Seems, we need a game-slang dictionary/guide)

Maybe... suggest the words and explanations in comments below? Аnd I will collect them here...

AOHArena of Honor
BotNon-player warrior in the Arena of Honor. Looks like a player.
BuffAny temporary effect that enhances your sta...

How damage is calculated

Optimus Prime, this was greatly written and extremely helpful, I don't want to see it lost now that the post is locked. Please make this pretty colours if you don't mind. THANK YOU! again

"In the battle-statistics, everything, wich has blue-colo...


Thank You Optimus Prime, We've needed this a very long time and I am so happy to have you here helping make it.

Dust Calculator

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Armor (+Nephilim) Improvements: Table and auto-counter for resources (1 - 90 Lvl)

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Quick Guide for New Playerzz

This is from the way that i play the game. other people play differently then i do. theres alot of different ways to play the game and as long as your having fun playing there is no "wrong" way to play. but heres some tips and tricks that might help ...

Another Guide!! (the rest of it is in comments)

I remember getting this question asked many times throughout the span of time I have played this game: how can I make myself stronger? What do I do? I put together a small list below of some things you can do to develop your character a bit better.

Lux's Somewhat Simple Guide to DE

... This covers certain things about DE that one should really know but aren't in the rules or anything.
-Gladiator Armor is a whole load better then Recruit Armor. Get it early and you have an advantage in arena in 6-8 bracket. (Less so in 9... DE....Guide.....

VALOR: Valor is important, very, plain & n' simple.. --- Low levels....stay in pvp, if you don't start early, it will affect you very much. Valor is like experience and heroism, it builds up and you hit new ranks, every rank you hit, you unlock new i...

Shaab Tome Quest Guide

Part 1

-Killing spree....try to get them down to 1 or 2 before they respawn and eventually kill the respawns. Have all 5 go together mounted preferably.

Boss-same thing pretty much. Might want to focus on the elites first and then the other g...

some advice for new players!

I made a quick post here tonight to offer you newcomers here some advice to help you progress in game.

1. work on VALOR
Valor is an extremely important feature of the game, a feature that give you opportunities that will make you much stronger if...

Fort Guide, a Few people have asked for a link, but I can't find old one so re-posting.

Fort Part 1, "Inner Yard"

1st your face 3 lots of single guards Sentry Skrag (Level 25 - 32)

Cave Run Help for Skrag Caves not Fort

Made with a lot of help from jamesleo8289.

Skrag Cave Help

(Keep in mind for this I am lvl 20 at the beginning by the time i did 4th boss I was 30)

----1st boss at lvl 20 have all 5 jump in on one minion once all completed then boss.
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