Who is married

I figured it would be fun to see who has gotten in-game married so far...

So who has gotten hitched

I was attacked by something with infinite health.

I was doing a quest "Baiting the Valterna" and i was attacked and defeated by a skeleton called "Wraith" with infinite health. I just want to know if anyone else had something like this happen to them.

wheres brimm lessar

cant find him uuurrrg

Sms service

Hi wh ycant you guys have a sms service for South africa players i would of bought alot of reels ever week from this game or even every month

Clan Members list page

Hi, I joined the new clan "Eight Legion" yesterday but my name have not appeared until now on the clan members' list. The clan news did not even announced my joining the clan. And i can't access the Clan Info, News & Members pages from my profile. Th...

Arena switch outs

I have managed to get a good number of opponents nearly killed in the arena, only for them to be switched out and killed by someone else no matter how many of their allies are still alive, this is irritating and i get tired of losing all my kills to ...

tavern room time

what happens with items that were in tavern when time runs out? i have items in there and dont want for them to dissapear or to be transfered to my backpack so i cant move then.

Clarification on Trade rules please

I don't really understand the rules there, even more since I am told many different versions of it even by Guardians.

As I understand them is you have a + or - max 30% of the average price put in AH. Is that right ?

"7. A price for an traded it...

I can't claim Raiser of Shields Collection,

after I assemble it, I lost source and I can't Raiser of Shields Collection

Dragons Health

Is there anything out there that can help gain health back to your dragon quicker? If not maybe that could be looked into by the developers

Barim lissar

I've taken the hide to him, closed the box, but that's all that's happening, the quest isn't ending??? have I forgotten something?

Heavens Voice turn off ??

Is there a way to turn this off its realy annoying when trying to have a conversation and when you kill something you get like 4 messages and lose the convo

green equipment

How do you find green equipment?

Question about reals.

How much are reals worth when exchanging them in the game for coins?


where can i find galabris
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