This section contains answers to questions most frequently asked by our players. If you encounter a difficulty in the game, we recommend you first look through this section - in most cases, it will contain the solution.

In case you do not find an answer or cannot solve the problem yourself, or if you think you have found a bug or an error, or if you think that something doesn't work the way it should, please contact our Tech Support.


General Questions

Question: Where am I? What is Dragon Eternity?
Answer: You have registered an account in Dragon Eternity, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game that offers its players to set of on endless adventures in Adan, a world of warriors and sorcerers, magic and mystery, war and legendary heroes
Question: How do I play? What are my options?
Answer: Fight deadly monsters, unlock powerful abilities, help inhabitants of Adan in their endeavors, battle other players, meet new friends and fall in love - in this world, nothing is impossible!
Question: How do I move about the game world?
Answer: A panel on the right side of the screen shows all places accessible from your current location, with green arrows indicating the direction. You can also use the world map by clicking the compass icon in the left part of the main game screen.
Question: How do I fight monsters?
Answer: Monsters roam freely around game locations. You can attack one of them by double-clicking it with the left mouse button. Make sure to check the Monster's level before you do so: there's a higher chance to lose a fight to an enemy whose level is higher than yours.

Character Progression

Question: How do I view my Character and edit my personal information?
Answer: Character view that shows primary and secondary stats and equipment can be accessed by clicking your Character's portrait (avatar). To edit personal information, use the Profile button located in the upper right corner of the screen.
Question: How do I allocate Characteristic points?
Answer: Characteristic points are distributed automatically upon leveling up.
Question: And how do I level up? What's in it for me?
Answer: You gain Experience when slaying Monsters, completing Quests and participating in game Events. Your Character levels up after accruing a required amount of Experience. New levels unlock new Quests as well as better Equipment and more powerful Consumables. Upon reaching certain levels, you will receive Quests that will grant special abilities to your Character: Magic, Necromancy, Dragon summoning, etc.
Question: I earned Valor fighting other players. What does it mean?
Answer: Valor is a Characteristic that reflects your performance in battles against other players (PvP). Gain Valor to receive new Ranks. Upon reaching certain Ranks, you will be granted access to new abilities that will make you more powerful and deadly in combat. Valor can be earned by fighting in Battlegrounds and different Events as well as by attacking other players with Bonecrusher Spheres. 
Question: What are Reputations and how do I earn them?
Answer: You can gain different Reputations by completing certain Quests or participating in certain Game Events. Leveling up a Reputation grants you access to unique Items and Equipment, special abilities or simply a regular reward. More...
Question: What are Professions for?
Answer: Professions allow players to gather Resources and use them for crafting Items, from Food and Orbs to Weapons and Armor. More...

Items and Equipment

Question: How do I acquire new Items and Equipment?
Answer: You can purchase them by using the Shop menu, located near the Backpack button in the right part of the screen, or by trading with other players.
Question: When can I start trading and how do I do it?
Answer: Trading becomes available upon reaching level 4. You can trade directly with other players or use the Auction menu.
Question: How do I equip/unequip/throw Items away?
Answer: To equip an Item, hover your mouse over its icon and click the Equip button. To take an Item off, click your avatar to open the Character screen, hover your mouse over the respective Item and choose Unequip. Most items can't be thrown away, but you can sell them straight from the Backpack by clicking the Sell button on an Item's image.
Question: Which Classes are there in the game and how do I pick one?
Answer: There are three Classes in Dragon Eternity: Berserk, Paladin and Witcher. Your Character's Class is determined by equipped Weapons, Armor and Jewelry. It is impossible to wear Items intended for different Classes at the same time, so please note that you will only be able to equip Items that posses properties of your current Class. Equipment is improved through the use of Marks. Class can be changed any time by removing all items belonging to the current Class and equipping Items of the new Class. Morе...
Question: How do I acquire green Gladiator Equipment?
Answer: Players craft Gladiator Equipment by using Blacksmith Warrants that can be acquired after completing certain Quests. More...
Question: I've received a Collection Element. What does that mean and how do I gather a full Collection?
Answer: Collections are sets of rare Items that can be acquired by fighting Monsters, other players, taking part in different Events, and going to Instances. Completing Collections grants new abilities to your Character, often adding to your Experience or one of the Reputations. More...
Question: Can I view a list of all game Items anywhere?
Answer: You can find the Item Database here.


