me if it was him seem strange that they dont want to tell me what rule i broke and a 2 hour silence must have been bad one just tell me so i dont make the same mistake again not telling me is like torture how will i know when i do something wrong if you refuse to tell me just random punishments without a know reason doesnt tell me anything except that someone likes to silence people
1. Cpt Clown
2. Irish
3. 2hour silence for violation of chat rules
4. dont have proof of link was hoping to get the answer to why i was silenced as i dont know what rule i violated perhaps he was justifide and i am wrong but without atleast a reason other then standard violation and not what accual message i posted i will mostlikely do it again and while i may make mistakes i dont intentionly break chat rules so if you could atleast tell me or quote the message i did to violate the rules at the time we where all discussing ways to fix errors we have with the game and i remember quipping that 90 percent of the game errors can be fixed bye holding down the alt key and hitting f4 on most browsers that closes the window and they must open it again and sign in again which is what the gaurdians where saying to do refresh and sign in and such if this is the violation im sorry and i dont know in what way it violates the rules i notice at bottom of rules that admin is authorizd to act on there own discrection im hoping its this mainly i just want some clarification i joke alot but i try to keep all my jokes user friendly save and free of rules violations

21:43 Cpt Clown: hold down the alt key and hit f4 to fix minor problems witht he game <<< Inviting players to quit the game is not welcome.
I would post a complaint on here, but it is said and done and nothing can be done to change it. I was silenced for mistakenly posting to the wrong chat channel. I've NEVER seen a guardian silence someone they've NEVER seen silenced before. I've seen lots of guardians give warnings, in fact, I've have one or two for mistakenly posting to the wrong channel over the last year, but never silenced right away from one! I can see if they had seem me do it in the past, but I haven't made a mistake like that in at least 4 months! I took pride in never being silenced and ALWAYS tried to watch what I said on main chat! Now I feel.......... well........ Anyway, I've vented, now its time to move on. I do think guardians shouldn't be so quick to silence people they've NEVER seen post ANYTHING even close to warranting a violation!
For the record this was the best I could copy: 23:18 Heaven's Voice: The Curse of Silence has been removed. You are allowed to talk in chat.

So you're saying that if a guardian takes over a shift, where someone has just sworn his head off, but said guardian has not seen him before swearing he should not silence? Interesting theory..
OK my comment just got erased so i will say it again
i was away for several months and i come back to this shackes and when its till for my daily bonus it says oops sorry it looks like a err occured but we most likely and already now about it . and im only a level 12 ive never aculy interacted with another player before so what's with this "you have to pay 50g"please answer .and it says i was shackled then released then shackled again im sorry i couldn't copy it because my computers ctrl and alt keys arnt working and thus the reason i feel i have been wrongly punished and i have put alot of work on my last char

thank you for your time">

I do not see any punishment that would be on your account. What exact character are you talking about? Long term loans cannot exceed more than 30 days, it's been more than a month since Zalex loaned you alot of items and collection pieces
ah those were clan items
well i wanted to reastart my file but i didnt want to lose my armor i worked so hard to get

Only items considered clan items are only those marked so by placing in chest. Neither of them you have on have "Clan Item" so it's considered illegal item transfer. If you're starting over you are not allowed to transfer your old items or money to your character, therefor WarLord_of_Dragon shall not be released.
ok then will you at least release zalex my (used to be)clan leader for itwasnt his fault that i asked hi to do it for me.

Wether you asked for it or not, he still could have refused and have a look at #1 in rules here:
i am shackled, i agree, i traded as loan, much money, but i was goin to pay it back, in the specific loan time rules, so in 21days, i dont understand why i am punished for loaning money if i was paying it back, in the conditions i said and the other character said, a friend, so sometimes on same IP, that it was a loan, so why am i shackled?
o, the character where i loaned money from is shackled, i didnt know that, thats why i could loan so much money from him...

Sure , sure you didn't know the person who is playing on same network as you "loaned" 100 gold worth of items same day he was applying to be jailed. Character shall not be released, everyone gets checked for violations before getting jailed.
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