Welcome to Adan, warrior. To make your journey into this world more comfortable and exciting, please get acquainted with this Beginner's Guide.

When you registered your character in our game, you were asked to pick a fraction to which your character will belong. If you chose the Empire of Sadar, you will start your journey in the Sadar War Academy, where you will be greeted by the Crown-Legate Crimm. And if you chose the Vaalor Empire, you will find yourself in the Vaalor War Academy, welcomed by the storm brigadier Rand. Crimm and Rand will become your mentors, guiding you through the introductory quests.

Game Controls. Menu

 The Main Menu  is located left and right in the lower part of the screen:    The Upper Menu consists of shortcuts to our game portal's main sections:
Collections. By gathering Collections, you will acquire different game Reputations as well as receive access to unique abilities.  

Bank allows players to add game money (Gold or Reals) to their account.

Reputations interface contains information about your Reputation development progress.
  Forum button will take you to the Forum of Dragon Eternity.
Quest Log contains all the quests you received, providing descriptions, list of current tasks and rewards for completing quests.   News section contains game news and announcements.
Map button opens the world map.   Library button will take you to the Library section of the game portal which contains lots of usual information about Dragon Eternity.
Shop is a place where you can find all the items sold in different game stores.   Help button will open the F.A.Q. section. We hope that you will find the answers you are looking for there.
Auction is a trading platform that can be used for selling and purchasing items.   Profile section contains information about you character. You can change your password, uppload new photos and do other things here.
Battlegrounds are multiplayer PvP battles.
  Settings section can be used to adjust your graphic, interface, chat, network and other settings.
Instances are underground locations that can be visited alone or in a group. Valuable armor and relics can be obtained there.      
Professions are skills that can be acquired regardless of your character's fraction or class.      


Getting Started

    Complete the first Quest, the "Trial by Sword". To do so, examine the location where you appeared. Next to your commander you will see the traitor, a Deydri Marauder, whom you need to  defeat in combat. Click on his figure to enter the combat. 

To attack an enemy in combat, click the "Attack" or "Defense" button. "Mana" Stance will become available later.
      Complete your first quest by killing the Marauder. Click on the portrait of the character who gave you the quest to receive the reward. You can find out more about quests  here. 
Your Mentor will issue a new quest. You'll have to buy Recruit Leggings in the Shop, then  equip them together with Recruit Boots. You can find the Shop button in the right part of the Main Menu, near your Backpack icon.    
To purchase the required items, add them to cart by clicking on the respective item images, then use the "Buy" button. Purchased items will be placed into your Backpack. 

Congratulations! You achieved level 2!
Now you can move to the Outskirts of your War Academy. You have also received new quests. In order to move to a different location, click the respective location name in the list to the right:
Please follow the hints and tips of our little Dragon adviser. He will provide you with useful information about Dragon Eternity.    


You can equip an item by using the "Equip" button. To view the items currently equipped on your character, open the Character screen by clicking the character portrait in the upper left part of the game window. You can also view information about your character by using the  icon next to his name.

As your character completes tasks, slays monsters and develops, his experience will increase.

Experience level is reflected by a green bar next to your character level. Two numbers you can see on the bar represent the amount of experience needed to level up your character (the number on the right) and the experience already acquired (the number on the left).

Valor level is reflected by a violet bar next to your Rank icon. Two numbers you can see on the bar represent the amount of Valor needed to achieve the next Rank (the number on the right) and the Valor already acquired (the number on the left).

More on Experience and Valor.

Below Valor bar you can see your character's name and underneath it, the Health bar. Health is restored over time at a certain rate. You can use Food to quckly replenish it.




Players communicate with each other through using chat. You can send messages to all players or a particular person (several persons). To send a message to a particular person, click on the respective character name in the chat window or in the player list. If you click on the character name once, it will be higlighted green, if you click twice, it will be highlighted red:

Message will be sent into the main chat and will be visible to other players.

Message will be sent privately, visible only to its intended recipients.

Following tags can be used in the chat (each tag should be followed by a space):
@nick sends message to a player in the main chat window;
@(nick nick) sends message to a player whose character name consists of several words in the main chat window;
#nick sends message privately;
#(nick nick) sends message to a player whose character name consists of several names privately.

Gradually you will gain access to different chat channels: Main, Trade, Clan (if you enter one). In addition to channels, you will be able to create chat tabs and adjust them to your liking. To create a new chat tab, click the plus icon located above the chat window, next to the right-most existing tab. Use the screen that pops up to enter the tab name and set the message types you wish to receive.

Tick the "Location Channel" box to receive messages from players only in your current location. Choosing the "Trade Channel" will allow you to receive trade messages from players all around the game world. Private and system messages cannot be turned off and will appear in any tab.

To change the new tab settings or delete it, hover your mouse over the tab name and click the gear icon or simply double click the tab name. The setting screen will appear that allows you to make changes to the tab as well as delete a tab you are not using. 



Hunting and Combat

Monsters move around the game locations freely. To attack one of them, double-click it with the left mouse button. A combat screen will appear, showing your character on the left and the enemy you attacked on the right. Three Stance buttons are located in the lower part of the combat screen: Attack, Defense, Magic, each with its particular effect. Please note that monsters are also capable of changing Stances.

Following messages can appear during combat:

- 39 Numbers with a minus sign indicate damage, reduction of Health points.
+ 15 Numbers with a plus sign indicate recovery of Health points.
- 97 Red numbers indicate a critical strike.
- 23 Yellow numbers indicate that part of the damage was absorbed.
Block indicates that the attack was blocked by player/enemy.
Dodge indicates that the attack was dodged by player/enemy.

Two outcomes of a combat are possible: 

Victory means your battle tactics proved to be better and you won.
Defeat means you lost the combat. In this case durability of the items equipped on your character will decrease.



As your character develops, different Consumable items will become available to him: Elixirs, Orbs and Glyphs. Elixirs and Glyphs can be placed into the character belt slots. Maximum belt capacity is 85. Hover over each item to see how many capacity it needs (a screen will pop up showing essential informaton about the item). You can add items to the belt by hovering your mouse over them and clicking "to belt" button.

Orbs can be used straight from the Backpack or added to the quick-access panel that is located right from the belt slots. You can add an item to the quick-acces panel by hovering your mouse over it and clicking the "panel" button.

more about event