Question: How do I start a combat with a Monster?
Answer: Monsters roam freely around game locations. You can attack one of them by double-clicking it with the left mouse button. Make sure to check the Monster's level before you do so: there's a higher chance to lose a fight to an enemy whose level is higher than yours. 
Question: What are Stances?
Answer: Three buttons located in the lower part of the combat interface represent three types of different physical attacks, each with its own properties. There are the Defense, Attack and Mana Stances.
Question: What are Consumables and how do I use them?
Answer: Elixirs, Orbs and Glyphs are all Consumable Items. Elixirs and Glyphs can be placed into your Character's Belt. Belt's maximum Capacity is 85. Each Items takes up a certain amount of Belt space (displayed in a window that appears after hovering your mouse over the Item). You can add Items to the Belt by clicking the To Belt button on the Item's image.
Question: What are Orbs for?
Answer: Orbs invoke effects that increase the effectiveness of your attacks or reduce the effectiveness of enemy's attacks. Orbs can be used directly from your Backpack or from the Quick-Access Panel. You can add an Item to one of the Quick-Access Slots by hovering your mouse over that Item and clicking the Panel button.
Question: How do I heal one of my allies in combat?
Answer: Select a player to heal from the list of Allies on the left and use a Glyph of Life.
Question: What happens if I lose in a battle and die?
Answer: Your Character is automatically resurrected after a lost combat. If you were defeated by a Monster, you will be revived at the location where it happened. If you lost a battle to another player, you will be resurrected on your Empire's main square.
Question: What are Elite Monsters? Why should I fight them?
Answer: Elite Monsters can be identified by a red circle and an ornate portrait. These creatures posses substantially larger amounts of Health Points than their common counterparts and are best taken on together with a group of allies. The warrior who deals the most damage to an Elite Monster has a chance of receiving a valuable trophy.
Question: What does the Battleground button in the right part of the game screen do?
Answer: Battlegrounds are group battles between players. Dragon Eternity offers a variety of PvP arenas and tournaments to choose from: Arena of Honor, Tournament of Honor, Seven Bridges of Shadan, King of the Hill, Sea Battles, Invincible Warrior. Take part in Battlegrounds to earn Experience, Valor and other rewards that depend on the type of the Battleground.
Question: How do I attack other players?
Answer: You can attack other players by using Bonecrusher Spheres which are unlocked at level 4. To attack another player, open the Character interaction menu by left-clicking the player's nickname in the chat's Near tab or clicking on it in the main chat screen and holding. Choose Attack in the window that pops up, purchase a Bonecrusher Sphere and use it to start the combat. More...


Question: Why can't I use Magic?
Answer: Magical powers are unlocked after completion of the level 4 Learning Battle Magic Quest. If you can't cast Spells, it means that you haven't reached level 4, or haven't completed the Quest, or haven't equipped the required Class Item. Schools of Magic available to you in combat depend on your Character's Class.
Question: I have only three Spells available to me. How do I learn the rest?
Answer: Spells available to you in combat depend on your Character's Class. When the Class is changed, a different set of Spells is granted to your Character. Please note that the Spells already learned will not disappear, just become unavailable until you return to the required Class. Spellbook can be found in the left part of the main game screen. The first page of the Spellbook lists Spells currently available. More...
Question: How do I cast Spells?
Answer: To cast a Spell in combat, you must first accumulate enough Mana. Mana is generated when you deal physical attacks against the enemy and when the enemy attacks you. After you generate enough Mana, click on a Spell icon to cast it.

Mounts and Dragons

Question: The game is called Dragon Eternity. Does this mean there are Dragons in Adan?
Answer: Of course there are! Upon reaching level 16, your Character will get the chance to acquire a Dragon ally which can be summoned in combat. In order to obtain your very own winged companion, you will first have to pass the Trials of the Elder Dragons and assemble an Amulet of Melding. More...
Question: Are there any Mounts in the game? How does one acquire a Mount?
Answer: Indeed, there are Mount in Adan. You will be able to purchase your first Mount from the Reputations screen upon gaining level 22 and 1000 Protector Reputation. More....
Question: I saw another player summon Skeletars into combat. What are they?
Answer: Warriors of level 16+ can learn Necromancy from the Vigilant Guard Ani-Dahlia, thus acquiring the ability to summon undead allies - Skeletars - into battle. More...

Game Rules

Question: Why was I gagged? What did I do?
Answer: Please note that cursing, discussion and advertising of third-party projects and other actions are forbidden in the Game Chat. You can read more about the Chat Rules here.
Question: Why was I sent to the Dungeon?
Answer: A player can be sent to the Dungeon for various reasons. You can find out more about them here. Use this link to contact the Guardians for information about your punishment.
Question: I've been insulted by another player. What should I do?
Answer: Click on the time of the message in the chat window to send a complaint to the Guardians.
Question: Who are the Guardians? What do they do?
Answer: Guardians are moderators that observe compliance with the Game Rules and enforce order.
Question: I think that I have been wrongfully punished. How do I challenge a Curse of Silence?
Answer: To do so, fill out a request here.

Technical Questions

Question: I sometimes have lags and freezes in combat. When I enter the game, only the game interface loads, but not the location and chat.
Answer: Please trying installing the latest Flash Player.
Question: How do I install the Flash Player?
Answer: The latest Flash Player can be installed using this link.
Question: What can I do to reduce lagging in and outside combat?
Answer: Use the Settings button (gear icon) which is located next to the Bank button in the upper right part of the screen. To optimize performance on weaker computers, select the Minimum option in the Profiles tab or turn off some of the effects in the Graphics tab. Gaming experience will suffer a little but lagging as well as some other negative effects should be reduced .
Question: Which browser should I use for the best gaming experience?
Answer: Currently, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox would be your best choices.
Question: All I see is a black screen above the chat window. What should I do?
Answer: Clear your cache by pressing ctrl+shift+delete in any browser tab and refresh the game by pressing F5.
Question: Flash plug-in crashed.
Answer: Refresh the page by pressing F5 or restart your browser.
Question: I get constant messages about Flash plug-in crashes.
Answer: Try downloading the latest Flash Player.
Question: I can't see the input line in the chat window. (Internet Explorer).
Answer: Disable the status bar (View->Status Bar). Or switch to Google Chrome.
Question: Combats start lagging when I engage the Follow mode
Answer: Refresh the page by pressing F5. Clear the cache and cookies (ctrl+shift+del).
Question: How do I block/delete my account?
Answer: You can send your Character to Voluntary Imprisonment (blocking the Character). More...
Question: I can't make a screenshot of the game. How do I do that?
Answer: There is a special button for making screenshots on your keyboard called the Print Screen (PrtScr).
1. Press Print Screen to make a "photo" of the entire screen.
2. Press Alt + Print Screen to make a screenshot of the active window.
Then use any graphical editor (e.g., Paint) to paste the screenshot and save the file.
Question: I think I've seen some non-English text in the game. Where did it come from?
Answer: Dragon Eternity is a huge game available in a variety of languages which is constantly updated with new content. Sometimes the updates come so fast that occasional strings sneak into the game untranslated. Don't worry: we are constantly on the lookout for these strings and all untranslated texts are fixed promptly.

Account and Characters

Question: I have Characters linked to different e-mails. How do I assign them to a single account?
Answer: In the log-in screen on the game portal, click Settings -> Add Account. You can then add Characters to your current account by entering the e-mail and password used during registration.
Question: What does "Nova" near my Character's name mean?
Answer: This is the name of the server your Character is registered on. Nova is an international server with English and German languages available and level cap of 70. Aer is a mobile server for iPad users, it offers the same languages plus Russian, but the level cap is currently 50.
Question: How many Characters can I create?
Answer: You can have up to 10 Characters assigned to a single account. After you log in, you can choose the Character to play with.
Question: Am I allowed to play with different Characters assigned to a single account at the same time, if I'm using different browsers or computers?
Answer: Yes, you are allowed to do that.
Question: Am I allowed to transfer Gold and items between Characters assigned to the same account?
Answer: Yes, you are, but you must observe the Rules for money-item transfer. Price difference between obtained and transferred valuables can't exceed 30%.  It also must not deviate from the average Auction price by more than 30%. The best way to avoid the Dungeon is not to risk any gratuitous transactions, as it is easy to lose track of all your item transfers and exceed the allowed 30% limit. We also advise you to always bear in mind the rule that the cost of transferred items can't be more than 30% lower than the Auction price.
Question: Am I allowed to enter the same Clan with different Characters assigned to the same account?
Answer: Yes, you are.
Question: Am I allowed to enter the same combat with different Characters from the same account?
Answer: No, you are not allowed to do that, since it violates the Game Rules.
Question: Can I delete a Character from my account?
Answer:  No, deleting or moving Characters to a different account is impossible, so we advise you to be reasonable when creating new Characters.
Question: Am I allowed to rent items or give loans from one of my Characters to another?
Answer: No, such actions are forbidden by Game Rules and will be punished.
Question:  When do the new Rules become effective?
Answer:  On March 7th 2013.
Question: Is there an amnesty for players that have been put in Dungeon for having multiple Characters before the new Rules were introduced?
Answer: No, the new Rules are not retroactive.
Question: Before, if I was punished for breaking the Forum Rules, it was forbidden for me to use a different Character to continue the discussion. Am I allowed to do it now?
Answer: Yes, you are, if you're not hiding your Characters from other players. But please note that if you continue to violate the Forum Rules, your other Character will also be punished. The same applies for Spells of Silence in our game Chat.